The Diabolical Kalergi Plan and Extinction of the White Race



The Diabolical Kalergi Plan and Extinction of the White Race

Kalergi Plan for the extinction of the white race with a world wide Jewish Zionist government

Kalergi Plan:
from Metapedia; translation by Michael Palomino;


Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi, retrato
Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi, portrait [1]
an absolutely criminal Jewish Zionist racist
The flag of the Pan-European Movement of 1923
The flag of the Pan-European Movement of 1923 [2]

[The fantasy of Kalergi: mestizos can be rather manipulated having less character being less intelligent]

The Kalergi Plan is a genocide project which was created and worked out by the politician and mestizo Mr. Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove Kalergi together with his Free Mason colleagues. They were the predecessors of the European Union which has got the aim to destroy Europe and to exterminate the white race. At the same time multi cultural culture and massive immigration of Negroes, Asian people, mestizo people, Latin “American” people, natives from “America” and Muslims should be fostered with the aim to mix all the races creating and breeding in this way a passive mestizo race – this was the special expectation – which should be tamed, which should be calculable and manipulable, which should be of a minor character and with minor intelligence. Governing in this way should be possible to be executed by a Jewish elite aristocracy for ever. This means, the minor spirit should make it impossible for the new mestizos to organize rebellions and they should not at all become aware that they would be dominated.

This project was elaborated with 28 thesis and is is inspired from the social sciences with the statement that humans could be governed like animals which cannot rebel because of their low intelligence.


Just this Mr. Kalergi is a mestizo and – as he himself is defining – he is rather manipulable, he has got a low character and he has a lower intelligence. Well, Mr. Kalergi really seems to be very stupid and to be a fool – but policy and justice are not getting aware of it.

The main error of this stupid mestizo Mr. Kalergi is the following fact:

Peacefulness of a people does not depend of race nor identity but depends of the weapons they have at their disposal and how they manage them].

Realization of Kalergi Plan: the invasion of immigrants to Europe

[In 2015] the invasion of the immigrants is just going on already and was established deliberately by new economic standards and by the globalization. The governments have not the intention to stop this invasion of immigrants which is provoked by the lots of crisis. And at the same time the mestizo’s culture is supported to exterminate the white race. This aim counts for all countries with a white population. It does not affect the Asian countries nor the African countries where no invasion of immigrants is happening, but it only affects the countries with a white population.

This invasion is camouflaged with words like progress, mercy, humanism, fraternity, social justice, equality etc. But principally it’s a criminal and brutal merciless plan to destroy the Europeans.

The core of the plan: Jewish master race dominating the mestizos

In his first written manifests between 1923 and 1925 the Kalergi Plan was stressing that the Jews would take over the power, first in Europe and then in the whole world. The plan is basing on a Jewish, utopian racism and is referring to a Jewish “master race”. The expression “master race” with which Mr. Adolf Hitler was describing the Arian race was used by Mr. Coudenhove Kalergi to claim the Jewish supremacy in Europe and on the whole world. He is also using the term “Jewish noble race” again and again. The purpose was to form a Jewish Empire. Therefore Mr. Kalergi was claiming the abrogation of the right of self-determination of the peoples. After that the nations should be destroyed by a fast migration in masses, or also by movements within Europe by “ethnic” separatist movements like Catalonian separatism or like Basque separatism. Europe should be formed in a way so the Jews could dominate it. The precondition for this should be the pretension to convert the ethnic homogeneous population into mixed groups with whites, Negroes and Asian people. These mestizos should have the characteristics like cruelty, infidelity and more characteristics which – according to Kalergi – should be created deliberately and which would be absolutely necessary to reach a Jewish supremacy.

Much more earlier than Mr. Hitler it was Mr. Kalergi with his opinion who stated the high performance of the white race, especially the Nordic sub race, but to the contrary to Mr. Hitler this Mr. Kalergi did not want a conservation and a reinforcement of these races but he wanted their destruction. By these reasons he pretended to enrich the “creation” because he was right to mean that by a crossing of races the talents and the wonderful characteristics of these races could be eliminated. Despite of his positive evaluation of these races he invented the project of extinction only because he meant that humans would be needed which would be more manipulable when the Jews should take over the power.

