Americans Need to Reject Both Political Parties as Violent Crime Syndicates



Americans Need to Reject Both Political Parties as Violent Crime Syndicates

Increasing Talk of a “Civil War” In America


Ed.’s note: If a “civil war” erupts in the US, it will be because of President Trump (Republican Party criminal syndicate) and the Democratic Party (also a criminal syndicate). And the lying culpable media are just as responsible. Both of these political parties are criminal syndicates and are deliberately causing confrontation in America for potential violence. Looking at various “alternative news” websites on the topic of militias and a civil war, there exists in America a fundamental misunderstanding of how “state militias” under the Constitution should be organized and what militias were originally intended to be used for. A previous post was put up explaining what militias are and how they were intended to be used under the Constitution. Readers and those concerned about the growing threat of civil war these two criminal syndicates are deliberately causing, might be interested in going back to read this material:

State Militias and the 2nd Amendment’s Original Intent – Call for Minnesota State Militia?

High Treason Being Committed By “Democratic” Party and US Media Before Our Eyes

Both the criminal syndicates of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party system are failing by design. Operatives inside both of these criminal syndicates know that if they can create political conditions where a civil war erupts, they can destroy America allowing both the Chinese and the Russians to overtake the United States. This is going to provide for Americans a tremendous political opportunity to build a third political party and bring forward a candidate. If the right person can be found Americans can run this candidate on the issue of preventing civil war galvanizing Americans to take down this two party criminal system. These two criminal syndicates are driving Americans against one another. There are large numbers of Americans who do not vote in every American election. They obviously recognize the futility of voting. And if you really think about the criminality of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, voting in America today is an “act of terrorism.”

Break up the Dem Party

When Americans are galvanized around the fact these two criminal syndicates are driving America towards civil war, an outcome of unimaginable consequences, this might cause Americans who do not vote to reconsider. These Americans who have become disaffected in this two party political system are now looking for alternatives and solutions to this very dangerous situation Americans have found themselves in. Americans who vote republican or democratic will be presented with new and alternative ideas compared to the sterile counter productive and dangerous policies of the Republican and Democratic parties running these two criminal syndicates. Americans now need to step forward (sorry, turn off the NFL football game and put down your “smart” phones) and take power away from these criminals to determine their own fate. Americans no longer need a government deliberately destroying their interests in favor of the interests of Russia, Israel and China.

If America erupts into civil war, here is one damn good reason why:

In order to prevent the Republican Party or the Democratic Party from seizing control of the institutions of power more than they already have, and using federal military troops to attack Americans in this civil war that is being planned, we can and should establish state militia systems as some states already have. Realistically, the moment shots are fired most will run for cover. State militias must be created and citizens armed to create citizen police forces to protect Americans. This is precisely what the government of Venezuela has accomplished providing AK47s to every citizen who wants one along with training. The Republican and Democratic criminal syndicates must be prevented from using federal troops against the American people.

It is subversive organizations like the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) that define the pretext for potential civil war by running stories on how “civil war rhetoric is being elevated to the national level.” This is how the SPLC (RICO organization) was behind the pretext for the police (not the sharpest pencils in the drawer) ambush and killing of Jerry and Joe Kane in 2010. The SPLC always defines Americans with legitimate complaints as being “anti-government” when this is not the case at all, especially when the SPLC never under any circumstances bring up for discussion these incredibly abusive and criminal banking structures. These criminal syndicates have intentionally caused “domestic disturbances” and possible “insurrection” themselves that would justify them using federal troops. It is completely disingenuous of the US military to even be drawing plans up like this only demonstrating again the US military obeys the Democratic and Republican criminal syndicates. Only state militias and an armed and trained citizen police force should maintain “domestic tranquility” and “quell insurrections.”


As Americans, the next step is to offer proposals for a new debt free currency to eliminate the national debt and secure the future and that of their children. Also to secure the nation for Americans and for their collective future and that of their descendants. American children are facing a lifetime of debt, many who aren’t even born yet, and are facing calamity by abusive banks in this present system since 1913. Americans must now seek out and eliminate those who seek to undermine America. There is simply no reason for Americans to slave their entire lives to pay off a mortgage.

This third party can and should plan for providing for the American people capital and loan resources with reasonable incomes to provide for themselves and have their own homes debt free. Once the nation has been taken out of debt, Americans need to go to war against the banks who utilize usury to attack and destroy America putting the nation in very serious financial and economic circumstances. We face imminent civil war unless every American does a 180 degree turn and rejects totally these criminal syndicates.

If you are thinking about joining a state militia to get involved when the shooting starts without being tracked, you may want to consider either walking to the fight or riding your horse.