Another GLADIO-style Mass Shooting Staged in Florida—Here’s why!


What’s wrong with this picture? Look closely.


Another GLADIO-style Mass Shooting Staged in Florida—Here’s why!

To Take Away the Guns from Florida Residents

SOTN Editor’s Note: First some context.  The Gold Coast of Florida is home to more Illuminati families than any other place on Earth.  The coastline that stretches from Stuart down to the Keys has the highest concentration of wealth and power in the world.  Some even call it Little Italy and not because it’s also a peninsula; remember the Roman Empire is alive and well today because of the all-powerful and pervasive Black Nobility.

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

The power elite know exactly what time it is regarding the true state of the global economy.  These power players also know just how precarious the stock market really is today and going forward.  After all, they set up the global gambling casino to fleece the professional and working classes out of their hard-earned money.

These top-tier merchants and moneychangers are also grimly aware of the true condition of all the markets—equity and bond, commodity and currency, real estate and insurance, derivative and carbon.  Hence, they know the time is quite short before the final collapse.

Given this eventuality the wealthy elite know in their bones that when the markets crash, they will have hell to pay for the fastidiously controlled demolition that allows them to keep their stolen wealth and ill-gotten gains.

It’s of paramount importance for the reader to apprehend the following critical breakpoint. The markets will be crashed when the perps are finished grabbing all the pension money.  This is the crucial trigger point; for the pension theft represents the greatest heist in world history. Such a massive crime spree will completely lock down the entire planetary civilization into a financial prison (see “crime spree” description that follows).

The ‘FOUR HORSEMEN’ Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism

You see, the illuminati perps at the top of the food chain understand that, this time around, the people of the planet know exactly what’s going on.  The Internet has provided countless sources of accurate information about the multi-century crime wave that starts and ends with an immense degree of financial / economic / monetary criminality and corruption perpetrated by their financial terrorists, economic hitmen and currency saboteurs.  Therefore, the perps know that their lives really are in serious jeopardy … and that there’s no way out except to disarm the soon-to-be enraged populace.

This is precisely why so many mass shootings, deadly psyops and other black operations have been carried out in Florida.  The top decision-makers live here and don’t want to leave.  Apparently, they made the egregious mistake of putting Elon Musk in charge of their colony on Mars where the Tesla was to be the vehicle of choice.

But then TPTB also a Plan B in the works.

THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

The final takeaway here is that things have never been so combustible throughout the Sunshine State.  Once the Democrats were caught trying to steal the Florida 2018 midterm elections, the NWO globalists are really peeved.  Therefore, the good people in Florida must be on their guard.  From this point forward, anything goes, anytime, anywhere throughout “New Italy”.

State of the Nation
January 25, 2019

N.B. Now here’s an excellent compendium of info/data regarding the “GLADIO-style Mass Shooting Staged in Sebring Florida”.

Sebring SunTrust Bank Shootings – 1/23/2019

by Harold Saive

VIDEO: 153News ChuckP

VIDEO: Agenda FreeTV  (Read comments about fake shootings and Sandy Hook)

Three victims identified; officials pledge justice (Highlands News-Sun)

Shooting address – 1901 US Hwy 27 South, 33870

Florida Today Article – Mug Shot may not be the same as Facebook photo. Sheriff’s office mug shot shows unconventional shirt that appears to be burlap rather than orange inmate wardrobe.


No EMT, Ambulances or Emergency Vehicles (WPEC)

Wide shot Sebring Shooting – Too many Agency vehicles parked at Marriot. Not one ambulance/first responder vehicle


Somebody was lucky enough to photo the SWAT vehicle while the only first responder/fire vehicle yet seen is in the opposite lane. What are the chances?


There are 3 Suntrust bank locations listed for Sebring. (Source)

Sebring Addresses
1901 US Hwy 27 South, 33870 *** (Shooting)
3601 US Hwy 27 North, 33870
601 US Hwy 27 South, 33825

Suntrust Bank PDF file



Remembering Ana Pinon-Williams

Main Photo

Google Earth Photos

MARRIOTT HOTELS and Active Shooter Incidents

Marriott Hotels with History of hosting Active Shooter Drills

DHS – A Unique Training Opportunity–washington-dc/

Law Enforcement Training Marriott

PARKLAND: Maria, whose mother asked her last name not be used, is a senior at Stoneman. She said she was evacuated to the nearby Walmart during the attack. She said soon after, she was shuttled to the Marriott hotel.

“It hasn’t registered,” she said somberly.

She said she didn’t witness anything, but heard students frantically shouting that there was “a shooter, a shooter.”

PARKLAND: Suspect, Nikolas Cruz, in custody in Parkland school shooting in Florida
The sheriff later told parents to go to the Marriott in the Heron Bay complex, where students were being taken to be reunited with their families.

Sept, 2018: MIDDLETON SHOOTING: Witnesses nearby recount incident
As for the employees at Paradigm, police took them to the nearby Marriott Residence Inn. They waited there for hours before police allowed them to leave in small groups.

Employees nearest Middleton shooting scene able to get belongings back
Dozens of employees gathered Thursday afternoon at the Marriott Residence Inn, where law enforcement officers interviewed them and then retrieved personal items from their buildings.