Overt communist globalization masked as the new GREENISM in Canada

Posted by Doreen Agostino

To prevent Canadians from being roped into overt communist globalization masked as the new GREENISM, on Nov 16.18 the Canadian Peoples’ Union, Freedom 2017 Inc. [the CPU], not for profit, issued a MORATORIUM to the de facto [illegitimate] Canadian government to suspend government activity.

Nov 29.18: No response led to filing a STATEMENT OF CLAIM T2068-18 against the government for usurpation, i.e. infringing upon the sovereign rights of the Canadian people and First Nations people.

Dec 13.18 government response: “Reply to the Court from the Legal Council representing the defendant(s) in The Canadian peoples’ Union v Her Majesty the Queen”. In other words, the Governor General will not be representing the Canadian Peoples’ Union or the Canadian people against usurpation of our sovereign rights by the government of Canada and all previous governments and politicians in the House of Commons.

In law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people regarding governance.

The CPU is not a labor union, nor a political party, it is a registry to record the will of people who sign a legal document that becomes a MANDATE from the people to take back final decision making authority from de facto governments at all levels, and instill pure Direct Democracy with 100% people veto power. It is lawful, peaceful, safe, can be done on line and can be applied in any democratic country. This includes immigrants and refugees who can then stay in their respective countries, preserve their heritage, customs, family ties, national treasures, etc.

The CPU process AVERTS civil unrest, and AVERTS martial law that could lock down the entire planet to finalize globalization. By Maxim of Law silence is agreement. The CPU process gives man a voice to lawfully take back personal power, take back our Soul claimed by the Vatican in 1302 under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam and take back our countries.

Speaking up together also ENDS war waged against man and Earth as follows.

There is now a lawful PROCESS to free ourselves and home planet. The process requires accepting responsibility for allowing world conditions to deteriorate, focusing on pure freedom, collaborating, cooperating, and communicating widely as ‘never before’ in the entire history of man.

Ruling entities are likely ‘counting’ on man to remain separate. Therefore everyone needs to summon the courage to put aside personal differences, biases, hate, anger, judgments, revenge, etc. that keep man divided, weak, and enslaved. Maxim: The male sex always includes the female.

Yellow vests powerfully raise awareness for the people ‘however’ esigning the Convention of Consent is a legal document for the courts, to which government must comply.

To jump straight into the CPU step by step process and take lawful action now click here

If you live in Canada, we need you to join the CPU and e-sign the Convention of Consent now. Thank you.