HOLY CHUTZPAH! Epstein Suicide Psyop Sends Serious Message to Humanity



HOLY CHUTZPAH! Epstein Suicide Psyop Sends Serious Message to Humanity

There’s only one force in the world
today powerful and pervasive enough
to ‘suicide’ the most valuable witness
and closely guarded inmate in history,
and get away with it.

State of the Nation

Now guess who that might be.

The key clue comes from the Yiddish word found in the post title — C H U T Z P A H.

KHAZARIAN MAFIA: The Enforcement Arm of the Black Nobility

As predicted, the hidden powers who run the world just pulled off what should have been the impossible task of suiciding Jeffrey Epstein in the Special Housing Unit at a highly secure correctional facility. See: SUICIDED!? How does the most famous and closely watched jail inmate in U.S. history kill himself?

Let’s be clear about this brazen act of suiciding the most damaging witness in U.S. criminal justice history: It was perpetrated with great purpose and designed to send a HUGE message to every person on the planet, which it did.

That deliberate message is this:

The Powers That Be are completely untouchable.

TPTB can kill or suicide or kidnap anyone in the world.

No one is outside of their closely monitored territory
worldwide who cannot be quite easily liquidated.

And, regardless of who is hit or disappeared, the perps will
be caught or prosecuted.

TPTB act with total impunity just as they did with 9/11, the
OK City Bombing, BP Gulf oil spill, Las Vegas mass shooting, etc.

They can commit any crime whatsoever, anywhere, anytime
they so
choose and cover it up practically forever.

By neutralizing such a high-profile billionaire convict as Epstein,
proved they can eliminate any witness and/or participant to
any criminal conspiracy.

The message to those who worked with Epstein: You talk, you walk…
off a plank in the mid-Atlantic.

Just as the same perps did with the assassinations of JFK, RFK
and MLK,
these top-level predators have sent a message to every
leader, in every
sphere of life, that no one is beyond their reach.

Anyone who leaves the Deep State reservation does so on pain
of death, or worse. These are the primary messages of those who
reside at the very peak of the pinnacle of the pyramid of the
global power structure using the Epstein ‘hit’.

How’s that for a message?

Remember, they did a similar thing with President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 by way of a very public and violent execution as a warning to every other head of state that they better not even think about leaving the reservation of political correctness.

It’s entirely true: TPTB own, and operate on, every square inch of the planet. They effectively control the world through endless acts of terror of which the USA is a primary staging ground. See: GLADIO 2019: How did 292 mass shootings in the USA take place in just over 7 months except by purposeful design?

Their power to manipulate reality on the Earth plane of existence is so absolute that they now act as though were gods.

And, they have most likely already brought Jeff Epstein”back to life” in some top-secret underground Mossad facility somewhere, say, in Israel. But just close enough to Tel Aviv to grab ahold of all the young female tourists visiting there … … … from A M E R I C A.

KEY POINT: The Powers That Be really thought they could lock the whole place down via a tyrannical technocracy. They still want to rule humankind by exerting absolute command and control over the entire planetary civilization. With highly advanced AI platforms directed by Autonomous Superintelligence which have been put into place around the globe, they now dominate considerably much of this blue orb.[1] However, they made one serious miscalculation when they activated the Internet. They never imagined that so many digital warriors would wake up each and every day ready to release thousands of flaming arrows into the Deep State castle. And so we have! And so we’re doing.

State of the Nation
August 11, 2019

Special Note

So as not to mislead the reader, and while it’s true that the dark side effectively rules the Earth realm at this critical juncture of human history, their power is being diminished by the day. As the light prevails more and more via the Internet, untold truths are breaking out in the open like never before. For instance, the very fact that every resident of the planet can read about the primary control mechanism of the power elite known as Pedogate on countless websites is a first and simply extraordinary. The dark forces, who once operated in total secrecy, are being outed—BIG TIME! For it was extreme secrecy and stealth that permitted them to carry out their successive reigns of terror over the millennia. However, that’s all changed in this Third Millennium. Now that we all know about their New World Order agenda, their malevolent schemes have been significantly thwarted. Likewise, their planned One World Government has been sufficiently exposed that it is now being abandoned. TPTB will be lucky enough to escape the wrath of We The People alive at this point. After all, has anyone ever seen both the mainstream and alternative media scream before — in unison — as they did on the very day Epstein was suicided, stating it was faked operation. This has NEVER happened before. When even the POTUS and various MSM platforms are expressing serious doubts about Epstein’s true fate, as well as how he was disposed of, you know the world is changing fast. SOTN even predicted their ill-fated scheme to suicide Epstein two weeks before they attempted the deceptive dirty deed (See: Everything points to Epstein being suicided via a ‘false flag’ hoax). In point of fact, the whole dysfunctional and inept NWO cabal has become a total joke. Now it’s time to rid the planet of this infernal laughingstock, once and for all.


[1] Technological Singularity: Humanity Stands at the Edge of the AI Abyss