THE SECRET DEAL: Sometimes the only way to strike a deal is to do it without anyone knowing



THE SECRET DEAL: Sometimes the only way to strike a deal is to do it without anyone knowing


State of the Nation

President Donald Trump is a very busy man.  So is Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un.

Trump certainly did not fly to Vietnam just to have a sumptuous meal at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi luxury hotel with his North Korean counterpart.

Neither did Jong-un do the same.

So what really happened there?

Was the summit really a secret success?  Or, did it fall apart as reported by the media?

Hard lessons from the past

Trump has learned that you can’t do a deal that the Council on Foreign Relations frowns upon.

His meetings with President Vladimir Putin proved that he’s unable to conduct a foreign policy independent from the Washington establishment, and especially from the Neocon warhawks who populate his administration at every level.

Therefore, Trump has learned that if you really want to do a deal, you do it face to face with whomever you can trust to (i) keep it secret and (ii) who follows through.

As truly sad as this situation has become for any POTUS, it’s entirely true that the Washington establishment will always support the perpetual war economy above all else.

There are now so many warmongering think tanks and brain trusts operating inside the Beltway that it’s clear the Military-Industrial Complex is the country’s most powerful and pervasive lobbying group.

In light of this stark reality, the warmongers have set up the whole game so that war is always around the corner.  No war, or threat of war, no arms industry and all the many related cottage industries.

Most fail to realize just how massive the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) has become.  Not only that, but the number of corporations within the Fortune 1000 that are dependent on it is truly staggering.

This is a lesson that every POTUS has to learn from day one in the Oval Office: That they really work for the MIC, not the American people.  President John F. Kennedy learned that lesson the hard way; Trump picked it up much more easily.

Ultimately, everyone works for the MIC.

When Trump surrounded himself with so many flag officers, both retired and on active duty, he probably did not realize that each and every one of them really works for the MIC, not the U.S. Government.  In fact, most of them go right to work as MIC consultants as soon as they retire.  Others quietly moonlight while on active duty.

All the former corporate CEO/Presidents and other business magnates who President Trump brought into his administration likewise work for the MIC in one way or another.

All of these MIC operators are beholden to the hand that feeds them, first and foremost.  They know they will only have to deal with a President Trump for a term or two; whereas the MIC will likely be around until the end of the world.

With this critical understanding, it ought to be easy to comprehend why Trump needs to do all peacemaking under the radar—way under the radar.  The Washington warmongers can spot a peace treaty or rapprochement or détente a million miles away.

North Korea

Which brings us back to North Korea.

Undoubtedly the only way that Trump could finesse a real deal with North Korea was to do it under cover of darkness.

After all, the mainstream media reporters, intelligence agents, secret service operatives and MIC reps are swarming everywhere at these foreign meet-ups.  Each of them is only there to either gather crucial intel or sabotage the peace process altogether.

The many rogue entities represented really don’t care anymore how they are perceived even if they must intrusively disrupt the process.  The rude and raucous questioning of Kim Jong Un was yet another graphic demonstration of their collective intent to thwart a deal.

This is precisely why Trump dramatically declared: “Sometimes you have to walk”.

When headlines read Biden praises Trump for ‘walking away’ from the North Korea summit with no nuclear deal, you know the pressure Trump was under not to finalize an agreement.  Wow!

These people really don’t want peace and collaboration, and only want war and conflict.  Truly, we are dealing with criminally insane psychopaths who are hopelessly addicted to war and it’s profits.

Hence, Trump’s only way to secure a peace was to fake them all out, which he apparently did.

You gotta admit, Trump is a great showman; and the best at pulling off this type of peacemaking coup.

So, too, did Trump find a good acting partner in Jong-un.  Anyone who watches the streaming from Korea knows that these folks are the best actors in the Asian Pacific Rim.

Just look at these two peacemaking ‘crisis actors’.  They’re the best!

War Profiteers

There’s only one way this deal could go if Trump was to be successful.  The conclusion had to be that “he was walking away from the summit”.  Anything less would have put him on a collision course with the war profiteers.

Trump–Kim Meeting Ends Abruptly—WHY?

Now the challenge will be for the Trump administration to implement whatever agreement was secretly agreed to without detection.

The biggest obstacle will be to evade the scrutiny of the Neocons in the war cabinet.  How Trump pulls that off is anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, there’s so much else going on across the planet that perhaps the constant distraction will permit the silent truce to hold for the foreseeable future.

Now let’s see how Trump extricates the U.S. Department of State from the unfolding fiasco in Venezuela


Exactly what terms the two leaders came to is anyone’s guess.

However, one thing is certain.

North Korea will no longer behave as it did during previous administrations.

Clearly, a sea change has already occurred on the Korean Peninsula because of the last round of talks between Trump and Jong-un.  The Trump administration has even canceled the military exercises routinely conducted with South Korea.

As for how the governmental relationship (and agreement) will move forward, both knew that any future U.S. administration would likely tear up any formal written agreement on day one.

Therefore, the best approach was to proceed precisely as they did, without anyone but themselves knowing about “THE SECRET DEAL”.

By the looks of this photo, it looks like they really did it.

State of the Nation
March 1, 2019