COLLISION COURSE 2019: It’s gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY!



COLLISION COURSE 2019: It’s gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY!

Everything Points to a Shocking
False Flag Attack by Deep State

State of the Nation

What will happen first: Trump’s IMPEACHMENT or the Swamp’s INDICTMENTS ?

At this critical stage of the American Experiment, there’s simply no stopping the Trump ship of state from hitting the Deep State iceberg.  It’s not if but when… and the deafening collision will take place very soon.

Truly, it’s getting very ugly out there with no signs of either side reversing course.  Just as Trump is determined as ever to expose the RUSSIAgate hoax, Deep State is resolved to keep it covered up.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election everything points to both sides TAKING NO PRISONERS.  That’s because only a slash and burn war strategy will secure victory, especially given what’s at stake in the all-out war currently raging inside the Beltway.

KEY POINT: The crux of this exploding “Battle Royale” is well explained by former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova in the video that follows. That diGenova would declare that “FBI Director Christopher Wray has become the enemy of the People” is a pretty serious statement, especially in light of the brazen cover-up being jointly conducted by the FBI and CIA. See: FBI Director Wray & CIA Director Haspel Both Stonewall AG Barr (Video)


The Democrats know that President Trump has the evidence on ALL of them to prove ongoing sedition and outright treason.  The DEMs are so desperate they’re still attempting to carry out a soft coup IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

Therefore, short of an assassination attempt, Deep State’s primary weapon is impeachment.  Even though a Senate conviction cannot happen given the GOP majority, the DEMs need a stirring political drama to use against Trump to preclude his re-election.

Speaker Pelosi is merely biding her time before she pulls out the “impeachment card”.  When there is a critical of mass of support within the Democrat caucus, and more RINOs have joined that cause, Pelosi will call Trump in this high-stakes political poker game.

It’s of paramount importance for patriots to understand that dirty cop Robert Mueller was empowered by Deep State to launch his corrupted investigation for 2 main reasons.

First, to use the DoJ to dig up dirt on Trump’s businesses that could then serve as evidence which would be farmed out to the various jurisdictions where he operated (e.g. United States District Court for the Southern District of New York).  Deep State Democrats knew the Russiagate witch hunt was utterly fake but used it as cover to go after Trump in every other way possible, which they did.  Once they turned Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and raided his home and office for evidence, they acquired a treasure trove of sensitive information which can be used in ways that only the FBI can do.

Secondly, Deep State knew from the very beginning that Trump would fall into their ‘obstruction trap’, which he did.  Even though Trump was just twittering Trumpese, the Deep State co-conspirators knew that it would not take much for him to use language that could be legally construed as “obstruction”.  However, given the abundance of hard evidence proving sedition, Trump has the perfect excuse for attempting to stop the patently obvious Democrat coup d’état.  What else is a POTUS to do except OBSTRUCT a coup d’état by every means necessary?!  Although some of Trump’s many Russiagate proclamations may technically and legally fit into an obstruction charge, his “mens rea” was clearly a very intention to thwart a white-collar insurrection.

After all, Obama & Company did everything possible to steal the election from Trump, just as they have transparently attempted to overthrow his administration since Inauguration Day.  It’s quite inconceivable that Trump is still in office given the relentless communist insurgency he has faced since Election Day 2016.

The “real beauty” of this unparalleled coup is that the American people have been witnessing the Democrat crimes and corruption — during prime time — since Trump first declared his candidacy in June of 2015.  Hence, the Democrats have been given a LOT of rope to hang themselves, which is exactly what they all have done.

One wonders how they could have been so stupid and so clueless while conducting a coup against a sitting POTUS?!  Essentially, these Soros-funded purple revolutionaries allowed themselves to be videoed and recorded at their multi-location crime scene throughout the country.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…
…Courtesy of George Soros,
the Clinton Crime Family,
and the Obama Administration

The crucial point here is that, once Hilary lost, everything changed and Trump got access to all the records proving rampant criminality and endemic corruption—EVERYTHING!  The NSA has a digital record of every crime committed in the conduct of this highly complex criminal conspiracy to overthrow the POTUS.  So do other secret data-gathering agencies, by the way, some of which are located in foreign nations.

Collision Course 2019

Given this rapidly intensifying state of affairs, there’s a Perfect Storm brewing inside the Beltway.  Hence, this unprecedented political superstorm is guaranteed to tear apart Washington, D.C. like none other in U.S. history.

When you pit an all-pervasive and all-powerful Deep State against the indomitable Trump movement, you have nothing less than the Titanic hitting the iceberg.  Only in this particular case, “Captain Trump” may be navigating a Russian-built icebreaker.  In which case the Deep State iceberg is about to be rent asunder.

What’s really at stake for both sides in this “War of the Titans” is not only the final control of the U.S. Federal Government, but also serious jail time for the many traitors who continue to attempt to oust the POTUS at every turn.

As for Trump, if he loses this critical 2019 battle, Deep State will continue to make his life so miserable he’ll regret ever running for POTUS.  Likewise, his family and close friends will also suffer greatly as will his many key political supporters and donors.  However, it is those who have staffed his administration who stand the bear the greatest consequences in an effort to dissuade them from backing future “Donald Trumps”.  They all will be prosecuted to prison.  If Trump loses the 2020 contest, the Democrats will surely prosecute him till the end of his life.

