The Communist Plot to Take Over America Proceeds Unimpeded Even Under Trump



The Communist Plot to Take Over America Proceeds Unimpeded Even Under Trump

The Greatest Psyop of the 20th Century
Enters the Final and Perilous Phase
in the Third Millennium

State of the Nation

There’s an old adage that’s been oft-repeated throughout the East over the millennia.

“You become like that which you dwell upon.”

In other words, if you focus on warmongers and waging war, you eventually will become a war-maker.

Conversely, if you concentrate your energies on making peace, you become a peacemaker.

The more energy and emotion that is attached to your pursuit, the greater the likelihood you will manifest the object of your attention in your own life.

It’s important to note that this same “Law of the Universe” is as applicable to the individual as it is to the collective.

As an illustration, because the attention of the American people was cynically directed at COMMUNISM for so many years, it became concretized in our psyches over generations.  For many, Soviet communism became inextricably connected to a future World War III, an apocalyptic nuclear war and/or Armageddon.

Greatest Psyop Ever

The United States of America during the 20th century was made the victim of what is perhaps the greatest psyop of all time.

The three key events that kicked off this massive conspiracy to take over the USA are as follows:

Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

World War II

The most critical of these monumental cataclysms was the establishment of the Federal Reserve System as the Central Bank of the United States.  Only when the funding of any conspiratorial plot is sufficient can it be executed without substantial impediment or unwanted exposure.  Enough money can buy anything, yes?

With the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the International Banking Cartel made sure that the newly established US CORPORATION was completely owned and operated by the Black Nobility before the carefully planned communist plot to take over the American Republic was launched in earnest.

It’s crucial to understand that the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) is neither federal nor does it have any reserves.  Federal Reserve Notes are the original funny money without an ounce of real backing, not too unlike MONOPOLY money (a “note” is an instrument of indebtedness, not a hard asset). See The Federal Reserve System: It’s not “federal” and there’s no “reserve”

In fact, the FRB is a transnational financial institution whose secret ownership is both foreign and domestic.  Even the domestic owners are beholden to foreign interests which include the British Crown, the Vatican, and especially the International Banking Cartel that is covertly controlled by the Black Nobility.  Because of this well-hidden reality, the USA has been run by sinister forces and malevolent powers that have no interest whatsoever in the welfare of the American people.  In fact, these highly deceitful and pernicious entities forever work against “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

Back to the psyop; here’s where the “psyop of the century” really began.

Although the history books purposefully fail to acknowledge it, the Bolshevik Revolution was actually initiated in the notorious bankster capitals of London, Frankfort and New York City.  Only with the funds and financing made available by the International Banking Cartel was the Bolshevik Revolution even able to get off the ground.  Vladimir Lenin was but a powerless frontman for that government-collapsing enterprise that ran like a bone-crunching juggernaut across the Russian Motherland.

Of course, we all know the rest of the story.  The Soviet Union was formed in 1922 wherein a quasi-communist government functioned as a totalitarian and tyrannical apparatus that systematically crushed any enemy of the state until its demise in 1991.  In point of fact, the Soviet state and the government were raised to the level of “God” since religion was effectively outlawed and aggressively persecuted (remember this factoid).

For the West, the primary result of this global catastrophe was that the “controllers behind the curtain” intentionally created the specter of a Communist arch-enemy known as the USSR.  This Soviet BEAR, we were told incessantly, was to be fought and conquered, feared and reviled at every opportunity.  Of course, the Cold War was just one of several major initiatives artificially fabricated by those clandestine co-conspirators who sought the ultimate destruction of the American Republic.

Now here’s what really happened.

Remember the adage:  “You become like that which you dwell upon.”

KEY POINT: By focusing on communism for so many decades with an abiding fear and felt trepidation and collective apprehension, the U.S. citizenry unwittingly created a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Eventually the much feared boogeyman shows up at your door, but not necessarily in the way that was envisioned.  Communism has appeared in disguise as the Democrat Party.  This eventuality is precisely what the perpetrators of this fastidiously engineered scheme had in mind when they commenced the Great Game against Russia centuries ago. See: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

Throughout the Cold War, the U.S. citizenry was bombarded by threats of Soviet (and Sino) communism supposedly coming from Asia.  Little did the body politic realize that the greatest communist threats were lurking within.  In fact, the barbarians were not at the gate, the barbarians were inside the gate during the entire 20th century, as they are right now.

