SMOLLETTgate Conspiracy Is a Much Deeper Scandal Than Anyone Knows



SMOLLETTgate Conspiracy Is a Much Deeper Scandal Than Anyone Knows

Smollett’s Self-Assault Warded Off A
Satanic Cult in Black Hollywood

By Yoichi Shimatsu

A quiet clamor has forced the speed-up of my perusal of the puzzling case of Jussie Smollett, the “Empire” star who arranged his own “lynching” in a supposed “white racist” attack on this gay black man, since exposed as a self-perpetrated hoax. My tardiness in commenting on what may seem a pathetic comedy was due to demands of comprehending Satanology, the variant of demonology in an American society with its predominantly Christian and partly Judaic traditions. The occult threat, in a most sadistic form, is at the core of this bizarre incident, and indeed behind the blaring silence from the news media, Hollywood, the Clinton-Podesta cabal, and the emerging exposure of the media kingpin Bronfman dynasty in cultist sexual-domination following his arrest.The self-harming suspect was obviously a nervous wreck prior to paying his attackers, those two Nigerian brothers, both body builders and, judging from their remarks, devout Christians, who graduated from a small Franciscan college in Illinois. Smollett, a thin-framed and emotionally sensitive gay, had befriended the Nigerian pair, not for homosexual motives but for only possible reason: physical protection against the threat of serious harm that he was facing. His fears, as traced here, were not due to white racism but caused by sinister pressures from aggressive black gays linked to a demon-worshiping cult that has infiltrated the hip hop scene and African-American film productions.

By orchestrating this staged attack, Smollett was obviously aiming for police protection for himself and the children of his siblings against the demands of voodoo cultists for child-sacrifice victims, as has already been experienced by one of his co-stars, the comedienne Mo’Nique, who has been blacklisted from movie roles for defiantly claiming that she expects to be murdered for her resistance to the cult underworld.

The Hollywood cult demanding child sacrifices from African-American artists runs parallel with the Satanic force that has snuffed white actors David Carradine, Heath Ledger and Chris Penn, forcing Randy Quaid to flee to Canada as a fugitive, where Her Majesty’s imperial agents refused him and his wife refugee status in the same British Columbia that launched 15 feet of young males shod in sneakers floating down Puget Sound. And let’s not forget the unsolved deaths of River Phoenix, Kate Spade and Debra Jean Palfrey and, of course, Anthony Bourdain in this harvest of parts unknown.

Smollett’s complaint about a diminishing salary for his role in “Empire” echoes the Quaid claims of shrinking royalties and underpaid bit parts in retaliation for his refusal to crawl before Satan. Now with the herd instinct causing Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL to stampede into online entertainment media, the Hollywood coven has its fangs set on takeover of the Big Tech industry, which will mean that the US Mint will soon have to issue brand-new dollars with the motto: “To Satan we kneel”. There’s something rotten and murderous in Burbank and Hollywood that require nothing less than an old-style Inquisition to flush the coven out into the light of day.

As a nice kid who cracked under pressure, Smollett is now the target for termination in or out of prison. Instead of spouting the ultra-liberal melody of the Clinton chorus, Jussie should have cut the shucking and jiving and gone to a gun range to improve his aim, and invited his family to learn rapid-fire self-defense against the common menace of the coven, which unlike vampires in the movies is not immune to a hail of lead.

Hiring Muscle

The Nigerian musclemen were a poor substitute for professional bodyguards, coming from the political elite of their African nation, their father being an executive of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), which put Gen. Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan into the presidency. Their voluntary return to Chicago after fleeing to their homeland was therefore the price of political support from Washington for their father, who a prince of a major tribal group. Whatever the absurdity of their ski-masked play-acting, that’s now irrelevant to the present danger of the voodoo ring, which includes as one of chief suspects Lee Daniels, the creator of Empire, with his multiple contacts inside the Clinton machine, including the deep-cover CIA ops that pulled off the 2016 Orlando disco massacre. On the video project sponsored by the elitist Clintonista LGBT lobby HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Daniels worked with white gay producer Ryan Murphy (FX, GLEE series) to present the responses of 49 celebrities to the Orlando Pulse killings in support of gun control. By contrast, non-compromised security experts analyze this false-flag attack as an inside job assigned to a team of at least three assailants and not the sole ISIS gunman Omar Mateen as falsely claimed by the mainstream media. His background in the cover-up of a covert operation is informative as to Daniels’ treacherous role in the Smollett affair.

