OPERATION CHARLEMAGNE: The International Conspiracy to Overthrow the POTUS



OPERATION CHARLEMAGNE: The International Conspiracy to Overthrow the POTUS


by Norman Ball

5/31/19 Update:

The Gateway Pundit is out today with a Huge Exclusive here.

I’m posting a link to the critical Nine Days in May PDF chart here again (a link appears multiple times throughout this blog entry), because it’s really a helpful visual aid and central to my ‘suppositional thesis’. 

Some additional context here as of 5/31/19:

The Steele Dossier was always a horribly compromised placeholder and paper-thin predicate until something more devastating (and jurisprudentially sound hah!) could be devised. When Operation Charlemagne fails, the Mueller SC degenerates, out of necessity, into a rudderless (‘predicateless’) obstruction-of-justice and process crime trap, further hobbled by the absence of an originating crime against which justice could possibly be obstructed. 

Indeed from inception, the Mueller SC is never about Trump-Russia collusion at all. In fact, due to the hectic crush of events over the Nine Days in May, the SC was opened with NO active predicate (since the previous 10-month Crossfire Hurricane Cointel investigation had collapsed the Trump collusion thesis altogether). This is amply attested to by Strzok and Page’s anticlimactic contemporaneous messages. Again, the chronology is damning:

strzok page texts

Imagine then the predicament by the time of the May 16 meeting with POTUS. Rosenstein and Mueller are NAKED in terms of operable predicates (given the May 9 and 12 failures of Op Charlemagne, of which McCabe would almost certainly have informed Rosenstein). The long May 16 meeting is thus a very strange one with a variety of ostensible discussion topics. POTUS was in all likelihood participating under deceptively-conveyed pretenses, thinking he was interviewing Mueller for the FBI Director position vacated earlier in the week by Comey.

Yet unbeknownst to POTUS an investigation had been started by McCabe days earlier on May 10. Further, Mueller had to know he was being nominated as the SC the very next day. These swamp piranhas were attempting to entrap our duly elected President, and yes, may even have been wired.

Most likely, the meeting became a desperate ‘predicate fishing expedition’ at the 11th hour. (A meeting with the Congressional Gang of Eight was planned the very next day to announce the SC investigation). As a Hail Mary, did Mueller accidentally ‘leave his phone behind’? Mere speculation, but under the circumstances and given the pressure the coup perpetrators were under, was the device even a phone at all, or something supplied by McCabe for more nefarious reasons?

Again, speculation at this point (to which The Conservative Treehouse has also mused upon). But as the notion of a 25th Amendment wire has already been released into the ether by McCabe and Rosenstein, a James Bond and Q vibe (hmm, Q?) has been pre-established by the conspirators themselves. So I’m certainly not originating hype. 

Finally, I prefer falsifiable analysis to the more cryptic QAnon style. Mind you, I am NOT denigrating QAnon. Nor do I scour his/her/their posts with any regularity. I am simply expressing NO DEFINITIVE OPINION. Neon Revolt is more a QAnon aficionado and offers some compelling parallels (such as the appearance of The Silent Ones on a way-early Q-post). For my money, what fascinates me are the compelling schedule synchronicities shared by the Italian and Stateside FBI narrative threads. 

I am a Christian American eager to have our self-determination restored after a decades-long globalist hijack. God Bless America and the freedom of decent people men and women all over the world. 

Finally, President Trump is unvettedexogenousunbeholdenself-financing (mostly) and teleprompter-allergic i.e. he is a walking Deep State nightmareForget foreign adversaries. No overseas laboratory could invent the ‘nightmare’ of Trump. Hence the herculean efforts undertaken to destroy his Presidency. This is NOT a paid campaign announcement. Nor do I say it lightly. There is no one else BUT Trump. It’s really that precarious –and that simple. –FSD


occhio disclaimer.png

occhionero tweet.png

[Downloadable ‘Nine Days in May’ chart available here in PDF.]