Because of the intensive and unrelenting propaganda that the Western governments threw at their citizenries over decades, the targeted populace became the unsuspecting victims of an immense and carefully crafted mind-control program.  This conspiracy to exert malicious influence on the collective American psyche was formalized under the rubric of London’s Tavistock Institute.  The vast amount of the purposeful propaganda and divisive disinformation was initially manufactured and coordinated under the rubric of Tavistock.

What mind manipulators such as Tavistock founders Elliott Jaques, Henry Dicks, Leonard Browne, Ronald Hargreaves, John Rawlings Rees, Mary Luff, Wilfred Bion, and Tommy Wilson deeply understood was that “You become like that which you dwell upon.”

These expert propagandists and mind manipulators worked overtime to conjure up the dreadful image of the Russian communist enemy ever ready to attack and take over America.  This deceptive messaging continues up to this very day with the utterly fake Russiagate investigation that has so captivated the USA and beyond since the election of Donald Trump.

Why so much naked propaganda and fake news directed against Russia especially since Trump’s election?

In spite of a complete lack of evidence of Russian interference, and in view of conclusive proof that it was not Russia but the United Kingdom that attempted to dictate the outcome of the 2016 POTUS election, this ridiculous Russiagate charade continues to this very day.  Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s only press briefing was dedicated almost wholly to incriminating the Kremlin with no evidence whatsoever.  This never-ending misinfo campaign against Russia further validates just how determined the TPTB are to demonize Russia in order to DIRECT THE ATTENTION OF AMERICANS THERE, NOT AT HOME.  For further understanding of this weighty matter, the following link contains a 14-part series on Russia and its tortured relationship with the Zio-Anglo-American Axis.

This is why the Zio-Anglo-American Axis is so determined to wage war against Russia.

Meanwhile, the real communists, who have completely taken over the Democrat Party, are transforming every sanctuary city and state into, first, socialist paradises; then into bolshevik safe havens; and, finally, into communist strongholds from which the stone-cold traitors plan to take down the Republic—FOREVER.

Exactly how are closet communists across America currently working in concert to collapse the country?

A close reading of the following exposé answers that pivotal question with great certainty.

OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

There are actually several parallel plots and intersecting schemes that are running both overtly and in the background, each of which is designed to undermine national sovereignty and territorial integrity.  The “open borders and illegal immigration” scheme is perhaps the most treacherous, just as it was used to successfully destroy whole nations throughout the European Union. See European Union Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe

President Trump

It’s essential to understand that all communist plots over the past 200 years were conceived by the New World Order globalist cabal.  Each one was then undertaken by paid operatives and furtive agents who were strategically positioned in the targeted nations.  In the USA, both the tight collusion and loose collaboration of these co-conspirators are collectively known as the mutinous Deep State.

KEY POINT: Even the U.S. Congress has morphed into a den of communists and RINO betrayers.  The GOP reps are every bit as bad as the Democrats because they sit idle as irreparable damage is done to the American Republic. See: Republicans Do Nothing to Stop Outright Censorship of the Right, 1st Amendment Now Violated Hourly Without Consequence

While President Trump has done an excellent job at exposing Deep State, his primary focus has concerned matters that directly impact him and his presidency.  As a result, Deep State, working closely with the Democrat Party, has been able to advance the communist takeover of America with devastating results.  That’s mostly because the Patriot Movement is operating under the false impression that Trump is stopping the calamitous onslaught when in fact he isn’t.

For example, the southwest border is as porous as ever with many long-time monitors saying it’s worse than ever.  The wall will not be built.  Likewise, the illegal immigration crisis is getting more serious by the week.  Trump has been rendered impotent through a perfidious and multi-pronged strategy employed by the Left.  Simply put, he’s been overwhelmed into presidential paralysis with no end in sight.

