Only the Trudeau administration would engage in such depravity!



Only the Trudeau administration would engage in such depravity!

Trudeau government wants Canadians to practice “clitoris stimulation”

by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Well that is a headline I never thought I would have to write, but it’s 100% true…

The Government of Canada Newsroom shared a clitoris simulation mobile game on its social media accounts called “Clit-me”.

According to the official Government of Canada statement, “clit-me” was released to celebrate International Woman’s Day on March 8th.

“The experience aims to explode a number of myths about women’s pleasure by giving users the opportunity to try out different motion “techniques” on their smartphones in an attempt to find out what makes their clitoris avatar happy,” reads the news release.

Along with the tweet, a video was launched by the National Film Board of Canada titled “Draw me a penis” to promote the game nationally.

Each of the developers involved in the game’s creation received a $1,000 grant from the government for their contribution.

In the game, players practice simulating an animated “clitoris”. Each level involves different motions to give the “clitoris” pleasure and is followed by informative statements about female orgasms.

Users are given the option to customize their clitoris avatar, including giving them different hats or changing the avatar’s hair style.

While the cartoon animation is likely intended to come across as cute, when combined with the pleasureful giggling emitted by the “clitoris”, it’s just plain creepy.

The game, released by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and was developed by the Jeunes pousses interactive school.