First Footage Of Massive Oil Tanker Blaze Emerges After Attack (Video)



First Footage Of Massive Oil Tanker Blaze Emerges After Attack (Video)


As more photos and information about the suspected torpedo attacks on two tankers in the Sea of Oman reach the western press, the first aerial footage of one of the tankers has found its way online.

The footage, which aired on Iranian television, shows one of the tankers in flames, but still afloat (earlier reports, now confirmed to have been inaccurate, claimed that one of the tankers had sunk, which would have unleashed an oil spill twice the size of Exxon-Valdez).

Though the exact weapons used in the attacks haven’t been confirmed, it has been widely reported that the two ships were hit with torpedoes.

The Norwegian-owned and Marshall Islands-flagged Front Altair was reportedly struck three times, while the Panama-flagged, Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous was hit twice.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the west is already insinuating that Iran was behind it. The Iranians have vociferously denied any involvement, and the country’s foreign minister has noted the ‘suspicious’ timing: A Japanese-owned ship was attacked while Japan’s prime minister was meeting in Tehran with senior Iranian officials.