[Also, a 5/30 blog update on the subject from NeonRevolt here.]


On May 15 just passed, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte requested the resignations of four of his deputy directors, two from the Information Security Department (DIS), one from the External Security Information Agency (AISE) and one from the Internal Security Information Agency (AISI). When a vacant slot and an additional retired position at AISE is included, six positions in total or the entire top level of Italian intelligence was implicated in the re-shuffle. 

Spygate figure George Papadopoulos was quick to note the resignations, attributing them to the Conte Government’s ‘flip’ (i.e. friendliness to Trump) in stark contrast to the prior Socialist government’s coordinated surveillance activity with U.S. intelligence officials during the 2016 U.S. election.



Interestingly, Papadopoulus postulates a Peter Strzok-Lisa Page linkage to this Italian operation via ‘Maltese Professor’ Joseph Mifsud that dates back to at least March 14, 2016, 4 1/2 months before the July 31, 2016 FBI CoIntel Crossfire Hurricane investigation which itself would run for ten months until the May 17, 2017 commencement of the Mueller SC. (Mifsud, if you read the Neonblog posts turns out to be more an Italian intelligence asset than a British one, as does Stefan Halper.)

Crossfire Hurricane is initiated of course on the basis of the Papadopoulus and ‘Russian spy’ Mifsud connection. The tenuousness of the Russian predicate weakens into complete flacidity. Are the Russians a complete parentheses in this whole debacle? Quite possibly. 

More on Strzok-Page in a minute. 

On the same day, Papadopoulus’ wife Simona in a tweet references the displeasure of an Italian opposition party Senator at the high-level intelligence dismissals. The prior government, headed by Italian (Social) Democrat Party Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had been a Clinton/Obama ally. In fact, Renzi serves as the ‘honoree’ at President Obama’s final State Dinner. What an auspiciously conflicted note to end a presidency on, as we will see. 

Obama milan

Later, in the role of former President, Obama attends a two-day Milan Climate Change Conference (May 8-9) where he meets extensively with former Prime Minister Renzi. Day 2 of this conference happens to straddle what’s now become known to Spygate aficionados as the infamous ‘Nine (sometimes Eight) Days in May’; from the May 9th firing of FBI Director James Comey to the May 17th appointment of Robert Mueller as Russia Collusion Special Counsel.

It’s no understatement to say that much transpired over this busy and chaotic period. 


However there is a new narrative trail that adds fascinating context and possibly fills in some key gaps. Call it the Italian connection or Operation Charlemagne as related to the Neonrevolt blog by Giulio Occhionero

Who is Giulio Occhionero? Neonblog offers this brief resume:

Occhionero holds…”a master’s degree in nuclear engineering, is a founder of the Malta-based quantitative financial analysis firm Westlands Securities, and is also a software developer with several certifications…He is also a grand master in a Roman chapter of the Freemasons.”

Occhionero relates an incredible tale, claiming that he and his sister Francesca were framed for planting Pyramid Eye (a remote access spear-phishing Trojan) on the computers of 18,000 high-profile Europeans from the elite echelons of business, banking and politics, and successfully attacking those computers close to 2,000 times. 

The Italian Postal Police obtained assistance from the FBI in seizing and monitoring the U.S. portion of the server infrastructure which include two stateside servers belonging to Occhionero’s Westlands Securities firm located in Seattle, Washington and West Virginia, respectively. Readers are urged to visit theNeonblog post where the strange story is ably detailed. 

The Pyramid Eye scheme –to which Occhionero still maintains his innocence– seemed to establish the necessary prior familiarity with the Italian Postal Police and the FBI, thus ‘recommending’ him and his company Westlands Securities (complete with US facilities and beachhead intact) as a plausible conduit for a subsequent dump-Trump framing attempt, Operation Charlemagne.

