How California Became a Statewide Crime Scene for Election Theft and Genocide



How California Became a Statewide Crime Scene for Election Theft and Genocide

Voter Fraud and Genocide in California:

The Globalists, Silicon Valley & MSM connection

California has become an Astro Turf State through Globalist Weapons from the Tower of Babble courtesy of the Mainstream Media (MSM. The “un-reported” but underlying and in-your-face facts of the 2018 elections and their hideous aftermath is that California citizens who are Conservatives, Protestants and Republicans are being targeted with a message!

“Your vote does not count and neither do you”!


“Get out of California or die”!

What the MSM is not reporting on about California continues to prove the truth of the President’s statement that “The Mainstream Media is the enemy of the people!”  This is especially true for the people of California, whose media reeks of one-sided globalist agents for the left. That’s why California, Oregon and Washington State are called the left coast!

Astro Turf and Global Speak, used by the fake news Tower of Babble, has been controlling the narrative that California is full of liberals for at least the last 10 years. “Here I would like to give a dishonorable mention to Mason and Ulloa at The Sacramento Bee for their “Ode to liberal hubris published on 9/17/17 entitled California vs Trump!

Their article outlines how the great Democrats of California are working so hard to make sure that they defy Trump and fight to make California remain a “Sanctuary State”. The really disgusting part of their article is that these two so-called reporters never ask what the people of California think of Kevin De Leon and Alex Padilla who millions of Californians absolutely revile for their unapologetic and ongoing attacks on California, its economy, its taxpaying citizens and their way of life in favor of illegal immigrants.

No one in the local news is asking how such a negligent bunch could get reelected year after year when it has been obvious that they have been trashing the state and abusing its citizens for at least a decade or more!

“The Sin of Omission is the greatest sin of all”!

Moreover, they, their party and their media shills refuse to allow the truth to get out that the only reason that the Democrats control California is through massive voter fraud, especially in the 2018 elections. This happened both in the primaries and in the mid- terms. What has happened to “The #Walk Away Movement” that had so many Californians switch from Democrat to Republican before the 2018 midterm elections?

On November 6th 2018 there was never a bigger motivation for “every” Californian, regardless of status, to vote for those Republican candidates who were the champions of erecting a border wall than in the history of the State of California.

That day and two or three weeks leading up to Election Day, Californians were learning about these entitled hordes of mercenaries and bad actors from Central America storming the border as the ballots were cast? This would be especially true for naturalized and undocumented Mexicans living in Southern California who left Mexico because of the lawless and murderous Central American gangs of mercenaries, who have been working for the cartels and South American drug lords, and committing genocide throughout Mexico.

Therefore the only previous blue areas on the map of Orange County likely voted red for the first time and that was covered up and reversed by Democrat after the fact ballot harvesting. The Democrats are explaining inexplicable wins in Orange County during the Mid Term elections as the result of “Ballot Harvesting, and the counting of late mail in ballots and provisional ballots.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it”

~ Mark Twain

California Democrats continue, as we speak, to steal seat after seat from the Republicans who won them during the midterm elections and no one questions them even though it is a statistical impossibility! Here in California we hear nothing about dissenting voices or candidates fighting to stop these dishonest Democrats from stealing our votes and our rights to be represented by candidates of our own choosing. In the rest of the News, we hear nothing but crickets!

Nothing is on the news about California except the diversions and attacks by Globalist Democrats that are being covered as in covered up, especially as to the perpetrators and the reasons behind these multiple, ongoing, tragedy’s, in California.  Californians are not even allowed to call invasions from our Southern border anything but immigration.
Nothing that happens, happens in a vacuum and there are too many coincidences to cover when timed right after the most important midterm election in California history! What is happening in California should be front and center on the Cable News, because there are so many attacks being orchestrated against California. This is all being timed to distract the narrative away from voter fraud by the California Democrats.

Moreover they are having to take desperate measures to cover up the results of the greatest shift to the right in California that has ever happened in the State’s history and we are all being censored so that we can’t communicate with each other in order to stop them. We are being asked to believe that the big shift happened after they called the Election for themselves at 8 p.m. on November 6th 2018. Moreover the turncoats at FOX news actually called the election for the house Democrats fully an hour before the polls closed in California and three hours before they closed in Hawaii.

Furthermore, the Democrats of California are asking us to believe that their blue wave happened after the fact and no more Republican votes were counted or received even though a large majority of Military bases and Republicans vote by mail. Therefore there would have been plenty more Republican votes than Democrat votes that should have come in. I am just not buying this blue wave or any of the Election results period and neither are those Californians who comment on You Tube!

