Able Danger Editor’s Note: If readers have been reading these series of posts on AD related to Joseph Stalin, some rather stark conclusions should be drawn about now on this entire Russia connection to President Trump going on for the past two years. This same Bolshevik network has been operating since the time of Joseph Stalin and has slowly over the past 70 years or so, moved into Israel and its control of America. Links are provided for previous posts on this subject that should be read. This article appeared at RT News which summarizes what has been going on inside American government and institutions since Trump took office in 2016 related to Russia.

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Source: RT Today

How the Russiagate investigation is Sovietizing American politics (by Stephen Cohen)

February 29, 2019

© Reuters / Denis Sinyakov

“Collusion,” “contacts,” selective prosecutions, coup plotting, and media taboos recall repressive Soviet practices.

Having studied Soviet political history for decades and having lived off and on in that repressive political system before Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms – in Russia under Leonid Brezhnev in the late 1970s and early 1980s -I may be unduly concerned about similar repressive trends I see unfolding in democratic America during three years of mounting Russiagate allegations. Or I may exaggerate them. Even if I am right about Soviet-like practices in the United States, they are as yet only adumbrations, and certainly nothing as repressive as they once were in Russia.

And yet, ominous trends are not to be discounted and still less ignored. I have commented on them previously, on the official use of “informants” to infiltrate Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, for example, and such practices have now multiplied. Consider the following:

Soviet authorities, through the KGB, regularly charged and punished dissidents and other unacceptably independent citizens with linguistic versions of “collusion” and “contacts” with foreigners, particularly Americans. (Having inadvertently been the American in several cases, I can testify that the “contacts” were entirely casual, professional, or otherwise innocent.) Is something similar under way here? As the former prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy has pointed out, to make allegations of Trump associates’ “collusion” is to question “everyone who had interacted with Russia in the last quarter-century.” In my case and those of not a few scholarly colleagues, it would mean in the last half-century, or nearly. Nor is this practice merely hypothetical or abstract.

The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence recently sent a letter to an American professor and public intellectual demanding that this person turn over “all communications [since January 2015] with Russian media organizations, their employees, representatives, or associates,” with “Russian persons or business interests,” “with or about US political campaigns or entities relating to Russia,” and “related to travel to Russia, and/or meetings, or discussions, or interactions that occurred during such travel.” We do not know how many such letters the Committee has sent, but this is not the only one. If this is not an un-American political inquisition, it is hard to say what would be. (It was also a common Soviet practice, though such “documents” were usually obtained by sudden police raids, of which there have recently been at least two in our own country, both related to Russiagate.)

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Is anyone else wondering why Israel’s Benjamin Netenyahu flew to Moscow? As America’s only “democracy and friend” in the Middle East and with billions a year in foreign aid from America as well as millions flowing into Israel’s high tech infrastructure, will America be privy to this meeting between Netenyahu and Putin?

PM Netanyahu Arrives In Moscow For Talks With Putin On Syria, Iran

Netanyahu arrives in Moscow for ‘very important’ talks with Putin

This is so typical of Mike Pompeo who is a Zionist-Christian Israel gopher. American-based Zionist-Christians are giving many Jews in Israel a huge problem which is why Benjamin Netenyahu likes vice-President Pence so much. No wonder Pompeo can accept Israel going full spectrum fascist control with Israel’s “Judeo-Nazis.” Imagine if Trump were removed from office for some unknown reason under this Soviet-like madness going on in America related to Russia and Pence takes over the White House as a hard core Christian-Zionist?