Charted below is the critical Nine Day period with interwoven sub-plots. A larger, higher-res version of the chart below appears here in downloadable PDF.

nine days in may timeline chart.png

Here too is a critical May 10, 2017 Strzok-Page message exchange:

strzok chartIt’s highly likely that ‘the credible case’ Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had been ‘waiting on’ was precisely the aborted Operation Charlemagne.

The indispensable Conservative Treehouse blog has speculated that the redacted word on the last 2017-05-10 05:29:00 entry is POTUS. This theory acquires additional plausibility if, as Guilio Occhionero suggests:


The Clinton email deposit fails. One Occhionero theory is that the prior investigation had ring-fenced his servers from further interference due to the earlier spear-phishing investigation into he and his sister. So in effect, the conspirators may have Inspector Clouseau-ed themselves. 

Another curious fact: Since Occhionero’s US Republican Party affiliations were known to the Italian authorities (thus his suitability as a Trump framing target), he is asked at one point who he knows in the Trump Administration. An odd question indeed, yet reminiscent to what Papadopoulus has reported from his strange encounters. In fact, Occhionero claims he knows no one associated with Trump. The implication is that a degree of separation is being sought as a means to bolstering the frame-up. 

Thus ‘the formal chargeable way’ of entrapping the Trump Administration with implanted Clinton emails on Republican-friendly servers evaporates on the eve of the hand-off from Crossfire Hurricane to the Mueller SC. Was this to be the ‘planted smoking gun’ left waiting for the Mueller investigation to fall across, especially as Russian Collusion had, by then, proven to be a demonstrable dead duck (Strzok May 19, 2017 message to Page: “There’s no big there there“)?

The oft-sited, oft-maligned Steele Dossier was always the slimmest of pretenses and was meant, most likely, to be superseded by something far more cinematic and devastating. 

Deprived of Russian collusion and the Charlemagne set-up, Mueller defaults by necessity into a passive obstruction of justice trap that never goes way, or as I characterized it here in ‘Fostering Trump v.2 Under Extenuating Empire Conditions’:

“Indeed collusion had been soundly put to bed pre-Mueller by the preceding 10-month long Crossfire Hurricane investigation. It has always been about process crime ensnarement and obstruction-baiting. The purpose of the Mueller investigation was to exist, persist and sub-optimize the Trump Presidency. Mueller was a ship whose cargo (a whole lotta nothin’) was destined never to reach port for the duration of Trump’s tenure or until his administration could be so profoundly disabled that any further push-back was futile.”

All the participants knew from the beginning the Italian intelligence status of Joseph Mifsud, as L. J. Keith of Communities Digital News reported recently:

“The key issue to keep in mind at every point is that Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Strzok, and Weissman knew all along that the Steele dossier was a hoax. But they were covering up bigger crimes. Four years of unauthorized surveillance on Republicanssince 2012 using FISA court 702 authority to access NSA secret databases.

They all knew Joseph Mifsud, officially a so-called Russian agent was actually an Italian intelligence asset. Mifsud also worked with British Intelligence, the FBI, and the CIA. Some Russian agent. But somehow he is the central figure in the Mueller Weissmann report, named as a Russian agent.”

For a comprehensive analysis of the massive (and frightening) implications of illegal 702 search abuses dating back to 2012 (yes, 2012!), see the Conservative Treehouse blog entry here. All else (including, one could argue, the totality of the Trump collusion scandal) pales against the systematic and encompassing nature of the surveillance apparatus deployed against us during the Obama second term. 

In fact does Congresswoman Maxine Waters inadvertently tip Obama’s hand in this 2013 interview when she speaks of a Presidential database “that no one has ever seen before in life”? What, one wonders, are the sources of this database and is the data legally obtained? 


