Democrats Give Disbarred Convicted Liar Cohen the VIP Treatment



Democrats Give Disbarred Convicted Liar Cohen the VIP Treatment

by Patrick J McShay

“Michael Cohen asked…no, BEGGED me REPEATEDLY,
to ask the POTUS to give him a job in the administration!
He’s STILL lying under oath!”

— Dr. Darrell Scott (Tweet sent on February 27, 2019)

In his opening statement under oath to the U.S. Congress, convicted liar and disgraced and disbarred Attorney Michael Cohen’s accusations against Trump were a rehash of old news like Stormy Daniels being paid hush money, or the meeting in Trump Tower with Russian Attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Cohen testified that Trump directed him to send a letter to the high school and colleges Trump attended instructing them to never release his grades or records without his consent. The Dems must hate that Obama did the same thing.

He also made several accusations that can’t be corroborated, like how Trump made racist statements to him or the claim that Trump knew about the nothingburger “Trump tower meeting” beforehand. A number of things Cohen mentioned were old Democrat talking points, and the Democrats couldn’t have been nicer.

Cohen said Roger Stone was in contact with Julian Assange about Hillary Clinton’s missing emails and spoke with Trump about it, although no one has yet corroborated this and both Stone and Assange have denied it.

The Democrats framed their questions around the unproven allegations that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election and the lie that the Hillary Clinton emails were hacked by the Russian government and then sent by them to Julian Assange at WikiLeaks.

*There is to date no evidence that ever happened. As a matter of fact, Julian Assange has said this was a lie. Another reason Trump should pardon him and bring him here for questioning under oath. former British Ambassador Craig Murray has said in numerous interviews that he delivered the e-mails to Assange himself. Will Mr. Barr ask him to testify?

Former Senior Official of the NSA turned Whistleblower, William Binney, the man who set up the surveillance grid that continues to illegally spy on the American public, has said the emails given to Assange were on a thumb drive and not the result of a Russian hack! Why are these Democrats allowed to make these false statements without being challenged by a single Republican?

During Debbie Wasserman-Schultz questioning, she asked Cohen a number of ludicrous speculative questions. For example, “Do you believe the president would have worked with a foreign government to get elected?” Cohen answered: “Yes.”.  Most of what came out was information that has already been made public. The totally embarrassing Democrats on the panel treated Cohen like a VIP instead of a criminal on his way to prison for lying to Congress!

Much was made of the Russian Tower in Moscow that Trump wanted to build for decades, but was never built, which as far as I’m aware is not a crime. Doing business in Russia, traveling to Russia, talking to Russians, and using Russian dressing are not crimes. Same with the Trump Tower meeting, not a crime.

The Trump camp was contacted by Russian attorney Veselnitskaya, who it has been revealed was working with the DNC, Fusion GPS, and senior members of Obama’s Department of Justice to set up members of Trump’s team. Meeting with a Russian attorney, by the way, is not a crime.  Never was a crime.  Paying hush money to keep a secret is not even a crime, so why is this being labelled a campaign finance violation?

It has also come out that Wasserman-Schultz, who was fired as DNC Chairwoman, worked against Bernie Sanders in the primary and directly for the Hillary Clinton Campaign that had by then been completely taken over the DNC. No one on the Left cares about the truth in these hearings; these are used to preen and grandstand. They even let the clueless bonehead — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — ask a couple of questions.

In Jim Jordan’s statement, he said the Republicans wanted Rod Rosenstein brought in and compelled to testify about his duplicity under oath, but since the Democrats set the agenda and have no interest in getting to the bottom of any Deep State’s machinations that might help Trump, they predictably refused.

These hearings will likely offer little in the way of new evidence. They will be used by the Dems to pound the “Trump and his supporters are racists” narrative, despite the fact that both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been accused over the years by a number of former associates and employees of regularly using the N-word. I’ve never heard anyone in the media bother to ask them about it.

Not many in the mainstream media bothered to ask the criminals in the Obama Administration questions about much of anything. Like, where is the missing money at HUD? Where did Obama get the billions of dollars he sent to Iran without congressional approval? Who ordered the NSA to spy on Trump?

Whistleblower William Binney has said the NSA was spying on Trump for years. He’s also said the NSA was illegally spying on Congressmen, Senators, Federal Judges, and Supreme Court Judges. Did Obama order this surveillance? Who ordered the DOJ and FBI to use foreign Intelligence asset’s to spy on and frame members of the Trump team?

Washington D.C. is crawling with criminals and traitors, and the despicable Democrats in Congress give us testimony from Cohen, a convicted liar, in an attempt to embarrass and humiliate the president while he’s in Vietnam meeting with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

When will new Attorney General William Barr signal to the American public and the world that we don’t have a two-tiered justice system, and that the rule of law still means something in this country? I hope it’s soon.

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