As creator of “Empire”, Lee Daniels reacted to news of the Smollett “lynching” with an overheated condemnation of white racism that smacked of insincerity from that Clinton-tamed house negro with his insatiable appetite for young gay flesh. In feigned affection, he expressed his feelings for Jussie Smollett by saying: “You are my son”. What exactly that might mean when the two were “dating” is hardly assuring. Any “father” who reams his “son” is a pedophile or in this case a black gay casting-couch equivalent of Harvey Weinstein. Daniel’s own father was a Philly police officer who tried, in Lee’s words, “to beat the gay out of me” but soon thereafter was shot dead. This could be the plot for a Greek tragedy titled Homo Oedipus.

Ballroom for a Monster

Lee Daniels, writer and producer, soared to fame with his production “Monster’s Ball”, (2001) which reached climax with the high-tone Halle Barry being sodomized by a older white male. Former president Bill Clinton was excited enough about that interracial scene that he personally asked Daniels to produce public service announcements (PSAs) encouraging young people to vote Democrat, a project featuring hip hop star LL Cool J and feminista Alicia Keyes. Suddenly IR rear-door became a political movement.

After producing a series of forgettable movies, other than his Oscar-winning “Precious” (2009), Daniels re-emerged in the public interest sector with a documentary on the Orlando gay nightclub shooting, sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the world’s largest LGBT rights group. HRC endorsed Bill Clinton for president in 1992, showing its cards to be an Establishment insider operation. Later HRC endorsed closet lesbian candidate Hillary Clinton, but then revealed its treachery to principles by backing Andrew Cuomo and not Cynthia Nixon (the people’s choice regardless of sexual identity or feminism if the only ethical standard is fairness, smarts and ability to communicate). So in a nutshell, Lee Daniels is the house Negro or to put it into race-blind parlance, an Agency influencer for the Pizzagate crowd.

The Daniels-directed “Precious” (2009), an uplifting “victim into heroine story” about an obese pregnant black girl in Harlem whose father dies of AIDS, with funding from philanthropist Gary Magness’s Smokewood Entertainment. Smokewood, get it, like a chewy cigar, has been the defendant in a contract-infringement lawsuit by the Weinstein Corporation. The counterattack in that copyright theft is Lee Daniels teaming with comedienne Whitney Cummings to smoke out Weinstein in an upcoming project titled “#MeToo”. I never thought that in a million years of ever siding with the casting-couch offender but this cynical exploitation of moral outrage is dirty pool. BTW, Cummings is one of the crew that took down Roseanne Barr, nice Company.

Black Power not Gay Cower

After graduating a Midwest university, I had to get a real job at steel mills in Gary, Indiana, and then US Steel Southworks, which that carpetbagger Barack Obama used as an example of the Rust Belt being in need of uplift through suburbanization. The ghost of Southworks is the very symbol of the sell-out of the American industrial economy by the globalist bankers. Remember Lou Rawls singing about “the hawk”, the chill wind off Lake Michigan in winter slamming into the Southside? It is the chilliest black neighborhood in the world, which means a no-nonsense attitude to the challenges in life.

As stated to Smollett at the arraignment by a true-to-life Chicagoan, Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr., who is black: “The most vile and despicable part of it, if it’s true, is the noose (since) that symbol conjures up such evil in this country’s history.” Strange fruit, indeed, is Mr. Smollett twisting in the wind, who wants white folks’ protection against demented Afro-cultists and hopes to achieve that by guilt-tripping them with a lynch rope. I understand your desperation, kid, but all you have to do is ask for help. After hearing your sad story, even Klan members will shake their heads and back you up.

