Ban the guns and only criminals and government thugs will possess them



Ban the guns and only criminals and government thugs will possess them

REPEAT: If guns are banned on the civilian soil of America, only criminals will have the use of them.

By Shoshoni

As Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats announce making new gun laws their priority, I believe that their actual goal is to completely disarm and then to microchip the American people. If they are successful, only the criminals and the Globalist Democrats will have guns.  And, we know the criminals won’t protect the U.S. citizenry from the Globalist Democrats.

Am I for or against guns? Those who are calling for gun control want us to believe that the answer to that question should be black or white, yes or no.  They can’t have us wandering of into the realms of the grey in between because that area is off-limits to the masses. Being in the grey area means having a basic understanding of the complexity of the issues involved!

Being in the grey area would be fatal to the argument that the Democrats and their Globalist controllers are trying to use against guns. The problem is that they aren’t against their own guns, which they use to protect themselves, their property and their own kind.  They also use them extensively to inflict their will upon American society and the rest of the world whenever and wherever it suits them.

Ultimately, the yes or no answer only makes sense if one lived in a perfect world and actually had a choice!

In a perfect world, I would be against any and all weapons of mass destruction including guns. However, our current world is far from perfect and gun ownership by America’s citizens has continued to be the defining factor which protects our safety, freedom, autonomy and independence. The Constitution of the United States gave the people of America a Republican form of government. And the Second Amendment was approved to guarantee that we remain a constitutional republic.

In a perfect world, we would outlaw weapons of mass deception so that there would be no need to try to outlaw “weapons of mass destruction” which is what the sorcerers of mass deception, like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and many others, are currently calling legally owned personal weapons of self-defense.

In a perfect world, no one would have the need for guns.  In a perfect world there would be no secret or overt wars, or military occupations where the winning side is entitled to the spoils in human booty of young men, women and children.

In a perfect world, all human beings would get a say on whether or not the insanity of war could be inflicted upon them by the tyrants and psychopaths of their own species.

In a perfect world, there would be no gangs or mafias or criminal cartels or invasions of privately funded foreign mercenary armies.

In a perfect world, there would be no robbers, murderers, pedovores, drug traffickers, thugs, rapists, slave traders or millions upon millions of missing men, women and children—seemingly gone off the face of the Earth!

In a perfect world, there would be a border wall and no economic incentive for anyone to invade a Sovereign Foreign Country.

In a perfect world, people wouldn’t feel that there is an actual threat by terrorists because of false flag black operations like 9/11, Las Vegas, and the Borderline Bar. From Aurora, Colorado to the latest Aurora, Illinois mass cop shootings and employee murders, we have watched these “news stories” being played out by the Mockingbird Media year after year.

In a perfect world, no one would have to suspect the use of chemical geoengineering and HAARP technology and its effects on tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanoes.

In a perfect world, no one would worry about the causes of the California wildfires, droughts, floods and mudslides.

In a perfect world, no one who was a victim of these unnatural disasters” would be at the mercy of those who were sent by the state to cover up the truth and victimize them even further.

In a perfect world, no one would worry that iatrogenic illness and death, controlled by Pharmaceutical companies, is the number one cause of death, in their country and it is being forced upon them and their children along with poison-filled vaccines and weaponized implantable RFID chips with no other options.

In a perfect world, no one would be worried about assault by door-to-door gun, food, & water confiscation or rumors of piles of coffins, guillotines, FEMA Camps or manmade bioweapons, while genetically modified food, poisoned tap water and airborne assaults on human health gets more blatant on a daily basis.

In a perfect world, there would be no psychotropic poisons being pumped into our innocent children, which is turning them into Manchurian Candidates.

In a perfect world, there would be no “lone gunmen” who could be blamed for the unspeakable crimes against innocents that are, too many times, inconceivable, if not the impossible.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for peaceful people to buy and bear arms to defend themselves, their children and their homes from encroachment by invaders from outside and by intrusions from their own unaccountable government agencies.

In a perfect world, those who are perceived as weak like women and children, the elderly and the handicapped, would not need to be protected by those who are strong.

In a perfect world, every one of those members of a society who were considered weak would be able to safely handle a firearm and would own one, thus victimization of the weak and unarmed would disappear overnight. 