In the present times [middle of 2015] we find other terms in the “American” media referring to a colonization of Afghanistan and of Iraq. These are two examples and proofs which show that the ideas of Kalergi are more and more distributed. The matter is about “forming of nations” and means more or less the artificial creation of nations which should serve the humans. Concerning the idea of Kalergi about the mestizo humans by blood a big knowledge about development history and about breeding of races can be found which agree on some points in an astonishing way with the science of Darwin and with the theories of the Third Reich. Also the modern science which is promoted above all by Israel which can distinguish Jews from their cousins, Arabs, by DNA analysis is confirming the knowledge of Kalergi without finding out the origins of this wisdom.>




Translation by Michael Palomino; from: was an Austrian Japanese mestizo.Richard Nikolaus Eijiro Count Coudenhove-Kalergi (Japanese: リヒャルト・ニコラウス・栄次郎・クーデンホーフ=カレルギー Rihiyăruto-Nikorausu 栄次郎 (= Eijiro) Kūdenhōfu-Karerugī), (Tokio, born on November 16, 1894 – dead on July 27, 1972, in Schruns, Vorarlberg, Austria) was an Austrian Japanese politician and activist of geopolitics. In 1923 he published his manifesto “Pan Europe” which states that an International Pan-European Union was founded. With this manifesto the Pan-European Movement was started, the precursor of Europe of Maastricht and of the European union. This is the main part of the realization of the criminal “Kalergi Plan”. Mr. Kalergi was calling the concept of a “Pan Europe” and “Pan Europe-ism” the meaning of “Unification of all nations of Europe under one single state” – with the side intention that continental Europe should be changed by the integration of different foreign races and cultures. In this way a cosmopolitan Europe should be created, multi cultural, multi racist and eventually all should be mestizos.

Das Buch von Kalergi "Pan-Europa" - der Plan zur Zerstörung der Nationen und der weissen Rasse in Europa, damit eine jüdisch-zionistische Weltregierung regieren kannDas Buch von Kalergi "Pan-Europa" 02 - der Plan zur Zerstörung der Nationen und der weissen Rasse in Europa, damit eine jüdisch-zionistische Weltregierung regieren kann

The book by Kalergi “Pan Europe” – the plan of the destruction of the nations and of the white race in Europe so a Jewish Zionist world wide regime can govern [3,4]


He was the son of a count and diplomat Heinrich Coudenhove Kalergi (author if the book “Idiosyncresis of Antisemisism”) who was an Austrian Hungarian. His mother, Mitsu Aoyama, was a Japanese originally. At Vienna University he made his doctor’s diploma in philosophy and worked then as a journalist and editor at the newspaper “Pan Europe”. He is recognized as the founder of the popular movement of a Unified Europe.

After the publication of the manifesto in 1923 he published his most important scripture with the title “Fight for Pan-Europe” (1925-1928) in three volumes. His ideas influed Mr. Aristide Briand and Briand’s speech of September 8, 1929 in the Nation’s Society. Then after the annexation of Austria in 1938 Kalergi took his flight to France and then in 1940 to the “U.S.A.”. There he was until 1945 giving seminars at New York University. Then he came back to France. In 1944 in the Stupid States he published his work “Crusade for Pan-Europe”. After his return to France he founded the European Parlamentarian Union. At the congress of this union in 1947 (from September 8 to 12, 1947) he defended the idea of a foundation of a big market with a stable single currency. This would be the mean to develop the potential of Europe in a new way to bring Europe to the place which it would deserve in the concert of nations.

In 1950 he was the first person being rewarded with the Charlemagne Prise of the town of Aachen being given to persons who “contribute to the idea of a unified and peaceful Europe”.>

Kalergi Plan

The future human being is a mestizo.

from: Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi: Practical Idealism (German version: Praktischer Idealismus), 1925, p. 22)


Buch des kriminellen Mischlings Kalergi: Praktischer Idealismus
Book of criminal mestizo Kalergi: Practical Idealism (German version: Praktischer Idealismus) [5]

Kalergi was the head of the conspiration which in the present times [middle of 2015] is endangering the substance of the populations of Europe. Already in 1923 this Mr. Kalergi was the head of a group of Free Masons. This dark person was proclaiming that Europe would be dominated by a “Jewish aristocrat race”. For reaching this aim the Europeans have to be crossbreeded with Negroes and with Asians as the matter would be about animals. From these “crossbreeds” Mr. Coudenhove-Kalergi was awaiting a lower human race which could be governed more easily and would be without character.

[Noble Zionist Jews following Kalergi Plan: Masaryk, Benesch, Max Warburg, Ignaz Seipel, Karl Renner, Edouard Herriot, Noel Baker, Winston Churchill, Aristide Briand, Stresemann etc.]

Under his followers of the first beginning there were the Czech politicians Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš, as also the banker Mr. Max Warburg who was giving the first 60,000 German Marks for the project.