An African-American police superintendent chimed in: “It’s just despicable. It makes you wonder what’s going on in someone’s mind to be able to do something like that. I’m left hanging my head and asking why? Why would anyone, especially an African-American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? How could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile?”

As the brother just said, Jussie, how low can you go? To save the whities the trouble, I’d truss you up but there aren’t trees in the part of South Central where I grew up, just telephone poles. If you really want to get lynched, it’s just a couple hours drive out of Chicago to the heart of Indiana, where I used to walk to campus ducking empty beer cans tossed my way by KKK drive-bys. Those good ole boys’ll be more than happy to oblige your darkest desires at one of those iron bridges that crosses the Wabash. Since ya’ll are proud to be gay, the riverside party’s going to start with that “sooey-sooey” hog-calling scene from “Deliverance”.

To the Defense

OK, let’s ease up on poor Jussie. So I’m going to step out of my mean-streets childhood identity in South-Central and drop those Hoosierisms in castigating his disgrace on an undeserving black community, and revert back into my ultra-polite over-civilized Japanese roots to lay out who’s clinically responsible for Smollett’s mental issues that generated masochistic fantasies. So from here-on in, my plea is in the defense of Jussie Langston Mikha Smollett, aka the character Jamal Lyon (pronounced “lyin’) in the Fox series ‘Empire’.” Fox? Calm down, folks, Jussie’s late father was Jewish, so Fuchs or whatever you call that Orthodox Zionist neocon psy-op network is appropriate.

What’s been disclosed so far has been very little about the Jewish immigrant from Russia and Poland who worked as cable splicer, Joel Smollett Sr., the father of 4 sons and 2 daughters, all of them child actors and later producers or musicians. All the Smollet children were featured in the cast of the sit-com “On Our Own”. Smollett Sr. died from cancer at age 58 on the night that “Empire” premiered on Fox, 5 January 2015, as if by strange destiny.

The given names of the five siblings all begin with a “J”, an instant code for hiring in an American entertainment industry under control of Ashkenazi Jews: Jussie, Jake, Jazz, Jocqui, Jojo and Jurnee. The Kabbalist precedent for the letter “J” is “Yod”, the smallest character of the Hebrew alphabet and symbol of their no-name God. The family J was cast for the Disney movie about the Anaheim hockey team “The Mighty Ducks”. Hello, you little child actors, who wants to chase after a puck? The lack of physical resemblance between the J kids, skin tones ranges from high yellow to deep ochre, raises some disturbing questions, which I shall leave to the end of this crime analysis. All anyone knows about their daddy is that the kids refer to him as The King.

If Jussie felt underpaid by Fox, that’s just the way it goes for “schwartze”, even those blended into the Chosen. This legacy of cross-breeding with the Judaic community in America goes back to the commercial role of Charlestown British Jewry and French Jews in New Orleans in the cotton export to the Rothschild textile mills in Lancastershire and the African slave trade for the ante-bellum South. These cafe au lait bloodlines descend down through the jazz set of the Harlem Renaissance to present-day celebs like Boys II Men(sch), Drake (Aubrey Graham), the upfront exuberant Yiddish Whoopi Goldberg, and of course the great one who never tried to hide it, Lenny Kravitz. In contrast, Sammy Davis Jr. decided to convert when Meyer Lansky ran Vegas, go figure.

Dual identity was no big deal until Smollett came along and did his Woody Allen nebbish “God hates me” act. Which of the gods is anyone’s guess in voodoo. If you want to deter Daniels and the rest of those cultist creeps, why did you not go to synagogue and call for some firepower from the IDF, as in Parkland, Florida? The answer to that obvious point is: the Bronfman fortune that controls Lionsgate, which financed the Lee Daniels breakthrough film at Sundance titled “Precious: Based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”.

