The MUELLER REPORT: A Little Gossip, A Bit Of Palace Intrigue And Zero Collusion



The MUELLER REPORT: A Little Gossip, A Bit Of Palace Intrigue And Zero Collusion

“The Mueller Report shows categorically that there was no basis for an investigation in the first place, and it is now abundantly clear that in order to restore the integrity at the DOJ and the FBI, there has to be a full-scale federal grand jury of the Obama DOJ, the FBI, the CIA and the Director of National Intelligence.”

— Joe diGenova, Former Federal Attorney and Independent Counsel

by Patrick J. McShay

The Mueller Report was released today with much fanfare and anticipation, but after Mueller spent over $25 million, reviewed thousands of documents and conducted hundreds of interviews, he and his crack team of Leftists, Trump-hating prosecutors came up with little in the way of impeachable offenses.

This silly report read like an article in the National Enquirer. A little gossip, a bit of palace intrigue, but offering very little new information not already leaked or revealed months ago. It took 2 years for this? Maybe Mueller is getting nervous about the “Uranium-One investigation”. He should be!

Here are some things Mueller considered in his investigation on obstruction:

*The Trump campaign’s response to reports about Russians support for Trump.- (It was nonsense so I can imagine their disbelief.)

• Conduct concerning the investigation of Michael Flynn. (Flynn did nothing wrong, even the agent that interviewed him said he believed him to be truthful.)

• Reaction to the public confirmation of the Russian investigation. (Knowing the charge was bogus, Trump’s reaction was reasonable.)

• Events leading up to and surrounding the firing of James Comey (Comey deserved to be fired, even the Democrats thought so until Trump actually did it.)

• Efforts to remove the special counsel (Sessions never should have recused himself. Also, Mueller and several members of his team were deeply compromised by the Uranium-One Clinton scandal.)

• Efforts to interfere in the Special Counsel’s investigation. (Mueller maintained in his report that he got everything he needed. There was no interference.)

• Efforts to prevent disclosure of e-mails about the Trump Tower meeting. (There was nothing illegal or improper about the meeting.)

• Further efforts to have Jeff Sessions take over the investigation. (Nothing wrong with that.)

• Ordering McGahn to deny that Trump wanted Mueller fired. Conduct toward Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. (The President has a right to discuss a variety of subjects with his team. “What ifs” are simply a part of any decision-making process.)

• Conduct involving Michael Cohen. (Who wouldn’t be worried about a disgruntled former employee willing to lie to make his problems go away?)

If you read these areas of concern as they pertain to obstruction, knowing that there was no collusion, even a Trump-hating teleprompter reader at CNN should understand the President’s aggravation. They don’t.

*My question is, “Can you really obstruct a contrived investigation, conducted by coup plotters, where there is no crime?

Jeff Sessions was ineffective, compromised, and possibly the worst attorney general in our history, which was obvious to anyone paying attention. Why would anyone question that Trump wanted Sessions to resign? It has been my belief that Sessions was a Deep State plant put on the Trump bandwagon early in the campaign to set up Trump. Good riddance!

The new Democrat talking point is, “Bill Barr is Trump’s handpicked choice” to replace the incompetent Sessions, so how can he be trusted? What president in our history hasn’t handpicked their attorney general? Could any U.S. Attorney General be more corrupt than Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder?

Another new talking point over at CNN, which, like MSNBC, has lost a significant percentage of their audience since the Barr memo was released 3 weeks ago, is that Trump wanted to obstruct the investigation but his advisers wouldn’t let him. What?

According to CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, one of the most egregious things Trump did was to tell Don McGahn that Mueller should be fired because of his “conflicts of interest in the case”.

What Toobin doesn’t mention is the conflict of interest Trump was referring to. Mueller was up to his eyeballs in Hillary Clinton’s Uranium-One scandal, and Mueller even met with Putin and hand-delivered uranium samples to him personally. This is the guy they put in charge of this fraudulent investigation of the duly elected President?

CNN will likely never give their audience that kind of clarity because their narrative begins to weaken as more facts are revealed. This is what disinformation looks like up close.

The 9-person panel on CNN today brought up the meeting at Trump Tower but didn’t mention that the Russian attorney the Trump team met with was working for Fusion GPS, who was reporting directly to Bruce Ohr at the Department Of Justice as well as to the FBI run by lying, leaking, James Comey.

By that time, text messages from FBI investigators Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s confirm that the investigation was being run from the White House. None of the dopes on CNN bothered to mention it. You can’t make this stuff up.

They also neglected to mention that Bruce Ohr’s wife and Russian expert, Nellie Ohr, helped write the bogus Trump dossier for Fusion GPS; again, at the behest of the Lynch’s Justice Department and Comey’s FBI.

*Strzok’s e-mail to Page around this time read, “POTUS wants to know everything!” Hmmm, CNN didn’t mention that either. Do you see a pattern here?

Congressman and presidential candidate lying Eric Swalwell is laughably calling for Bill Barr’s resignation because “He has lost the confidence of the American people.”

This man is a fool and an embarrassment to the people of his district and the American people he hopes to represent! This gun-grabbing Marxist needs to be voted out in the next election!

Adam Schiff, who claimed to have hard evidence of collusion 2 years ago, has, to date, provided no evidence to back up this bold lie.

He has attacked Barr as a rank partisan who he says is acting more like Trump’s personal attorney rather than the Attorney General for all Americans. Schiff has lied and leaked for 2 years; what sort of moron would vote for this traitor again?

I pointed out in my article, “The American People Want Arrests And Convictions In The Clinton/Obama Surveillance Scandal” over a year ago, that Hillary Clinton and other Obama Administration officials are still under investigation in the “Uranium-One scandal” that no one is talking about. At least not yet.

That report will be released in the next month or so and I expect indictments of some of these criminals soon. Devin Nunes has said he expects over 2 dozen Obama officials will be indicted for lying to Congress, obstruction, and other crimes.

*Does CNN’s audience know about this investigation? I’m sure it will come as a surprise to Rachel Maddow’s audience.

The real investigation has been ongoing for some time–looking at the criminals at the highest levels of the Obama Administration including, James Comey, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, James Clapper, and many others and I expect a lot of progress moving forward now that the Mueller Report has been released.

Trump has vowed to release all of the classified documents soon. That alone would force these network liars to finally come clean to what is left of their audience.

Barr has stated that he intends to investigate what prompted this spying on the Trump team in the first place. The lamebrains at CNN, who laughed at Trump when he accused Obama’s criminal cabal of spying on him, didn’t mention today that it has been proven that Trump and his team were all under illegal surveillance. These aren’t journalists folks, these are paid activists if no co-conspirators in a seditious plot.

Surprisingly, a columnist for the Washington Post — Gary Abernathy — wrote just three days ago, “While partisans on the Left may quibble, the fact remains that on the subject of collusion with Russia by President Trump and his campaign, Fox News was right and the others were wrong!” Yikes—Paging Rachel Maddow; paging Anderson Cooper!

These phony journalists can’t imagine what Barr could still be investigating. Sadly, whether these mindless partisans at CNN and MSNBC were complicit traitors in this fraudulent investigation or merely clueless buffoons posing as journalists, they appear to be as ignorant as their rapidly dwindling audience.

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