Here’s “PLAN B” just in case Trump does not run in 2020



Here’s “PLAN B” just in case Trump does not run in 2020

A Very Candid Open Letter to Tucker McNear Carlson

Patriot Committee to Draft a 2020 POTUS Candidate
Address to be finalized
Washington, D.C. 20001

Tucker Carlson
Fox News Channel
400 North Capitol Street
NW Washington, DC 20001

January 7, 2019

Dear Mr. Carlson:

First off: we are writing this letter out of extreme concern that Donald Trump may not seek re-election in 2020.

The HUGE problems that this will cause for the Right are obvious and too grave to even consider.  However, we must face this very real possibility sooner than later.

May we speak very candidly for a moment?

When we first heard you speak (with bow tie and all) back in the early 2000s and post 9/11 era, we often wanted to punch your lights out…like many of the other MSM talking heads.

And that’s coming from a group of  incorrigibly peaceful and patriotic, anti-war and pro-life, pro-environment and anti-predatory capitalist, pro natural health and anti-vaccine, small government and fiscal conservative, staunchly anti-globalism nationalists who are really — real “Independents” — without a leader.

As you well know, your message back then is much different than it is now.

What the hell happened to you!

Or should we say: What the heaven happened to you, Tucker?!?!

Honestly, we really don’t care if you had a full-blown epiphany, died and went to heaven and came back, or someone busted you upside the head with a four by four.

All we know is that you have truly changed… and changed for the better beyond anyone’s comprehension or imagination.

Could it be that Jon Stewart’s false criticism of you in October of 2004, when he said “you and the nature of his show were harmful to political discourse in the United States”, caused you to do some serious soul-searching.

If so, you have wonderfully lived up to the ancient Indian wisdom which counsels:

“If anyone should ever call you a scoundrel,
it behooves a wise man to find out why they
might think so.

In any event, Tucker, your penetrating political analyses, searing social commentaries and regular evisceration of daffy liberals on your FOX News show have proven — UNEQUIVOCALLY — that you know and believe what you’re talking about.

Simply put, there is no one else in the mainstream media space who is even in the same universe as you today.  Please, do your very best to stay in that rarefied realm.  However, may we take you on a short journey to 2020?

No matter what happens, we can all agree it does not look good for the nation at this moment in time.  Even if the ever-tenacious Trump runs and wins, the country will still suffer through an even more polarized period of political paralysis…. and at a time when it desperately needs rehab—in every sphere of life, not only politics and government.

So, what the point?

From our seat, you are the only voice with a high enough profile and the necessary stature who has the right stuff to run in 2020.

Certainly, you have the smarts (real journalists are always the smartest guys in the room); you have the extensive life experience; you have the depth and breadth of knowledge; you surely have the moxie; you have the godly values and core principles, and, you have the COURAGE.

Most of all, you seem to have the fire in the belly.  Simply can’t do POTUS unless you have the fire in the belly, yes?

Now, the $64,000 question is: Are you called to serve your country in this tremendously challenging way?

Do you have it anywhere in your being to do such a stupid thing?  Would your wife and kids even allow you to make such a crazy move?  Would FOX not throw you under the bus?

If the answer is “Yes” to all of these crucial questions, then please email us asap.  Time is of the essence, and the election cycles seem to be shortening significantly with each successive 4 years.

Also, if this batty idea does intrigue you, may we suggest a potential running mate to suit your awesome purposes and lofty goals.

His name is Chuck Baldwin — Charles Obadiah “Chuck” Baldwin — and you know him from when he was endorsed for “President” by Ron Paul after Paul withdrew from the POTUS race during the 2008 campaign season.*

*Rev. Dr. Chuck Baldwin was the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party for the 2008 U.S. presidential election and had previously been its nominee for U.S. vice president in 2004.”
— Wikipedia profile

Tucker, your recently stated quasi-political platform, during what one Alt Media website has called The Single Most Important Video Ever Shown on the Mainstream Media, requires a partnership that cannot be torn asunder by any forces on Earth.  Therefore, only a true man of God can stand in the shoes of your Vice President.  Chuck Baldwin may be that person.

By the way we have taken a very close look at your resume, and life path, and we can only find one fault.  While it is an exceedingly serious defect, even being born in San Francisco did give you a stellar opportunity to get to know thy enemy. (Just kidding!) Of course, growing up in La Jolla provided great compensation being in such a conservative locale during the crucial formative years.

At the risk of you turning down this respectful attempt to recruit you for 2020, we have posted below your quite excellent FOX presentation on “The [TRUE] Health of the Nation”.  There is nowhere else on the Internet that we have seen such a sober and sane treatment of this very important subject.  And it’s being shown here again in the outside chance that it will resonate with another bona-fide 2020 candidate should this audacious proposition not ring true for you.

In point of fact, the many essential points that you made in this video go to the very survival of the American Republic.  You know, it’s often been said that the doom of any nation or society is brought about when common sense becomes rare and human reason has fled from the populace, and especially from the leadership.  That’s exactly where the USA is at this critical juncture of our history.

It’s true, isn’t it, that “desperate times call for desperate measures”.  However, those desperate measures can only be undertaken by brave and bold men (and women) who are cut from a different bolt of cloth.  Both the warp and woof of that sacred cloth can only be woven by the divine weaver.  Whether this is the time to put on such a hallowed uniform of righteousness and valor is only for you to know.

In closing: Should you decide to further pursue this weighty endeavor, please understand from the get-go that the American people will never again tolerate a POTUS who does not follow through on their promises.  Now that Trump has exposed the perfidious Deep State, the incessant MSM fake news, the treasonous DOJ, the law-breaking FBI, the dangerous C.I.A., etc., many on the Right live in a whole new world.  Given the daily assaults on hearth and home, friends and community, city and country, We the People won’t take it anymore.  Hence, only the real deal sitting in the Oval Office will be accepted by the body politic.  Should an individual flip on the electorate after occupying high office, they will have nowhere to go.  Let this caveat weigh heavily in your decision process.

Lastly, there are three very serious unresolved matters that the American people demand to be addressed by the next POTUS.  The 9/11 terrorist attacks, FISAgate and the blind American support for the apartheid state if Israel must each be fully investigated via presidential commissions.  Any reluctance to launch truly objective and impartial inquiries into these highly consequential scandals ought to disqualify any prospective 2020 candidate.


Patriot Committee to Draft a 2020 POTUS Candidate

P.S.  There are a number of well regarded psychics and astrologers who have predicted that someone would come out of nowhere in 2019 who could dramatically change the election dynamic for 2020.