In a perfect world, all human beings would value and respect human life, and life in all of its forms.

In a perfect world, all human beings would value peace, safety, responsibility and independence. Moreover, those who did not would be exposed as non-humans.

In a perfect world,  a personal firearm would not become a citizens last hope of defense on a planet afflicted and controlled by anti-human globalists, multi-national corporations and their controllers who themselves are controlled in myriad ways by fear, the most debilitating of all emotions.

In a perfect world, there would be no use for mind control, propaganda and the twisting of public perception through weapons of mass deception known as public education and the mainstream media.

In a perfect world, saving the biodiversity of people would be just as important as saving the biodiversity of other living things.

In a perfect world, human reality would be about striving for understanding each other and the celebration of human cultures across the planet.

In a perfect world, the myth of “us vs. them”, would cease to have the ability to control the human race.

In a perfect world, both education and media would be used for that which we’ve been told they exist. They would be used to teach people essential knowledge, to inspire human creativity, to encourage everyone to think for themselves, to entertain and most of all to disseminate the truth!

Those who seek to disarm the public absolutely idolize power, control, violence and weapons, especially guns! Have they volunteered to disarm themselves? There are rumors of plans that the elite, including Congress, local politicos and corporate leaders, have been given the right to bear all manner of outlawed weapons and the ability to use them on anyone they want without any repercussions, once the Globalists take power.

Therefore, if guns are banned on civilian soil only criminals will have the use of them.

The Globalist’s fascination with guns, violence and victimization is played out and proven through the elites’ manufactured movies, video games, music, sports, television shows, commercials, and daily doses of manipulated news.

For instance, the latest Oreo cookie commercial features a “gangbanger” Father and his little son singing the praises of Oreos. However, the Father has a teardrop tattoo beneath his left eye which is the sign of a kill or murder of another human being.

This all being done by the MSM to create a dystopian disconnect in the minds of the American people. There is nothing hip about murder and nothing beautiful about violent death!

History tells us that the controllers of our society have treated the 99%, especially women, children, minorities and the poor, as chattel to be bartered and exploited like common trade goods. The controllers have done that without any justification or punishment by the so-called “rule of law”!

That’s because first they own the major weapons of mass deception, which is the “Fake News” Mainstream Media, while the Jesuits control most of the hospitals and the school systems of the United States. Moreover, they both use weapons of mass deception to control and deceive the public into supporting wars which are actually about the murder of peaceful human males as sacrificial cannon fodder to Satan, who is the sworn enemy of the human race.

Therefore, Satan’s minions, control everything in between, especially government, finance, education, communication and virtually everything that affects human health. That means that gun control is the final mechanism they seek to implement total control over human life.  It all comes down to life vs. death; human autonomy and freedom vs “soul enslavement”.

All of their past actions in the name of that Beast have been directed at one goal; disarming the public in order to implant the weaponized RFID chip which is part of the Democrat-sponsored Obamacare debacle! Moreover, the Obama Administration planned to do it through forced vaccinations within weeks after Obama took office by using the Avian Swine Flu scare.

Fortunately, many people, understood that “pigs cannot fly” and they refused to have anything to do with the Avian Swine Flu vaccine in 2009.

Moreover, those who truly understand its dangers will be unwilling to consent to any type of vaccine. Therefore, removing Trump, who is against vaccines and disarming the public must come first. Those who are literally destroying the health of the American people did the same thing to the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps. President Eisenhower warned the people of America but could not bring himself to tell the whole truth about the Military-Industrial Complex which runs our country.

Thanks to Operation Paperclip, which brought hundreds if not thousands of Nazis to America and handed them the keys to the Kingdom after WWII, those who run America and the Mainstream Media through their non-stop pharmaceutical commercials and bribery of our politicians, have used the American people as guinea pigs in order to make Pharmaceutical producer, Germany, filthy rich!

Moreover, the Nazis, who have never cut their ties to the Fascist likes of the Vatican and the Jesuits, have joined forces to continue to wage a war of “attrition” against the United States and upon the unaware people of America. In other words, all of the world wars have simply run into each other, ever since the people of the world were able to develop enough technology to be exploited from the outside.