Lionsgate, controlled by the Canadian Zionist clan who made their fortune on liquor sales to the American ghettos, heavily funds in partnership with Goldman Sachs the New Orleans-born director Tyler Perry who bought the exclusive contract for the Oprah Winfrey Show, hired little sister Jurnee Smollett for “Temptation” and has produced “Daddy’s Little Girls” and his own “Madea” series starring himself cross-dressed as a tough old black lady. His whole project is the cultural castration of the black male, abetted by his financial patronage of Kim Kardashian, the one-woman Armenian subduer of the African legions with the display of her lethal assets. From one extreme of Bill Cosby, now the pendulum swings to Miss Maddy. The “trans”-formation of Afro maledom is nothing new, not since back in the 1970s when I had to walk cross-town New York between two night jobs past 8th Avenue lined by black tranny Amazons giving head to white guys in big cars from Jersey.

Since the ancient past of Malcolm X, H. Rap Brown and Stokely, whatever happened to black role models like that thuggish pimp Super Fly or my fav vampire killer Blade? Eldridge Cleaver with his black panther codpiece, that’s what happened, and then all the scared little black boys ran uptown and starting wearing dresses. Now that the big linebackers are on their knees begging for mercy from the cops, next comes the PC campaign against bearded white boys for “toxic masculinity”.

That leaves us little Asian guys with the kick-fast task called “Enter the Dragon” to stop this global shame-fest. The first task, gentlemen, before liberating our black schoolmates is the immediate rescue of the white girls held captive and IDed with branding irons by the Maria Abramovic-influenced Bronfman-run sex cult NXIVM pronounced Nexium, better known by the generic term Satanism.

To the Defense

The Smollett trial is happening in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s hometown where the Kenyan-Indonesian-Hawaiian Barack Obama was re-designed as a minority black activist. It gets worse. The legal defense team for Smollett is BreenPugh, headed by Todd Pugh (pronounced “phew”) and the venerable Thomas Breen, a former DA in the Chicago region. Attorney Pugh, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University (hear alarms bells ringing?) in Boca Raton, FL, and his first job was under the public defender’s office in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, DWS turf inherited from Meyer Lansky. (Read my Florida school shooting articles for the skivvy.) After relocating to Chicago, one of Pugh’s first cases was in pro bono defense in a retrial for Rolando Cruz on charges of raping and murdering a 10-year-old girl.

One of Pugh’s most recent cases was in defense of George Papadopoulos, the Russiagate suspect deeply involved in the Israeli oil-pipeline project in the Eastern Mediterranean and energy adviser to the neocon Hudson foundation. (my Russiagate series goes into his relationships with the MI-6 and his Rothschild-funded European socialist handlers.) So with a defense line-up with those connections, why does the court need a prosecution?

While the courtroom drama is happening in the Midwest, the defense strategy for Jussie Smollett is being crafted by a celebrity lawyer with the Los Angeles Bar Association named Mark Geragos (who is Armenian not Mexican). A contemporary of high-power American lawyer Robert Kardashian, Geragos shot to national prominence through his representation of Susan McDougal, who was a partner with the Clintons in the Whitewater real estate scam along with her banker husband James. His out-of-court tactics cut short her prison sentence with a presidential pardon from Bill Clinton in the last hours of his White House term in 2001. Geragos was basically the trusted family counsel for the Clintons, winning also the release of the president’s roguish brother Roger from a DUI charge.

Geragos represented Michael Jackson against child-molestation charges and Palos Verdes millionaire Cameron Brown who tossed his 4-year-old daughter off a seaside cliff. One of his more gruesome cases was in defense of a low-life yakuza “businessman” for the gunshot murder of his wife (his second lover lethally assailed), possibly linked to a larger sex-crime syndicate.