In any event, July 4th 2019 is quite likely to see a fireworks show in D.C. like none other.  The sheer panic being exhibited by the leadership of the Left is unparalleled.  Their actions reveal a level of fear about Trump’s declass initiative which is now seeing the perps turn on each other like crazy.  It’s as though the rats leaving the sinking Obama ship are now eating each other in a feeding frenzy.  Such an extraordinary spectacle has never been seen before on American TV.

All of this is only happening, incidentally, because the Democrats never doubted that Hillary would win.  Once Trump won, the fundamentally communist Democrat Party literally went insane in their endeavors to push Trump out of office.  In so doing, they have broken so many laws in the process it boggles the mind.

There are now so many scandals ending in “……gate”  that no one can keep track of them all.  And, each criminal conspiracy is not only very deep and broad in their SES staffing and top-level governmental involvement, each one still requires an elaborate and tenacious cover-up.  The stark reality is that it’s simply impossible to effectively manage so many concurrent cover-ups simultaneously.  No one can do it, not even AI brains strategically positioned throughout Deep State and the rogue C.I.A. black ops apparatus.

False Flag Mass Casualty Event

Because of what’s truly at stake for Deep State, everything points directly at yet another false flag mass casualty event (MCE) in the very near future.

Depending on how successful or unsuccessful that black operation turns out to be, the same perps will likely conduct a second false flag; and maybe even a third.

Their highly purposeful mission will be to sufficiently shock and awe the American consciousness into a PTSD mode.  Only in this way can they completely take over the dominant narrative that might then revolve at that time around the first American coup d’état to be outed from the top down.

Let’s face it: the U.S. Intelligence Community will simply not permit the complete exposing of SPYgate.  Every single intel agency was likely involved to include the FBI, DoJ, CIA, as were many senior officials in the Obama administration.

Obama himself knew of Hillary Clinton’s illegal home server and private email yet lied about it because he actually approved the unlawful arrangement.  Therefore, the ex-prez is quite vulnerable to prosecution for many of the broken laws directly associated with both EMAILgate and SERVERgate, separate scandals unto themselves.

Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?

When you throw in all the other much bigger scandals in the Trump era — WIRETAPgate, SPYgate, FISAgate, DOSSIERgate — Deep State will feel compelled to blow the whole place up, if it must to keep a tight lid on all the threatening investigations.

After all, when SWAMPgate is blown wide open, the entire D.C. swamp will be full of indicted (i) agents of Deep State, (ii) rogue Intel operatives, (iii) traitors in Congress, (iv) SCOTUS imposters, (v) perfidious appointees from previous administrations, and (vi) former POTUSes who sold out their country.

SWAMPgate: You won’t believe how ALL the perps are connected…as in joined at the hip!

Hence, the primary and most effective way of keeping this all under wraps for Deep State is to pull off a 9/11-level terrorist attack.  Or, multiple MCEs that distract and divert over the course of this exceedingly tumultuous period of exposure of so many Obama-era scandals.

These various CIA-directed, FBI cover-up false flag operations could take many different forms as explained here: Desperate Deep State Guaranteed to Carry Out Major False Flag Mass Casualty Event to Divert from SPYgate Revelations

KEY POINT: In view of this highly explosive and tense situation, both sides are ready to push the buttons on their respective nuclear options.  Trump just authorized the declassification of the Russiagate probe documents which puts the Democrats on notice.  The House threatens impeachment through a variety of mouthpieces every other day diluting its effect with each act of unlawful intimidation.  There are many other much more devastating alternatives available to both sides of this epic battle which will become known in the weeks and months to come.  However, no matter what does happen, there’s no stopping this war from going nuclear as points of no return have already been exceeded. See: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility


Things are quite combustible right now and getting more so for the foreseeable future.

This is really the only way it can end — WITH A BIG BANG — because the well-hidden movers and shakers who really run the whole place will not be dislodged without a HUGE fight.  The wealthy elites have had full control for centuries and will not surrender their power and influence without a knock-down-drag-out fight. That time has come!

This is why there has been a major drive throughout Big Social Media to eliminate all the truth-speakers and -writers from their platforms.  Similarly, Big Tech has been manipulating the newest IT technology, hardware, software and WiFi so that they can terminate any patriot/nationalist with the push of a button.  They can’t have patriot bloggers and truth-tellers such as SOTN predicting their schemes before they’re even executed.

In light of the radioactive revelations soon to be released, every truth-seeker is highly advised to stay vigilant.  Be on guard for any strange occurrences when out and about.  Apprise family and friends of what is surely in the offing even if they don’t understand the background info that you do.

Most importantly, everyone ought to be prepared for anything to happen, at anytime, in any place, from this point forward.  Disaster-proofing your home to whatever extent possible is not a bad idea; some folks have been doing that for decades.

Bottom Line: Come Election Day 2020, the USA will be in a radically different place. Exactly what that will look like is anyone’s guess.  The primary reason for this eventuality is the unraveling of CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY.

State of the Nation
May 27, 2019

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