The Austrian chancellor Mr. Ignaz Seipel and later also the Austrian President Mr. Karl Renner did lead this “Pan-European Movement” later. Mr. Kalergi himself indicated that noble French politicians would support his movement for suppressing a German revenge movement. In this way they all were involved with the maneuvers of these conspirators: The first was French President Mr. Edouard Herriot and his government, as also the British leaders of all political directions, among them the editor-in-chief of London Times, Mr. Noel Baker. Finally even Winston Churchill did accept to be seduced to it.

In 1926 Kalergi was in the “U.S.A.” again for some conferences where he convinced with all kindness the “American” public opinion of the plan of Jewish governance of Europe. Here he found two new followers: French foreign minister Mr. Aristide Briand, and German chancellor Stresemann. In the same year Mr. Edvard Benesch was nominated a honor president, just the same man who was organizing later the genocide against 300,000 Germans from Sudetenland. Kalergi who was unknown until these days was also negotiating with Mussolini with the intention to limit the right of self-determination of the Austrians to prefer the victory nations of First World War without end, but Mr. Mussolini was not declining.

[Noble Zionist Jews following Kalergi Plan: Adenauer, John Foster Dulles, Robert Schuman, Depasperi, Paul Henry Spaak, Helmut Kohl, Jean-Claude Juncker etc.]

Many many high politicians of the 20th century were in this group, among them especially Mr. Konrad Adenauer has to be mentioned, additionally the Spanish former Minister of Justice Mr. Rios and Mr. John Foster Dulles (“U.S.A.”). Not respecting the bases of democracy and with the help of “New York Times” and “New York Herald Tribune” Mr. Kalergi submitted his plans to the “American” Congress. His contempt for the principle of popular governments was stated in a phrase in 1966 when he was remembering his post-war period activities: “The following 5 years of the Pan-European movement did concentrate principally only to this subject: Parliaments were mobilized so the governments were strengthened for the creation of Pan-Europe.” With the help of Mr. Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister with a high Jewish ancestry Mr. Kalergi is succeeding to rob the German population it’s reign over German steel production, iron production and coal production, and all this production is put in charge of a supra national control.

And there were more names: Mr. Depasperi, the traitor with the self-determination of Tiroleans in South Tirol, and Mr. Paul Henry Spaak, the Belgium Socialist leader pretending to create peace between Germans and Frenchmen just not regarding the heirs of Clemenceau who had formulated the genocide plan of Versailles. Already in the 1920s the blue color is defined for the flag of European Union. Kalergi’s basic paper creating a multicultural Europe destroying more and more the power of the parliaments and of the governments is valid until today [2015] and is expressed in the “Coudenhove Kalergi Prise” which was given to Mr. Helmut Kohl thanking him for following the plan. Also the Free Mason and powerful European politician Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, was flattered with this prise.

Mr. Kalergi was propagating “pacifism” again and again which was required for the peace of nations, but at the same time he permitted Jewish brutal force. He supported only the declaration about equality before the law until the actual Jewish system would be abrogated. This is called as “abrogation of the unjust inequality”. By the takeover of power by the “noble Jewish race” which would be created by the equality this equality will be abrogated then. Since then the [high racist noble] Jews are working to reinforce their power over the non-Jews by a “justified inequality”. This Jewish clique is also underestimating laws and paragraphs which are defining a country and which are needed for the existence of a country when the matter is about to attack other populations. Mr. Kalergi declares to the incompetent people to govern themselves and from this point on he proclaims a New World Order. With the global abrogation of democracy the [high racist noble] Jews are pretending to bring peace, culture and food to mankind. Only the ones who are from “happy descent” from the “noble Jewish race” are qualified to conduct mankind.

It was praised that the Jews were the leaders of socialism, communism and capitalism. This provoked the view point of the National Socialists and of the Fascists. The big Jewish influence in Soviet and “U.S.” government or in the secret services can be proved easily. Therefore 37% of the members of NKVD are of ethnic Jewish origin, above all in the higher leader’s ranks whereas in general and in the proportion to the exaggerated participation with these ideologies the Jews always remain a minority.

When he [Mr. Kalergi] presented his plan [in 1923] praising himself as communist capitalist Jewish leader the Bolshevists had already killed millions of their political enemies. He wants to see unified “gunpowder, gold and ink” in the hands of the “Jewish supreme race”. With this Mr. Kalergi is expressing his key words already a long time before the political appearance of a Mr. Hitler. In general this confirms a Jewish thirst of power as only the antisemitic people were recognizing it. Now [in 2015] one can prove this how far their plans are realized already (from: Gerd HonsikAdios Europa: Un Racismo Legal).


I remember again of the principle of peace:


Peacefulness of a people does not depend of race nor identity but depends of the weapons they have at their disposal and how they manage them.
Michael Palomino, July 18, 2015