The celebrated lawyer also served as counsel for the Carradine family during the probe into the death of actor David Carradine in Bangkok, covered up by the media as an auto-erotic asphyxiation hanging. Note: I visited the hotel where the body was found hanged in a closet, with a rope tautly stretched between his neck and penis. The bellhops challenged that storyline, saying that the ladyboy who allegedly assisted the ropework was never present on site. The star of that legendary TV series “Kung Fu” had just arrived in Bangkok to meet artist-director Charles de Meaux for his role in the movie “Stretch” (as in rope, the sick joy in self-lynching for pleasure). According to bouncers in the Patpong nightlife district, two tall white men had been present on the evening of his death at that sin city’s only S&M club, which suggested his corpse was transported to the hotel room inside a large piece of luggage and then trussed up to appear as an unintended suicide. None of these details were ever released to the news media by the FBI unit posted at the US Embassy or the LA police, or by the Geragos law office. Two Thai coroners in Bangkok separately concluded Carradine’s death was not a suicide but an “accident”.

Geragos has been a frequent guest on the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360. He has also represented singer Chris Brown against Rihanna’s charges of assault. His most recent high-profile case was for former quarterback Colin Kaepernick against the NFL. His law firm’s fees are a minimum $500 per hour, plus a hefty share of any settlement.

Bucking the Law

Therefore, the question is: Who’s paying for Jussie Smollett’s legal fees? There are those few who’ve mastered the addition of 2 plus 2 who’ve noticed that publicity over the “white racist attack on Jussie” immediately took the heat off West LA Democrat fixer Ed Buck, whose living quarters contained the decaying bodies of two young gay blacks, whose deaths might well be attributed to overdoses of meth possibly in the heat of S&M.

The Goldwater website points out the silence from black Hollywood over these suspicious deaths, indicating Buck is something other than a Dem gay-rights activist. To paraphrase the site’s comments: “If you do an advanced search with the words Ed Buck and Jussie Smollett, you’ll see that Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, Ryan Jamaal, Zendaya, Cher, Ciara, Joe Biden, Alyssa Milano, Julian Castro, LL Cool J, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and other politicians and celebrities jumped on the Jussie bandwagon, but are notoriously silent about Ed Buck.” In other words, Smollett’s idiotic stunt has just saved the holier-than-thou California Democrat multicultural establishment from the agony of a manslaughter rap against one of its elite white gay fundraisers.

My humble suggestion for the Chicago police force is to review records of deaths of young gays, or those gone missing, cases similar to the black men’s bodies inside Buck’s home, although with the astronomical death rate for young blacks in the Rahm Emanuel-Clinton-Obama Chicago machine dependent on the drug trade for their living, it’s going to be just a drop in a bucket of blood.

Pizza Brazilian-style

Now let’s lower all those gooey strings of cheese down onto a bed of crust and red sauce for this latest addition to our Pizzagate menu spiced up with peppery Satanic hot sauce from Brazil. The comedienne Mo’nique, who starred as the abusive mother in “Precious” has seen her career evaporate due to her refusal to surrender one of her children for a child sacrifice by the black voodoo ring that rules the hip hop scene. She’s complained of being blackballed by Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels and cross-dresser Tyler Perry, and has publicly stated that she is slated to be murdered by the Hollywood cabal. Remember Tupac Shakur, folks, cause the killing’s just beginning.

What has this voodoo cult scandal have to do with Jussie Smollet? For starters, at age 19 he landed his first major role in “The Skinny”, a film about 4 gay male students and one lesbian at Brown University on a weekend in New York City, which was directed by the extremely disturbed black gay director named Patrik Ian-Polk. The Mississippi-born indie director later released “Black Bird” starring Mo’Nique and co-produced by British-Caribbean gay talent Rikki Beadle-Blair, who was awarded an MBE by the Queen (that stands for Member of the Order of the British Empire). So we are dealing here with the Royal Blackguards, pronounced “blaggards” ever-ready to enforce her Her Satanic Majesty’s Request, and the same goes for that dread Lady Rihanna.

