There’s no question Trump is being cornered on Iran, but does he know it?



There’s no question Trump is being cornered on Iran, but does he know it?

Iran, China & The Trumpian Global Economic Collapse

Scott A. Keisler
Truth and Liberty Blog

Is President Trump walking blindly (or knowingly) into a trap? While the mainstream propaganda apparatus blusters on about Iran having been cornered, TLB wonders if it’s not POTUS himself who has been cornered.

Did The Washington Compost actually report real news? Greg Sargent opined yesterday,

Put simply, it appears Bolton may have cornered Trump into cornering Iran. And what’s particularly alarming is that there are no signs Trump has thought through where this might end up.

Tensions continue to mount in the Persian Gulf region and clownworld geo-political war theater has been working double-time for a full week now. War seems increasingly likely.

The sabotage attack on four ships off the coast of the United Arab Emirates may turnout to be the spark that ignites the proverbial ower-keg. But was this event the predictable false flag those in the know have been expecting? Perhaps.

But perhaps not. 

As reported last evening,

TLB finds it very difficult to believe that [the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Core] placed mines on those ships off the coast of UAE. A more likely scenario is that Iranian Mujahedeen, a hated opposition group in Iran, working with Bolton and his acolytes and the Mossad cooked up a plot to frame IRGC, knowing that intelligence reports could be produced to corroborate their phony narrative.

But this is where it gets strange.

However, Israeli News Live is reporting that the Iran government may have actually launched the attacks. 

A Pentagon report released yesterday claims that it has evidence that IRGC is in fact responsible for the attack on four ships Sunday.

Shades of the neo-con’s phony WMD pretext for the second Iraq War circa 2002?

It is natural for the informed mind to go there. Iran understands that the U.S. has conducted a myriad of false-flag operations in the past – perhaps they leveraged this fact knowing that much of the world would assume that the same fanciful and redundant script was being used one more time.

Now that would be a crafty (and gutsy) chess move by the descendants of the ancient Persians.

But the big question is, why would Iran knowingly goad the United States into a hot war? This is a war they have no chance of winning. Sure they may be able to kill thousands of Americans and Israelis in the process but the overall result will likely be devastating defeat.

But what if winning a shooting war isn’t Iran’s objective? What if their objective is to completely decimate the United States economically? And Israel. And the rest of the global economy to boot?

Is Iran willing to go down in flames (literally) for the higher and holy purpose of inflicting economic terror on the Little Satan and the Great Satan?

Iran could shut down the Strait of Hormuz, blow up oil fields throughout Saudi Arabia, activate sleeper cells here in the United States, and initiate cyber attacks on strategic American and global financial institutions as their country is being glass-parking-lot-ed.

In this scenario Iran would play the role of global martyr, which is precisely what the tulip on their national flag signifies.


The globalists can’t have their Luciferian New World Order until there is a global economic reset and the United States has been removed as an obstacle. Are President Trump’s deep state advisers luring him into military action by appealing to his pride and manipulating the information that gets to him?

Meanwhile most people assume that China cannot win a trade war with the United States. Brandon Smith of Alt-Market begs to differ:

China is the number one exporter/importer in the world. They now set the standard for international trade, not the US. If China follows through on threats to dump US treasuries, or if they dump the dollar as the world reserve, then most if not all of their trading partners will do the same. The consequences would be devastating for the US economy, which has a minimal manufacturing base and is utterly reliant on the international acceptance of the dollar to keep prices low and to prop up what’s left of our financial structure.

Smith states further,

…Trump’s trade war with China is being used by the banking elites as cover for their sabotage of the US economy. In the end, it will be Trump and all of his “populist” followers that will get the blame for the destabilization of our financial structure. The central bankers have a perfect scapegoat.

TLB predicted before President Trump was even sworn into office that two things would happen during his Administration: a massive economic collapse and a major war. The nationalist-populist-Christian-liberty movement that Trump rode all the way into the Oval Office will be blamed for the calamity that was scripted to take place all along.

Thus the war drums that are being incessantly banged upon right now may be leading to both eventualities in one fell swoop.