Highly Organized Controlled Opposition in Florida Deceives and Betrays Anti-Vax Advocacy Groups



Highly Organized Controlled Opposition in Florida Deceives and Betrays Anti-Vax Advocacy Groups

Super-Vaccination Agenda
Put on Super Steroids

Draconian Vaccine Legislation
Submitted to Florida Senate

Controlled Opposition Poses Major Challenges to Anti-Vax Movement

Submitted by Florida Anti-Vax Coalition
SOTN Exclusive

Make no mistake about it: the Super-Vaccination Agenda is one of the most pivotal of those covertly advanced by the New World Order globalist cabal. There is perhaps no other repugnant plan pushed so aggressively by the Government–Big Pharma–Medical Complex (GBPMC).


This fact of life in America becomes more apparent by the day when the many stealthy schemes are understood, which are purposefully carried out by pro-vaccine organizations to thwart the Anti-Vax Movement.

The Super-Vaccination Agenda being implemented across the USA adheres to a specific political strategy. That strategy becomes more brazen by the day as it closely adheres to the systematic accomplishment of certain legislative goals.

The Big 4

Central to that overarching strategy is the drive to legislate mandatory vaccinations for every single American child (and eventually every adult). The time-proven blueprint of successfully passing these draconian laws in the Big 4 states — California, New York, Florida and Texas — is the fulcrum of this nefarious national project.

The Government–Big Pharma–Medical Complex knows that when these four states have passed laws mandating vaccination of all school-aged children — without exemptions — their ultimate objectives will be more easily achieved.

Of course, at this critical point of the outworking of the Super-Vaccination Agenda, all that’s required to capture the rest of the nation is to first lock down the Big 4 states with similar laws. These vaccine bills and laws in various stages all impose new severe restrictions. Specifically, they are all set to remove the religious exemption for vaccine avoidance, as well as create a medical board to evaluate any health exemption applications. Other bills/laws have created an efficient vaccine tracking system to closely monitor vaccine compliance of each citizen.

New Florida Vaccine Bill Strips Religious Exemption and More!

Now that both California and New York have passed this type of draconian legislation, it was just a matter of time before Florida and Texas were targeted with similar legislative initiatives. Florida is already implementing a new vaccine tracking system.

To the chagrin of the Florida Anti-Vax Coalition, the vaxxers have been moving aggressively throughout the state, and especially in Tallahassee during 2019.

Florida: Ground Zero

There are ‘very good’ reasons why the vaxxing lobby has focused on the battleground state of Florida like never before. They know that if they can enact such oppressive vaccine laws in the Sunshine State, they can more easily do the same in the other 47 states.

Toward that end, the true perpetrators of the Super-Vaccination Agenda have allocated an extraordinary amount of time, money and other resources here in Florida. They know they cannot lose Florida in this fight to the finish with the Anti-Vax Movement. And, if they win it, the whole country will easily come under their total control where it concerns the reckless administration of dangerous vaccination programs.

With this important understanding, the following complex conspiracy will be much easier to comprehend.

FL Senator Lauren Book with Hillary Clinton | CA Senator Richard Pan with Clinton

FL Senator Lauren Book

A heavy-handed pro-vaccine bill was recently submitted by Florida State Senator Lauren Book known as SB 64: Exemptions from School-entry Health Requirements. Just take a quick look at this bill by clicking on the preceding link.

That they had this particular senator submit the bill is quite significant. She has previously worked hard on various matters and legislation that concern the welfare of children. In this way, her hidden masters are using her to disarm the Anti-Vax Movement, as well as all the other residents of Florida who emphatically do not want forced vaccinations.

A closer look at Sen. Book reveals an individual who is quite likely being manipulated by handlers who chose her because of her early-life trauma which she is quite open about.[1] In this particular regard, perhaps she is inordinately compliant to do anything requested of her, even sicken or cripple young school-children who have serious medical ailments which can then put them at even greater risk of Vaccine toxicity syndrome.

Every reader must reconcile how Sen. Book seems to want to protect Florida’s young girls from sexual predators like Jeffrey Epstein on the one hand, but then she aggressively pushes legislation that will profoundly harm the same group with harmful vaccines.

KEY POINT: This is exactly how the perps at the top do it. They cynically choose elected representatives or other civic leaders who appear to represent a very worthy cause like child sexual abuse, and then use them to advance another extremely perilous project like mandatory vaccines.

Florida Freedom Alliance

Even before Sen. Book did her dirty deed with SB 64, another important step in this political black operation had been taken. That concerns the formation of the Freedom Florida Alliance (FFA).

