SOS: Every Patriot Needs to Understand These Stark Realities and Respond Appropriately



SOS: Every Patriot Needs to Understand These Stark Realities and Respond Appropriately


Author Scott: Don Pullen on FB

You are under attack by the U.S. military and ALL of their “assets” (most often for having damaging information about law enforcement misconduct and corruption)

Propaganda against U.S. civilians has been authorized by the N.D.A.A. and is NOW BEING USED AGAINST YOU!
(the “puppets” constantly surrounding you EVERYWHERE YOU NOW GO are U.S. Special Forces, intelligence agents, federal, state and local law enforcement, and community policing participants)

YOU ARE BEING MONITORED 24/7/365. EVERYTHING you say. EVERY MOVEMENT you make. EVERY phone call. EVERY internet/electronic communication and activity. EVERY transaction. EVERY breath you take. All of your habits have been analyzed. EVERYTHING about you is being analyzed. THIS IS LITERALLY THE MOVIE “Eagle Eye” and YOU are the target

Quantum Physics is being used against you in your new “constantly negative environment” (research the term and understand the detrimental health and emotional effects of constantly “absorbing their negative energy”)

Intimidation is a primary objective in psychological warfare. Understand this key to their puzzle and recognize this objective. This program is designed to silence and discredit. Do not fall for their clever charade – it is all part of their grandiose show!

You are being FRAMED and subjected to an extraordinary entrapment campaign that is designed to alienate you, enrage you and get you to lash out in any way possible in order to incarcerate or simply REMOVE YOU from society

Everything you’ve ever been taught to believe about justice, freedom, constitutional/civil and even human rights have now VANISHED. You are a test subject in a classified and extremely intricate maze of psychological warfare (sometimes also accompanied by ongoing, daily physical torture and poisoning through the targeting of directed energy/radiation/acoustical next-generation weaponry designed to break you and eliminate you)

Your new reality is now that of a non-consenting military test subject in a classified program that is controlled at THE HIGHEST levels of our government and military

The damaging information you have about the police, military or intelligence (our government) is deemed to be MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to SILENCE and DISCREDIT than any individual’s rights (or even life)

WELCOME TO A POST PATRIOT ACT SOCIETY. Your new reality will now more closely resemble a 1984 Orwellian Police State than any normal existence you’ve experienced prior to being placed into this program (you have officially been listed as an enemy of the U.S. government and will now be under constant attack by our government – utilizing ALL of their resources to covertly destroy you)

My advise is as follows:

DO NOT ALLOW your new reality to become all-consuming of your time, energy and attention (or you will very soon find yourself destitute and homeless!)

FOCUS YOUR ENERGY on keeping any and all positive relationships in your life intact and try your best to cultivate new ones (this is unfortunately much more difficult than it sounds when being subjected to this ongoing abuse)

FOCUS ON YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS (it is literally your ONLY CHANCE of escape from this program)

DO NOT expect anyone else to understand your situation (or even particularly care) – making every conversation you have center around this abuse (about YOUR problems) will only help to drive people away and assist the perpetrators in further alienating you from any support

Try your best to COMPLETELY IGNORE the perpetrators and instead focus on living an enjoyable life (as much as possible while being subjected to ongoing, daily mental and physical torture)

Once you can manage to navigate your way through the shock of being subjected to this horrific abuse by what will seemingly be by EVERYONE – EVERYWHERE YOU GO and can gain a true understanding and acceptance of your new reality, DOCUMENT YOUR ABUSE! Create a permanent record by Copywriting your written account of the abuse at The Library of Congress. Again, do this at a pace that will not detract from your close relationships or ability to provide an income for yourself and your family

These feats will be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT – but they CAN BE DONE!

Be strong. Be optimistic. Make a conscious effort to be positive. Fully understand the objectives this program is designed to achieve. And be a SURVIVOR OF THE WORST ABUSE OF POWER IN AMERICAN HISTORY!