What could Mo’Nique and other frightened talents be so fearful of? Human sacrifice, usually children, to certain gods of the voodoo pantheon, for example, Kalfu the god of darkness and conspiracy who is the equivalent of Satan or the powerful death goddess Brigitte, who cannot be appeased with a decapitated chicken or stuck pig but demands a more powerful sacrifice. Perverse forms of the old African folk magic are flourishing across the tropical Americas, and merging with the Luciferian beliefs of the Illuminati, as the puritanical ethics of the European Christianity collapse under the secularism of the Jewish commercial class and its crass materialistic values. Following that shining example from the late Roman Empire set by the Bishop of Carthage and Hippo Augustine, those among us who intend to prevent the collapse of Western civilization now face the same challenge of standing down the occult belief systems or another Dark Age will surely engulf the world.

Now that the heat on the cheese, sausages and herbs is starting to puddle into a pizza, it’s time to toss on the chile peppers. The oldest Smollett sibling Jussie was born in Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul, which is the heartland of Brazil’s blood sacrifice cult known as Oro, or by anthropologists “Candomble”, which has a sharper edge than Louisiana Voodoo. The southernmost region of Brazil, which is closer to Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay, than to Rio or Sao Paolo, was ruled by the Jesuit order until national independence. That region was one of the secret routes for the postwar “rat lines” for SS officers and their Jewish collaborators on medical experiments in the labor camps, leaving a legacy of organ harvesting and child abductions that continues to this very minute. (Go over my article on Oprah Winfrey and her since-arrested lover, a Brazilian healer and child abductor, at to comprehend the extent and power of human-sacrifice and pedophilia cultism in that God-forsaken society that chosen the deepest darkest African cultism over the moral legacy of Jesus and his disciples.)

The Boy of Brazil

So what about the whereabouts of Papa Joel Smollett en route from Eastern Europe through Latin America on his journey to Southern California, as indicated by the June 1983 birth date of Jussie, born in Brazil and later issued a birth certificate in Santa Rosa, California, another fake American like Barack Obama. Called The King by his brood, there is no trace on record of Joel’s mystery years, when the Russian Mafia was emerging out of a collapsing Soviet Union in inextricable economic crisis, at the same time that organ trafficking and the child-sex trade were growing like wild vines in the Brazilian jungles.

What could he be doing, a Jewish immigrant from Poland and Russia, in southern Brazil, surely not stringing cable for Worldcomm or Cisco. The surname derives from Smolensk, a Russian city defended by the Tsars against invasions by the Polish-Lithuanian Confederation for which the treacherous Khazarian Jews from Rus Ukraine served as guides, translators, progandists and saboteurs for the aggressors against Mother Russia. Beside opening a strategic corridor, the invaders aimed to seize Kristall Smolensk, Russia’s major diamond-facet cutting center.

Papa Joel was likely smuggling gems for the Russian mafiya into the Americas, a salesmanship role that would have led to world’s richest diamond market, Southern California. Stuffing babies and children with sacks of diamonds was, of course, the sure-bet way of getting past customs at LAX. Here, the movie industry eagerness to hire the Smollett kids was part of the deal by the Russian Mafia to launder ill-gotten money through the major Hollywood studios.

Along the path these cookie crumbs indicate, the only way to save Jussie Smollett is for him to be kept under the watchful eye of federal prosecutors who are not on the Clinton payroll as bait for those who are haunting him and desperate to get him back in their clutches. Mo’Nique and Smollett plus his siblings need witness protection, until all the spirit-cooking cultists are eliminated from Hollywood and the Democratic Party and from inside the major news media, starting with CNN.

As for the treacherous African-American talents who have cashed in for silver their ancestors’ quest for dignity and salvation from the indecency of slavery, let these colored Judases be damned to spend the rest of their short lives inside a high-security prison and after that an eternity in the bosom of Satan. Never mind global warming as compared with the seasonal temperatures in Hell. Though you should not be coerced to believe, God as referred to in the Constitution and on the US dollar, as a beneficent spiritual presence opposed to superstitious fear and hatred, is part of a well-conceived grand design to keep us from going pathologically insane. Save the children from their tormentors.