First, take a close look at their website HERE and see if you can identify any strange appearances. From our seat, none of us within the Florida Anti-Vax Coalition have ever seen such an odd and completely lacking website presentation. It’s almost as though the creators sought maximum non-disclosure of vital information for such a public mission and advocacy group.

Even the photos of each of the officers seem to betray a hidden agenda. Please look at each photo closely and attempt discern the intention behind each character. Some of our colleagues and investigative reporters have suggested that these women might be running a ‘hooker service’ or “honeypot operation” under the cover of health advocacy. Here are just four of the principals in the FFA leadership.

What’s quite suspicious about the formation of the FFA is that they seemingly came out of nowhere. Actually, it would be more accurate to state that the originators came from Wisconsin.

That’s because the prime mover behind the FFA is the current president Erin Marie Olszewski and her partner–MAVM promoter Kevin Gene Tuttle. Both of these characters appear to have been involved in another operation that began in the state of Wisconsin. Hence, the $64,000 question here is why did Tuttle and Olszewski really transplant their last enterprise attempting to create a Wisconsin chapter of Children Health Defense to Florida … all of a sudden?

Kevin Tuttle on Right Top, Erin Olszewski bottom Right

And why was Kevin Tuttle hawking Million March shirts for sale online claiming he was raising money for CHD while doing no such thing (trying to link them financially to fraud, or something even more nefarious at the synthetically-devised March)?

The screenshot below depicts one of the Facebook posts by Kevin Tuttle.  There were other representations made on the same Facebook page that are suspect and which suggest that some sort of a scheme is being executed. Fellow advocates simple don’t take liberties like that toward other advocates.

FFA President Erin Marie Olszewski

It behooves taking a much closer look at Erin Marie Olszewski, the President of the Florida Freedom Alliance.

First, why is Olszewski’s YouTube channel completely empty if she’s the president and public face of the Florida Freedom Alliance?

Secondly, why does her Twitter account have only one post from December of 2016.

Thirdly, what is going on with Erin Olszewski’s Facebook page? Why is there so much space given to pro-vaxxers to the point that they are allowed to disrespectfully criticize anti-vaxxers.

Then there is this vacant Facebook page that was set up for what?

Lastly, why do all of Olszewski Internet profiles, BIOs and other sites use one of only three public photos as follows? And, why does that photograph looks more like a personal social advertisement for Tinder, Bumble or OKCupid? Nurses typically do not present themselves in this fashion (black shoulder straps and all), especially when leading such a high-profile and serious mission as “vaccine safety”.

As for the organization Olszewski leads, could it be that the FFA really functions as a COINTELPRO operation designed to infiltrate the Florida Anti-Vax Movement in a focused effort to sabotage their multiple anti-vaccine initiatives?

Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Then there is the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations (MMAMV).

Who, exactly, set this march up? And why?

One day there appeared on the Internet a quite ambitious march — the “Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations” — and yet no one in the Anti-Vax Movement knew who was behind it, or how it mysteriously came about.

One thing, however, became quickly apparent: that the MMAMV was the brainchild of a loosely connected group of relative unknowns including some officers at the Florida Freedom Alliance and a military guy named Kevin Tuttle…from Wisconsin. A USA Today affiliated news story shows that FFA claims to have created it on June 25th.

By the way, what the heck is the Florida Freedom Alliance? What does their name even express or insinuate … … … except a catchall phrase that can eventually be used to infiltrate and sabotage all sorts of other important health and environmental advocacy groups in the state.

KEY POINT: The FFA url is quite purposely vax101.com even though their mission supposedly cuts across the whole spectrum of health and enviro assaults. So they were really formed as a magnet to draw the unsuspecting anti-vax advocates who would then be used as information sources, both unwittingly disseminating false info for FFA and acquiring accurate info from the other well-intentioned anti-vax groups?

Of course, we at the Florida Anti-Vax Coalition knew immediately that there was something very wrong with the FFA after viewing their equally vague and sparsely populated website. There are essentially two posts on their site. Both concern the upcoming “Rally in Tally“.

The previous screenshot taken from the FFA site has not been updated even though the vaccine tracking legislation has since been approved by the FL legislature and signed by the governor. What’s even more curious is that some of the well-stated bullet points against the new registry may now come into effect. Are they ‘unwittingly’ encouraging that disastrous outcome?

For instance, can any Florida resident imagine not being able to get a driver’s license without the up-to-date completion of a state-ordered vaccination schedule? What if that schedule included the toxic and disease-spreading flu vaccines for adults?! Who knows what the state will do next where it concerns the enforcement and/or enactment new vaccines laws.

