Weather Warfare Season Begins Soon in Hurricane Alley (Videos)



Weather Warfare Season Begins Soon in Hurricane Alley (Videos)

Engineered Hurricane Michael Targeted Florida Midterm Election

By Harold Saive

Be Vigilant – Hurricane Season Begins June 1st

Hurricane Michael was upgraded to CAT-5 status in April 2019

Report Posted 4/14/2019

WIKI: Hurricane Michael was the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since Andrew in 1992. In addition, it was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the contiguous United States in terms of pressure, behind the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and Hurricane Camille of 1969. It was the first Category 5 hurricane on record to impact the Florida Panhandle, and was the fourth-strongest landfalling hurricane in the contiguous United States, in terms of wind speed. (More)


Originally aired on Oct 12, 2018.

Douglas Gabriel introduces MICHAEL THOMAS, the founder and editor of two of the independent media’s most substantive news sites – State of the Nation and The Millennium Report.

As a resident of Florida, a first-hand eye witness of the devastation of Hurricane Michael, and a citizen journalist who has followed the progress of weather being weaponized against citizens, Michael is outraged at what is happening in Florida’s panhandle just as the midterms are around the corner.

Weather Terrorism Obliterates Conservative Stronghold 2018 Midterms

Weather Terrorism Obliterates Conservative Stronghold 2018 Midterms


In separate observations, investigators Serene Christine and Mike Morales followed the progress of hurricane Michael to make the same curious observation; Neither could find buoy metrics or wind speeds that match the media’s report of category 3, and 4 on the Saffert Simpson scale. The reported barometric pressure, however appears to confirm the hurricanes intensity at CAT-2 and above.

TC Michael is being compared Hurricane Andrew


Sun Sentinel – May 20, 1993

Hurricane Andrew’s worst winds lasted no longer than a blink of an eye.

They were small, about the size of two house lots, but they showed how capricious a hurricane can be, an international wind expert said on Wednesday.

Those quick and tiny winds packed punches of 200 mph, higher than any recorded winds in previous hurricanes. Those surgical wind strikes — called mini-swirls — can help explain why some homes were leveled while neighboring houses remained standing, University of Chicago professor emeritus Ted Fujita said at the Seventh Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference. (Sun Sentinel, 1993)


Hurricane Andrew is also suspected as an early version of a weaponized tropical cyclone although relatively primitive satellite data cannot positively confirm manipulation by aerosol dumps into the storm circulation. (NASA Images) (See H.A.M.P.)

As an Amateur radio operator, I volunteered at the NHC radio communications station in Miami for several years during the 1990’s where I studied the dynamics of tropical cyclones.

It’s my opinion the process of engineering a Hurricane can produce a cyclone but any sustained hurricane force winds can remain far above ground level. The manipulation of the circulation by aerosols and/or RF can produce virtual tornadoes or swirls in the eye wall that variously extend to the ground to produce the actual wind damage. This damage is then misrepresented by the media and forecasters as a result of sustained surface winds.


Videos from Christine and Morales are presented below

Serene Christine – Published on Oct 12, 2018


Mike Morales: Streamed live on Oct 10, 2018

Total of 7 video investigations into TC Michael

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