Whether Mueller is time zero co-conspirator, Beltway dupe roped in by Weissmann or (as Giuliani suggests below, senile if not crazy) he remains an intriguing Sphinx-like figure. As I mention here in ‘Beano-Bob, Andrew Scissorhands and the Geopolitical Storm They Sought to Ignite’:

“The truth is, Mueller has an Andrew Weissmann problem. (Weissmann being Chief of DOJ’s Criminal Fraud Section since 2015.) Why does he continue to acquiesce meekly to this problem? Well, because Mueller has a Uranium One problem too. Why else would he allow himself to get dragged along for the ride? He’s handcuffed to the steering wheel with no brakes and two bad choices: the car either hits a brick wall and explodes or it runs over Trump. There’s no Goldilocks option for Bob.

Giuliani fox.png

Giuliani puts his finger on a key area of confusion. Mueller didn’t assemble his team. It arrived pre-assembled. The FBI Cointel Crossfire Hurricane team (all ’17 angry Democrats’ of them) moved over to the SC investigation virtually intact. 
Weissmann had Rosenstein appoint Mueller as titular Gray-haired Poobah for the Never Trump Inquisition Squad complete with deep sea fishing rods.”In a May 12, 2017 interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Trump is vague, if not outright cryptic, on the timing of the Comey firing, saying:“It was set up a while ago. And frankly, I could have waited, but what difference does it make?”
The timing is indeed mighty coincidental since Comey is fired on the same day the Italian CNAIPIC operatives are attempting to unsuccessfully download the Clinton emails onto the first server in Seattle, Washington.
At one point, Occhionero suggests, the failed operation is due perhaps to, “White Hats working overtime”. Was Trump clued off by the NSA and chose the very day of the Charlemagne Op to send a signal to the Clinton/Obama faction he was onto their machinations?It wouldn’t be the first time the NSA White Hats intervened on Trump’s behalf.
In my January 26, 2018 video ‘Admiral Michael Rogers: Our Generation’s Deep Throat‘, I detail then-NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers’ heroic efforts to alert Trump to the coup unfolding during the interregnum phase at Trump Towers. 

rogers vid

Six months ago, I had explored the initial contours of a transnational dimension in Fort Russ here, pointing out the Five Eyes features of the effort (Italy is not a Five Eyes member). The Occhionero story develops and expands this thesis in fascinating directions: 

“MI6 and GCHQ are all over the backstage shadow-play. Too many of the Collusion key players possess Five Eyes credentials: Stefan Halper (CIA, MI6), Joe Mifsud (MI6), Christopher Steele (MI6), Alexander Downer (ASIS, MI6), Robert Hannigan (GCHQ). That ‘former’ MI6 spy Chris Steele is consistently portrayed as a rogue retiree with a personal grudge against the President is a telling bit of institutional misdirection.”

As it turns out, Italy, a non-Five Eyes nation, may have played the most predominant overseas role of all. 

russ 2

Retired CIA Station Chief Brad Johnson sheds further light. All paths lead to John Brennan. He recognizes Brennan’s hapless Ops imprimatur on the Charlemagne-Steele Dossier fiasco (Brennan was a failed-analyst-turned-politico; not an operations genius). The Op is too convoluted with too many moving parts. In fact, Johnson calls it a ‘big stupid operation’. Johnson also cites Brennan’s numerous trips to Italy on an unrelated case in the same chronology relating to a sealed indictment against a former female CIA agent.

Brennan acolyte (and current CIA Director) Gina Haspel was London Station Chief during this operation. She is almost certainly implicated in the get-Trump frame-up. Johnson speculates that Haspel might now be kicking herself for not retiring. 