KEY POINTS: There are two primary reasons why Trump can no longer be trusted to stop illegal immigration.  First, his over-the-top support of the Military-Industrial Complex means that the pipeline of military-age illegal aliens who become conscripts and cannon fodder will not be turned off.  Secondly, Trump is the CEO/President of the US CORPORATION and therefore works for Corporate America, not the American people.  Hence, he will not in any way terminate the flow of the slave labor that walks across the border as the titans of industry would not permit it. (Source: Summary of Major Reasons for Open Borders)

There are several other fronts where the POTUS has been effectively neutralized, each one of them being a significant piece of the NWO agenda to transform the USA into a communist wasteland.  For only in that way can the nation be adequately compromised in order to surreptitiously incorporate the United States into the secretly planned North American Union.  That’s the hemispheric capstone of the globalist scheme to institute a One World Government—a supranational, totalitarian, communist entity set up to rule the world from a predetermined capital in the Middle East.

Jared Kushner

It’s especially imperative to comprehend why Jared Kushner has been assigned so many vital tasks by Trump.  He’s a hardcore globalist whose primary mission is to hand American sovereignty over to Israel after he cements the Saudi-Israeli-American Axis as the dominant Mideast power-broker.  All of Kushner’s high priority initiatives are being implemented toward the advancement of the Greater Israel project.   The following excerpt form a previous SOTN exposé further explains the back story.

Trump was not elected President of the United States of America, Jared Kushner was.

Actually, even that’s not entirely accurate since boy Kushner is totally controlled by Netanyahu and the head honchos at Chabad-Lubavitch International.

However, it’s really Bibi Netanyahu who controls Kushner as seen by Jared’s every international initiative where Israel always gains at the expense of everyone else.

Only with this correct understanding is it crystal clear that Trump is a frontman for the highly secret U.S. Government-Corporate Crime Syndicate that is dictated to by the Rothschild-led International Banking Cartel which answers to the Black Nobility, which in turn is directed by the highest levels of the World Shadow Government.  As for why they really selected Trump during this exceptionally volatile period for the Global Economic & Financial SystemTrump Was Chosen To Implement The Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy.
(Source: A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was)

There are specific reasons why so much perceived power has been invested in boy Kushner.  The reader is highly encouraged to view the following video: Is Jared Kushner the Jewish Messiah? Or is he the “John the Baptist”?


What is terribly confusing during these End Times is that there is a clash of civilizations occurring on various levels.  That’s because What we are witnessing is the FINAL WAR between….

For instance, there is an epoch-ending war between the communists and fascists.  There’s an epic conflict going on between the marxists and the capitalists.  We see every day the mortal combat between the globalists and the nationalists, just as we see the endless skirmishes between the libertarians and the socialists.

Now this is where things get even more confounding.  Both sides of these “divide and conquer” conflicts are designed to draw in as many as possible onto their respective battlefields.  The more souls who can be captured by the resulting Hegelian Dialectic, the easier it is for the “Masters of the Universe” to lock down planet Earth for their own use and pleasure.

The most concerning part of this deteriorating scenario is that folks have developed the false hope that the ongoing communist plot will be terminated by Trump.  It won’t!  He does not have the power to even slow it down at this point.  When George Soros, a leading communist co-conspirator and bagman for the International Banking Cartel is leading the intensifying Purple Revolution to topple the POTUS and install a communist regime, and Trump’s son-in-law has borrowed $250,000,000 from him, is it any wonder that Trump has failed to prosecute the treasonous Soros?!

How convenient that jared Kushner forgot to disclose a $250 million credit line from George Soros!

Bottom Line

Donald Trump was installed by his hidden masters to ensure that the communist takeover would proceed unimpeded.  What better way to control the Right than to control their controlled leader.  Isn’t this the very definition of “controlled opposition”?  Does anyone really believe TPTB would permit anyone into the Oval Office except an individual who could be totally controlled?

Action Plan

The Patriot Movement had better shift into high gear (and meaningful action) post-haste; because once Election day 2020 comes and goes, there will be no more opportunity to take back the country from those who have stolen it.  And that goes for any election outcome… unless there’s “a dark-horse candidate” in the offing.  The two-party system is dead.  The plutocratic duopoly can no longer govern the U.S citizenry.  Hence, We the People are truly the “dark horse”.

State of the Nation
June 28, 2019