Furthermore, the Fascist Jesuits have always sworn to wipe out the ‘infidel’ Protestants who created the United States as a Protestant bastion of freedom of religion. Monarchy and Popery or King George and the Jesuit’s evils had inspired America’s Declaration of Independence and our Constitutional Republic. The Vatican, the Jesuits and the Monarchists have never forgiven the Nation of America for freeing ourselves from feudalism and the Jesuit’s cult of religious slavery.

Those in control of the multinational corporations which are monolithic “artificially intelligent, immortal, pseudo personages” have solidified and codified their intent through their influence behind hidden laws, unaccountable government and intelligence agencies, and secret dealings with malevolent off-worlders and other soulless, extra-terrestrial troglodytes. 

Through various covert means of control, those Nazis and their Jesuit allies have promoted their hatred of all Nationalism except for their own, which is their dream of Fourth Reichian National Socialism or Nazi-inspired Fascist Globalism. Through their parasitic exploitation of humanity, they have either created themselves as a separate race or proven that they never were actually human in the first place. They are truly the “Hegemony Horribillus” of our modern times.

This seems evident when one looks at the historic treatment of women, children and minorities in the U.S. Many Americans continue to ignore the horrifying statistics that the U.S. has the largest prison population the world has ever seen, or that there is one type of criminal that is totally missing from the prison population of the United States…

That type of criminal is always rich and politically connected and for them, murdering, raping, maiming, enslaving and torturing children and other human beings is petty in comparison to their real crimes. Those crimes involve the defrauding, terrorizing, maiming, poisoning and infecting the entire population of the United States, while committing espionage, torture, treason and genocide against the people of America and foreign nations, while doing so “in their name,” across the planet.

Their crimes are so massive and ongoing that they can scarcely be quantified. Those who    want to ban civilian gun ownership make the majority of their money off of weapons of mass destruction, enabled by fear mongering and threats of weapons of mass distraction by the enemy of the people and of the truth— the “Mockingbird Mainstream Media”!

Instead of looking at what might well be in their own future, many Americans right off incarcerate Americans as criminals and druggies. Few seek to take a hard look at the Justice system which holds lucrative stock in the prison system. Few Americans care to look at where many American manufacturing jobs have actually gone, especially those moved into the prison system by weapon’s manufacturers.  The Military-Industrial Complex has created a lucrative cash cow through the use of enslaved incarcerated Americans.

Why hasn’t there been a ban put on all those weapons that are being manufactured through slave labor and with little safety or environmental protections in the U.S.?  Maybe, because too many gun-grabbing bureaucrats own stock in those companies as well as in the slave system of incarcerated America that manufactures those weapons of mass destruction.

These Nazi. Fascist, criminal Globalists and all of their endeavors are responsible for all of the world’s worst pollution, while mindless millennials like Ocrazio-Cortez are trying to convince Americans that cow farts and human babies are to blame! Bureaucratic greed intentionally created this bubble of ignorance which keeps denial in place and the truth at bay.

Moreover, the mislabeling of President Trump and his Conservative followers as Nazis by the Left, who would like nothing more than to crush us into defeat under their Globalist-inspired jackboots makes their dangerous stupidity and total hypocrisy beyond galling!

In the 20th century we have seen more murders by tyrannical governments against their own citizens, or by invasions and atrocities committed from the outside on a disarmed and defenseless populations, than in the last six thousand years of recorded history. 

All of the mass genocides of innocent civilians in the modern age have had one thing in common. They have all seen the overthrow of their legitimate Democratic or Republican forms of government followed by socialism and/or communism being implemented in its place so that the disarmament of citizens by their newly infected Governments could ensue.

In a perfect world, I would be against any and all weapons, but in a perfect world they would likely be modified and used for something peaceful and useful.  By the same token in today’s society any and everything has been fashioned into a weapon, so guns don’t play as big a role in civilian murders as other weapons.

In fact in the five countries where the most murders are committed, guns have been banned and other weapons have been used by one human to murder another.  Therefore, it is not guns that are the problem. It is the society that creates, nurtures and rewards the killer that is the real problem, and those who control the world have only themselves to blame for what they have sown.