Here’s why the drone shoot-down was staged and Iran threatened with ‘obliteration’ by Trump.



Here’s why the drone shoot-down was staged and Iran threatened with ‘obliteration’ by Trump.

Was the drone shoot-down provoked by the U.S. to distract from Trump’s new rape allegation?

Columnist E. Jean Carroll’s rape allegation against Trump in New York Magazine on June 21, 2019 occurred on the very same day Trump made global headlines with:

“Trump Says He was ‘Cocked and Loaded’ to Strike Iran,
but Pulled Back”

Now, was that a coincidence? Hardly! This is how POTUSes “wag the dog” as long as there’s been a White House. The perfect timing of both the shoot-down of the U.S. drone by Iran for invading its airspace, as well as the threat by Trump to launch an illegal attack, while the New York press was talking about a new sexual assault accusation is exactly how the perps in power use their weapons of mass D I S T R A C T I O N.

What really gives credence to this fastidiously engineered diversionary media event is how quickly Trump called off the airstrikes against Iran and then went onto defend the whole episode as an accident. Yes, Iran was illegally invaded by the U.S. drone, but the shoot-down was both lawful and NO ACCIDENT. Hence, the only rational explanation for this HUGE international incident is that Team Trump deliberately manufactured the entire drama having been tipped off about the extremely damning New York article. Wow! Just WOW ! ! !

Which really begs the question: Why are Trump’s Zionist handlers trotting out more accusers just now? The timing of every single Trump drama orchestrated by the Mockingbird Media is carried out to have a specific effect. Sometimes The Powers That Be want him to do something in particular; sometimes they want the POTUS to refrain from doing something. The days ahead will reveal exactly what the hidden Illuminati plan is as these nefarious schemes usually do reveal themselves.

KEY POINT: Trump’s very public bashing of John Bolton for the Iran debacle is pure stagecraft. They both knew the true purpose(s) of the drone intrusion but it was the quickest CIA black operation they could pull off the shelf to serve as a diversion from the Carroll story. Now we see the good cop, bad cop act as a means of saving face. (See: Trump-Bolton Playing ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ After Iran Fiasco) However, the damage to America’s reputation has already been further shattered by such a reprehensible and reckless affair.

The fact that Trump outright lied about meeting his new accuser probably means the sexual assault took place exactly as described.

SOTN Editor’s Note: Photos don’t lie, unless they’re photoshopped of course. What follows is a photograph of Donald and Ivana Trump talking to E. Jean Carroll and her husband John Johnson. Why Trump brazenly lied about this meeting is quite suspicious. It only adds fuel to the fire of speculation about Trump’s pathological prevarication. It also lends credence to the quite plausible allegations of accuser E. Jean Carroll concerning the sexual assault.

Photo of Donald Trump with his most recent accuser E. Jean Carroll

Truly, Donald Trump is turning out to be a white Bill Cosby. And that spells disaster for his 2020 re-election prospects. It’s never been so evident that Trump’s Israeli masters will do anything necessary to support his candidacy by staging black ops when circumstances threaten his campaign. Hence, there will certainly be a LOT of fireworks between now and November 3, 2020. That is, of course, if Trump will even make it that far. There is so much dirt the Democrats have dug up on him and yet the mudfest has not even begun.

The bottom line here is that Candidate Trump is in BIG trouble. The Democrats will do everything in their power to prevent a Trump victory in 2020. Much more significantly, Deep State will marshal all of its clandestine forces in an effort to sink the USS Trump before it leaves the harbor. That this sordid affair took place right after his campaign launch this June is certainly no coincidence. The Left is out for blood and the sharks are circling the Trump sinking ship as everyone jumps overboard.


The Right needs to really examine this extremely precarious predicament. Trump is not only damaged goods, he is completely unfit to serve as POTUS. Yes, he courageously went after Deep State, and exposed the Mainstream Media, FBI, DoJ and C.I.A. But nothing will come of it as AG Barr was deliberately installed to make sure all the investigations die on the vine. For further edification on this critical point, please read Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway.

Therefore, the Patriot Movement must wake up to this fact of political life — FAST — and recruit an authentic nationalist candidate who will effectively defend the American Republic. Should the communist Democrat Party win 2020, the USA will morph even more quickly into the USSA where “A” stand for Amerika. The outright treason and ongoing sedition committed by the Democrats in Congress is as brazen as it is shocking. Their 20 POTUS candidates are all certified globalists who will take down the USA faster than Obama built the Obamanation.

Lastly, Conservatives and Christians, Patriots and Nationalists, Libertarians and Tea Partiers, Independents and Republicans, Veterans and Militiamen everywhere are highly encouraged to do their own vetting for 2020 BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. Given the current 2-party system duopoly, that completely controls the 2020 POTUS outcome, the American Republic will soon be disappeared—FOREVER! Serious due diligence for informed voters on the Right ought to begin here post-haste:

A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

State of the Nation
June 24, 2019

N.B. Here’s how one mainstream media article has presented the incendiary sexual assault allegation by Carroll: ‘It Hurt. And It Was Against My Will’: Trump Accuser Stands By Her Story