California has been shut down under a blanket of complete censorship, since every bit of news coverage is false except for their attempts at distraction in order to cover up the ongoing Coup in California! Thanks to the insufferable coverage of another, in a long line of Acosta tantrums and its aftermath, we without voices are being subjected to this Circus by the MSM suing Trump for censorship and winning the suit in court.

This is so ridiculous since the only ones in control of Censorship in the country is this Globalist media cabal who pretended like they had to be protected from Trump by some Judge that they own! What Bollocks! This is the Fake News Tower of Babble which is the cable news network’s contribution by distraction to help the Democrat Globalists hide from the country this California Coup by Democrat vote counting fraud, and to thumb their noses at those whom they’ve silenced!

Tech Giants in Silicon Valley are also responsible because they are Globalists and they have conspired to censor Conservative voices right at the time that was crucial, immediately before the 2018 midterms and that censorship now plagues us. This unconstitutional censorship of our freedom of speech is unheard of in America since it was founded. These Silicon Valley monopolies are the greatest threat to freedom of speech and the actual press in the history of journalism!

The people of California are witnessing a “Globalist Coup” as we speak and no one is stopping it or even questioning it because of massive censorship and diversion by many intentional attacks on multiple targets. First there are the Astro Turf illegal immigrant convoys. These convoys are being funded by the United Nations, George Soros and the Vatican Jesuits of which Jerry Brown is a member.

The Democrat’s God Father, George Soros, has poured massive amounts of Globalist money into Democrat campaigns and paid for disrupters and diversions for the purpose of hiding voter farad and the California Coup. Moreover, once these convoys reach Tijuana and the border of California, Soros, et al cuts off the gravy train to these pawns of the Democrats in order to create the ultimate chaos, hardship and conflict, and in order to cover up human trafficking and drug smuggling which is why they want the borders open in the first place.

Furthermore microwave weapon attacks which are in the process of burning out the residents of many neighborhoods in the L.A .Basin, and Central and Northern California are being called camp fires and wild fires, and seasonal fires. They are not being called arson fires or forest mismanagement fires or deprivation of water by sustainable development fires, or planned and targeted microwave fires by the forced and mandatory use of PG&E smart meters, nor are they being described as murder.

There is so much evidence of years of planning, proving, beyond any shadow of a doubt that these multiple deaths by fires and floods in California are murders being done with malice and forethought. If the fires aren’t bad enough, there is also evidence of the deceptive actions that were taken to cover up the meltdown of a nuclear power plant in 1959 near Simi Valley. Then there was the failure to clean up the site once it was discovered and that was also covered up.

Now the Rocket dyne remediation site which was one of the places where the Wolsey fire was actually started, has been able to poison the environment of the entire L.A. basin with radiation.  No one on the news is describing these fires, and their perpetrators for what they actually are which is murder by the Vatican Jesuits, The U.N. and Globalist Neo-liberal co-conspirators of the New World Order.

No one on the news is questioning years of the Democrat controlled California government and its failures to protect the State and its forests or consider the Health, Safety and Welfare of the citizens of California, which is a mandate of the 10th amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Nor is anyone on the news asking how such a negligent bunch could get reelected year after year when it has been obvious that they have been trashing the state and abusing its citizens for at least a decade or more!

The only thing that we have heard from the Tower of Babble and it’s paid for experts are lies and blame leveled at Trump. The President isn’t even being allowed to point out this Democrat made corruption and harmful negligence in order to help the citizens of California. California and its citizens are being left to be fed to the wolves in the State House and the MSM is complicit in covering up all of their crimes. That makes the MSM the enemy of the people!

There was the complete incineration of Paradise which sits over a gold mine, and the maps of the fire pattern especially the Rim of the Valley Map and the Silk Road train from South America to China map. Moreover, there was the Vegas Style country western fan bar shootings and the location’s name, Borderline Bar which was on the night of the election and after the polls had closed.

Moreover there are reports that the cabal is not finished with the survivors of these fires so the shelters where they have gone are reported to have gotten a plague virus, without any explanation as to how that could happen and it is making survivors sick. How convenient, since they want the property of these people and they are not taking no for an answer. All of these attacks are intended to send a message to California’s conservative and newly minted Republicans, because of who their victims were and where and how they were targeted. Their message is…

Get out of California or die!

What no one is telling us and they do not want anyone to know is that, an ice age is coming and they do not want to share the temperate areas of the planet with anyone but  their mind controlled slaves and very few of them. I have counted at least ten online voices for conservatives that were either targeted, missing or were completely burned out of their homes, in California including L.A. Marzulli, Tom Horn, Kayne West, one of the Kardashians and others.

