Not only is Merkel toast, she won’t last her term



Not only is Merkel toast, she won’t last her term

by Tom Luongo

Lame Duck Merkel Has Only Her Legacy On Her Mind

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stepped down as the leader of the Christian Democratic Union, the party she has led for nearly two decades.  Yesterday’s election in Hesse, normally a CDU/SPD stronghold was abysmal for them.

She had to do something to quell the revolt brewing against her.

Merkel knew going in what the polls were showing.  Unlike American and British polls, it seems the German ones are mostly accurate with pre-election polls coming close to matching the final results.

So, knowing what was coming for her and in the spirit of trying to maintain power for as long as possible Merkel has been moving away from her staunch positions on unlimited immigration and being in lock-step with the U.S. on Russia.

She’s having to walk a tightrope on these two issues as the turmoil in U.S. political circles is pulling her in, effectively, opposite directions.

The globalist Davos Crowd she works for wants the destruction of European culture and individual national sovereignty ground into a paste and power consolidated under the rubric of the European Union.

They also want Russia brought to heel.

On the other hand, President Trump is pushing Merkel on policy on Russia and Ukraine that furthers the image that she is simply a stooge of U.S. geopolitical ambitions.  Don’t ever forget that Germany is, for all intents and purposes, an occupied country.  So, what the U.S. military establishment wants, Merkel must provide.

So, if she rejects that role and the chaos U.S. policy engenders, particularly Syria, she’s undermining the flow of migrants into Europe.

This is why it was so significant that she and French President Emmanuel Macron joined  this weekend’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul.

It ended with an agreement on Syria’s future that lies in direct conflict with the U.S.’s goals of the past seven years.

It was an admission that Assad has prevailed in Syria and the plan to atomize it into yet another failed state has itself failed.  Merkel has traded ‘Assad must go’ for ‘no more refugees.’

To President Trump’s credit he then piggy-backed on that statement announcing that the U.S. would be pulling out of Syria very soon now.   And that tells me that he is still coordinating in some way with Putin and other world leaders on the direction of his foreign policy in spite of his opposition.

But the key point from the Istanbul statement was that Syria’s rebuilding be prioritized to reverse the flow of migrants so Syrians can go home. While Gilbert Doctorow is unconvinced by France’s position here, I think Merkel has to be focused on assisting Putin in achieving his goal of returning Syria to Syrians.

Because, this is both a political necessity for Merkel as well as her trying to burnish her crumbling political throne to maintain power.

The question is will Germans believe and/or forgive her enough for her to stay in power through her now stated ‘retirement’ from politics in 2021?

I don’t think so and it’s obvious Davos Crowd boy-toy Macron is working overtime to salvage what he can for them as Merkel continues to face up to the political realities across Europe, which is that populism is a natural reaction to these insane policies.

Merkel’s job of consolidating power under the EU is unfinished.  They don’t have financial integration.  The Grand Army of the EU is still not a popular idea.  The euro-zone is a disaster waiting to happen and its internal inconsistencies are adding fuel to an already pretty hot political fire.

On this front, EU integration, she and Macron are on the same page.  Because ‘domestically’ from an EU perspective, Brexit still has to be dealt with and the showdown with the Italians is only just beginning.

But Merkel, further weakened by another disastrous state election, isn’t strong enough to fend off her emboldened Italian and British opposition (and I’m not talking about The Gypsum Lady, Theresa May here).

And Macron should stop looking in the mirror long enough to see he’s standing on a quicksand made of blasting powder.

This points to the next major election for Europe, that of the European Parliament in May where all of Merkel’s opposition are focused on wresting control of that body and removing Jean-Claude Juncker or his hand-picked replacement (Merkel herself?) from power.

The obvious transition for Merkel is from German Chancellor to European Commission President.  She steps down as Chancellor in May after the EPP wins a majority then to take Juncker’s job.

I’m sure that’s been the plan all along.  This way she can continue the work she started without having to face the political backlash at home.

But, again, how close is Germany to snap elections if there is another migrant attack and Chemnitz-like demonstrations.  You can only go to the ‘Nazi’ well so many times, even in Germany.

There comes a point where people will have simply had enough and their anger isn’t born of being intolerant but angry at having been betrayed by political leadership which doesn’t speak for them and imported crime, chaos and violence to their homes.

And the puppet German media will not be able to contain the story.  The EU’s speech rules will not contain people who want to speak.  The clamp down on hate speech, pioneered by Merkel herself is a reaction to the growing tide against her.

And guess what?  She can’t stop it.

The problem is that Commies like Merkel and Soros don’t believe in anything.  They are vampires and nihilists as I said over the weekend suffused with a toxic view of humanity.

Oh sure, they give lip service to being inclusive and nice about it while they have control over the levers of power, the State apparatus.  But, the minute they lose control of those levers, the sun goes down, the fangs come out and the bloodletting begins.

These people are vampires, sucking the life out of a society for their own ends.  They are evil in a way that proves John Barth’s observation that “man can do no wrong.”  For they never see themselves as the villain.

No.  They see themselves as the savior of a fallen people.  Nihilists to their very core they only believe in power. And, since power is their religion, all activities are justified in pursuit of their goals.

Their messianic view of themselves is indistinguishable to the Salafist head-chopping animals people like Hillary empowered to sow chaos and death across the Middle East and North Africa over the past decade.

Add to this Merkel herself who took Hillary’s empowerment of these animals and gave them a home across Europe.  At least now Merkel has the good sense to see that this has cost her nearly everything.

Even if she has little to no shame.

Hillary seems to think she can run for president again and win with the same schtick she failed with twice before.  Frankly, I welcome it like I welcome the sun in the morning, safe in the knowledge that all is right with the world and she will go down in humiliating defeat yet again.

Merkel is a lame-duck now.  Merkelism is over.  Absentee governing from the center standing for nothing but the international concerns has been thoroughly rebuked by the European electorate from Spain to the shores of the Black Sea.

Germany will stand for something other than globalism by the time this is all over.  There will be a renaissance of culture and tradition there that is similar to the one occurring at a staggering pace in Russia.

And Angela Merkel’s legacy will be chaos.