Back to the MMAMV

Not long after the MMAMV was put on the calendar, the sponsoring groups deigned to use the participation of well-established anti-vax organizations to quickly acquire street cred. Soon after this was found out, those legitimate groups immediately demanded that their names be removed from any all materials promoting the MMAMV.

What follows are just two examples of public renunciations of any association with the MMAMV. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the founder of Children’s Health Defense who strongly repudiated this connection. His excellent work against childhood vaccination programs goes back several years as well ALL know.

CHD Statement Regarding the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination

Why I will NOT be at the Millions March

This highly dubious behavior appears to be that of a well-planned conspiracy to infiltrate the Florida Anti-Vax Movement. If true, it provides a study in the extensive planning and remarkable cunning that COINTELPRO routinely utilizes in 2019 to undermine health advocacy groups.

One final point about the MMAMV that was ultimately held on August 31st of 2019: Why did only 200 people watch this promotional video uploaded well before the so-called “anti-vaccine march of the year”. It’s almost as though the entire endeavor was set up for failure. Or, because the MMAMV was found out by all the real movers and shakers in the national anti-vax movement.

KEY POINT: There are a LOT of curious connections between the powerful West Coast operatives who saw to it that California passed every pro-vaccine bill submitted this decade and the creation of the MMAMV.  What is now happening in Florida reflects the deep experience and unique expertise possessed by the pro-vaxxing crowd in California, especially the clandestine operatives and politicos.

Fear of a False Flag Operation

The key concern regarding the MMAMV was the perceived threat of a false flag operation being conducted at a major anti-vax event such as the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations.

There is no more effective way to swiftly marginalize the nationwide anti-vax movement than to stage a violent event, or worse, a full-blown false flag terrorist attack (whether real, hoax or hybrid) at a big event like the MMAMV. In that way, the whole movement could be labelled a terrorist organization and then quickly outlawed. The Government-Big Pharma Complex is itching to do just that.

KEY POINT: There was recently a blood-throwing incident at the California Capitol during an open legislative session by a demonstrator. The alleged culprit is the mother of 7 and an anti-abortion and anti-vaccine Facebook poster who the media reflexively labelled as an “anti-vaxx protestor who was attacking democracy”. Hence, there has been an extraordinary zeal on the part of the mainstream media to denigrate or impugn any anti-vaxxer as a law-breaker and/or miscreant.

If there’s one group of ardent health advocates that the Government–Big Pharma–Medical Complex would like to demonize, it’s the anti-vaxxers. There are obvious reasons why this is the case. And then there are very serious reasons why this is the case, some of which are discussed in this critical exposé on why they really passed Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda.

Ron Watson & Watson Strategies

Very few are aware but almost all health advocacy groups in the USA are completely co-opted, significantly compromised or totally taken over.

This highly calculated process of effective takeover usually begins soon after the advocacy group organizes. First, the funding agents come flocking all around knowing that whoever financially supports the organization to the greatest extent dictates the mission, irrespective of what the charter states.

Next, there are the community VIPs and established society names who lend their political power and/or influence to an upstart org in great need of credibility and support. These folks are deliberately sent in to assume key roles on the Board of Directors or Trustees, as well as to occupy key officer positions.

However, the slickest of these COINTELPRO-type operatives function as lawyers and lobbyists who act as intermediaries with the various political bodies at every level. They aggressively insert themselves as the go-to reps for the trusting non-profits when lobbying is required of any of the involved elected representatives or government officials. Depending on the political issue, this process of systematically undermining and thwarting health advocacy groups routinely take place vis-à-vis city, county, state and federal governments.

Because the vaccine programs are primarily handled at the state level, the degree of sheer political manipulation and subterfuge is the most intense when dealing with the governors and statehouses.

As predicted, this particular dynamic seems to have found a full flowering in the stealthy operation of medical lobbyist Ron Watson. Super-lobbyist Ron Watson has an extremely curious profile that demands immediate attention given what appears to be an outright betrayal of the Anti-Vax Movement in Florida.

Ron Watson’s alarming resumé is also posted at LinkedIn for anyone to see. As follows:

In light of the obvious credibility issues posed by Watson’s CV, why would the FFA ever contract with him to conduct lobbying services pertaining to SB 64 or any other vaccine-related legislation?

There is no reasonable way that question can be answered by the FFA. Which is precisely why Ron Watson and the Florida Freedom Alliance were basically caught in a HUGE deception and profound betrayal of the anti-vaxxers they purportedly served.