Moreover the local news is not even discussing evidence of multiple incidents of arson including a video of two guys filming a dark-haired, dark-skinned young man lighting fires and jumping up and down like he wanted to be filmed or that Isis has been taking credit for starting California’s latest fires on their website. Moreover no one is discussing the threat that open borders and Sanctuary Cities are creating. Not only is the safety of our citizens and our economy under threat but both also make California vulnerable to plagues, sabotage, drug running and human trafficking.

The talking heads aren’t talking about intentional mismanagement by both the utility company PG&E and the California government under Jerry Brown’s sustainable development environmental policies. Under Brown’s despicable and deceptive policies the food bowl of the Central Valley was turned into a dust bowl by the diversion of California’s water from farmers and farmland into the Pacific Ocean during the eight long years of the reign of Obama.

Brown and the worst State Government ever known, until the next one steals office in Sacramento, and their Globalist policies, have slowly murdered the environment in order to commit genocide of the residents of California. Sustainable Development is the fake green mask of benevolence, hiding all of the horrors of the Fourth Horsemen of the Apocalypse being intentionally inflicted by United Nations Globalism on California and the world.

Astro Turf is the use of infiltration by cash donations, subversive spies, famous spokespersons or Politicians, and Fake News exposure. These are Astro Turf’s weeds which create and promote inorganic counter control over Grass Root Movements.
The Make America Great Again, The Walk Away Movement and Blexit are Grass Roots movements.

Green Peace, Occupy, and the Tea Party used to be. However they have been infected by Astro Turf since they were established. First they are watered with Globalist money which weakens them in order that they become vulnerable to Astro Turf weeds. That’s how every Grassroots movement, given enough time has become infected by the Globalist created Borg weed called Astro Turf.

Global Speak is what the Globalists use to deny, distract or confuse the meaning of a word, a phrase, a purpose of an endeavor, an identity of a perpetrator and so on. One of the most infamous uses of Global Speak that has been weaponized as phrase is “Conspiracy Theory”!

Others are just as outrageous and are subcategories of Censorship that Globalists insist upon calling speech. The speech that is allowed and is usually distorted if not outright untrue, is speech that is “Politically Correct” while speaking the Truth is called “Hate Speech”.

One of the most insidious uses of Global Speak is to reverse the meanings of a word or phrase within human reality in order to control people by deception. Three prime examples of words which describe a person, group, or party with an opposite meaning are “Liberal”, “Progressive and “Democrat”.

Those three words used by the Democrats to describe themselves and the Democrat party were cited over and over again as being the main reasons for why former Democrats in the Walkaway Movement originally joined the Democrat party and subsequently why they walked away when they found out that none of these words had any truth in their descriptions of the left.

Once former Democrats realized the totalitarian, deceptive and cult like nature of the Democrat Party, as well as their History of Genocide, Torture, War Mongering, Terrorism, Environmental and Economic Destruction, Oppression and Corruption, they decided to join other parties in a massive shift from left to right in California right before the 2018 midterm elections.

However, because the Democrats are profoundly corrupted, we may never know how well that the Republicans did in California because of this Globalist Democrat Coup.

I believe that the Republicans won by a landslide in the midterm elections in California and these attacks on California are being done in retribution.

How can one spot Astro Turf or the use of Global Speak?

First, watch for a movement that suddenly becomes able to do things that can’t be done without a large cash infusion in order to get its slightly altered message across. It will begin using different words that are intended to cover up most people’s common understanding of an issue. Moreover many times people in infiltrated movements won’t even realize what is happening at first so they will become unwitting pawns by using Global speak terms.

For instance right before the midterm election the MSM came out with this big announcement that the military had just invented this weapon that could be used to target certain things or people with directed energy. They called it a DEW and oh wasn’t it wonderful that there would be little collateral damage.

Moreover PG&E came out with a story at about the same time that it had upgraded its technology to include a satellite based station that would be used to control its smart meters and electrical grid from the sky above.
I believe the purpose of both of these announcements were timed as a threat.

Furthermore I believe that they put a name to this weapon and whom had control of it to confuse and distract people. This DEW or directed energy weapon uses microwaves to target metal and turns cars and houses into microwave ovens. The use of the words directed energy weapons instead of microwave weapons removes the common understanding most people have about the dangers of microwave ovens.

Moreover, these weapons have turned hundreds if not thousands of innocent people, their pets and their Children into unrecognizable cinders! We all have the MSM to thanks for their Tower of Babble which censors Californian’s and their ability to help themselves and to free their State from the ultimate Tyranny. Fake News and Hollywood are the purveyors of Astro Turf, Global Speak and Genocide by Omission!