Finally, Johnson characterizes Steele as an ‘info ho’, that is, a guy who sells bits of information to everybody, including KGB agents, though, irony of ironies, the Russian connection, minor though it is, flows through the Steele-to-Clinton pipeline, not through Trump. Again, Mifsud and Halper have a primary affiliation with Italy, then various Five Eyes nations, but certainly not Russia. 

brad johnson.png

Finally, some curious remaining details relating to this tangled web:

  • McCabe and Rosenstein differ on the seriousness of the 25th Amendment bid with the latter insisting it was a joke. And yet, Mueller leaves his cellphone behind in the Oval Office during the crucial May 16th meeting with Trump.
  • Adding to the intrigue of the May 16th meeting, which stretched into a few hours, we are left to wonder what transpired, since no attendee (Trump, Rosenstein nor Mueller) has ever offered a rendition. This ambiguity has led some to suggest that an Occam-razor-defying master sting was being hatched between all parties to capture perhaps the very Charlemagne parties we’ve discussed above. But that seems highly unlikely. Breitbart offers its rendition via the McCabe book, which amounts to McCabe recalling Rosenstein’s confused rendition. Very strange.

Unbeknownst to Trump, he was already under formal scrutiny for an obstruction of justice investigation McCabe had hatched just six days prior before i.e. the Mueller Director interview (to replace the fired Comey) appears to have been pretense for the very purpose of obtaining incriminating information from the President of the United States.  Surely Mueller knew that he would be named SC the very next day.

  • In his May 11 testimony before the Senate Select Committee of Intelligence (SSCI), McCabe answers Senator Rubio’s question: “has the dismissal of JC in any way impeded, interrupted, stopped, or negatively impacted any of the work, any investigation, or any ongoing projects at the Federal Bureau of Investigation?” with “So there has been no effort to impede our investigation to date.”

But if no interference, why the need to open an obstruction of justice investigation just the day prior?

  • Who exactly supplied the Italian authorities with the Clinton emails in the first place? That sounds like a bucket-load of felonies all by itself.

The mind truly boggles at the globe-spanning efforts undertaken to destroy the Trump Presidency. Left with no convincing predicate (given the collapse of the Italian frame-up) Mueller bumbles along harassing (and bankrupting) a number of tangential Trump allies, while in the process serving as a powerful mid-term rationale for Democratic Party contributions. The House may well have switched sides on the strength of a complete sham investigation. Only with the firing of Sessions and the appearance of Barr is the witch-hunt finally put out of its misery. 

Most striking of all, the Russian collusion SC was never even remotely about Russian Collusion. Ever. Or at least, we’re pretty sure it wasn’t. Actually, we have no ideawhat the IC’s scope was. That its effectiveness is even being critiqued becomes yet another media balloon. 

Rosenstein reprises a pretty good Abbot & Costello shtick here with Congressman Smith on the mythic/wandering/inscrutable SC scope. (Click graphic below and go to 35:25.) Further below is page 2 of the Rosenstein-to-Mueller scope clarification letter (X-ray redaction glasses required; all four pages are here). That’s right. The public still doesn’t know what the $40 million Mueller SC was scoped with investigating.

But if you have a BIG predicate problem going into a bogus investigation of the President of the United States, how better to disguise your sagging predicates than by obliterating and hiding the scope from public scrutiny? Silly old with-hunts don’t need scopes anyway. This is exactly what Rosenstein and Mueller do on the August 2, 2107 ‘Scope of Investigation and Definition of Authority’ letter. 

rosenstein scope.png


This is a speculative piece that makes efforts at some dot-collecting. Should heads start rolling, as it appears they could, some very large ones could topple into the basket this time. Even so, how can the opportunity cost of a criminally sub-optimized Trump Presidency ever be recompensed to the People? The opportunity cost is almost too large to ponder. 


[Picture below: FBI Director Robert Mueller in 2006 awarding Gianni De Gennaro the FBI Medal of Honor. De Gennaro according to Occhionero, is “a 30-year Confidential Human Source of the FBI in Italy” as well as allegedly, Comey’s CHS (Confidential Human Source). De Gennaro, at the time of the Renzi Government Trump frame-up, was Head of Dipartimento Informazioni e Sicurezza (Italy’s DNI equivalent) and is now Chairman of Italian weapons conglomerate Leonardo/ Finmeccanica.]

mueller italy.png