KEY POINT: Watson has spent the greater part of his career working directly for state government, multiple establishment associations as well as Big Pharma itself. He has only received paychecks from the likes of them. Why would this super-lobbyist ever jeopardize that career-long income stream by attempting to shut down SB 64? That’s right! He wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, this deceitful conspiracy was only uncovered after the fact, and after a LOT of damage was done to the Florida Anti-Vax Movement. What follows is the 3-step scheme that was outlined by those sharp investigators well after the co-conspirators carried out their scheme. Please click on each screenshot in order to read the incriminating copy.

Controlled Opposition

The hard truth is that the health advocacy and environmental activism realms have been taken over considerably by controlled opposition groups.

Many of the controlled opposition entities don’t even know they have been usurped by powers who exert undue influence over the boards or the officers.  Others knowingly take money out of desperate financial need only to see themselves quickly march to the beat of a different drummer.  In point of fact, the best way for the dark side to execute their disruptive plots and conspiracies is to do so in a manner whereby no one even suspects it.

Because of the effectiveness of these crafty conoppos*, they are especially employed by those who wish to destroy the national anti-vax movement.

*Conoppos = a controlled opposition group , individual or highly organized entity.

In view of the spate of pro-vaccine bills now being submitted in Florida, these conoppos are springing up all over the Sunshine State.  So, anti-vaxxers BEWARE ! ! !

It’s true: there’s no stopping these wily organizations from operating as they so choose; however, being aware of their existence and sly MO will serve the Florida Anti-Vax Movement very well.

The only dangerous conoppos are those that shrewdly operate totally under the radar. Once they’ve been outed, they can be managed accordingly by those groups who are in this fight for real.

KEY POINT: There are some very good advocates who work for conoppos who have no idea they are being used for their enthusiasm and authenticity. Even the FFA has proven to have some excellent anti-vax advocates, yet they remain truly unaware that their organization has been surreptitiously co-opted.


SB 64 must be stopped. Florida is that last bulwark against the onslaught of new state-approved legislation that will eventually impose vaccines on every U.S. citizen.

Big Pharma, together with the U.S. Federal Government, is fully aware of the pushback by angry anti-vax families. They also know that that fury and ferocity throughout the enlightened anti-vax communities will only increase as personal sovereignty is so recklessly assaulted. Therefore, authorities in jurisdictions everywhere are going full-bore to roll-out any draconian legislation necessary in order to shut down the vaccine debate with finality.

The perps at the top know there’s no debate. They all know just how dangerous to human health childhood vaccination schedules truly are. How could they not when there are “Hundreds of Scientific Research Papers Proving Vaccines Are Dangerous to the Extreme”?

In view of this intensifying conflict, this ongoing criminal conspiracy is dead set on writing all state and federal laws in such a way so as to eliminate any and all vaccine exemptions. The deliberate perpetrators are starkly aware that if the door is cracked open even a little, the American people will take advantage of it however they can, so they are expeditiously closing them.

As a consequence of this rapidly deteriorating state of affairs — systematically occurring state by state — there is a race against time on both sides. Therefore, we can expect to see many similar well-organized conspiracies designed to stealthily enact laws that violate the rights and protections of We the People.

What rights exactly? Our human rights, constitutional rights, civil rights, natural rights, God-given rights, etc. All of these are seriously violated by forced vaccinations programs.  Forced vaccinations are also strictly prohibited by the Nuremberg Code of Medical Ethics.

Clearly, mandated vaccination schedules are also a gross violation of numerous federal laws, state statutes, county codes and city ordinances. This is an indisputable fact because vaccines cause irreparable harm to the human bio-organism and, therefore, represent an outright criminal assault.

“We all possess a fundamental right not to be assaulted by
anyone, or any entity under the sun. No doctor or nurse,
hospital or clinic,
has the right to inject a vaccine against
an individual’s will. Likewise, no government or corporation
possesses the legitimate power to impose vaccinations on a
citizen. Why? Because these dangerous injections represent
physical assaults which are undeniable invasions of our
personal sovereignty. Such reprehensible invasions are
fundamentally criminal in nature and highly offensive to
the social order. Every American ought to fiercely resist
these chemical and biological assaults.  Each and every
healthcare provider and political enabler needs to be held
accountable for their criminal acts and odious conduct.”

Florida Anti-Vax Coalition

Florida Anti-Vax Coalition
September 26, 2019

Special Note: The Florida Anti-Vax Coalition is an unincorporated and unorganized group of individuals, families, businesses, groups and other collectives who vehemently oppose the Super-Vaccination Agenda. We do not receive any contributions or occupy an office space; nor do we have a mailing address, telephone number or email. Nevertheless, we are a growing force to be dealt with as this exposé graphically demonstrates.


[1] Ron and Lauren Book EXPOSED!


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