Where is the FBI Investigation of Blasey-Ford? (Video)


Christine Blasey Ford


Where is the FBI Investigation of Blasey-Ford? (Video)

By Sher Zieve
Canada Free Press
If we’re going to rake the good Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the coals on a never-ending basis and require background checks (of him) by the FBI over and over again (until presumably it finds something to nail on him), should we not—at least—require a background check on his accuser? There are more and more articles alleging Ms. Blasey-Ford’s family connections to the CIA (and logically to John Brennan) coming out. Should we not, also, have the FBI examine those for credibility? If they’re true—and some appear to be—should said ties not be thoroughly examined for authenticity? If not…why not? Are completely unsubstantiated claims from a leftist woman now to be believed because the accuser is a leftist woman? If that is the ‘new norm’, then we’ve already lost, as our country is now fully Communist and there is no longer any semblance of law left. If it is not, then Ms. Blasey-Ford’s background and associations must, also, be thoroughly examined.

Perhaps, Ms. Blasey-Ford truly is the slightly simple childlike individual whom we all saw testify as to her trauma, last week; a soul in my opinion who appeared to have difficulty understanding some questions and even some basic concepts…i.e. not understanding “we will come to California to meet with you” and a soul who still declares she can’t remember when or where her “attack” took place, nor can she remember who brought her to the unremembered house or how she got home. Hmmm. Remember, this woman is supposed to have won a Ph.D. Some say her attorneys didn’t fully explain the statement ‘senators will come to you’…which was also repeatedly stated on every ‘news’ channel on television. However, after watching Ms. Blasey-Ford’s carefully crafted performance, I beg to differ. And, now, we are expected to blindly go along with the unequal and unethical “Kavanaugh bad…Blasey-Ford good” foolishness. Folks, how dumbed down have we become? Kavanaugh has actually proved (not required or expected in any US court of law) where he was via calendars written (as did his Father) for all of 1982…the year Christine Blasey was 15 years old and the year this was supposed to have occurred. But, Ms. Blasey-Ford cannot produce any proof of her accusations…none.

How long are We-the-People going to allow the unequal application of US law? How long are we going to put up with the shredding of our Constitution? And, how long are we going to hold ourselves back from the abject evil—yes evil—forces within our own government to continue the perversion and weakening of our country and its Judeo-Christian background before we finally begin to fight back?

Giving credence to obvious lies and bad behaviors only encourages them to continue. Most parents know this well. Are We-the-People to allow it to continue?

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”—Exodus 20:16

Christine Blasey Ford’s connections to the CIA are deep and irrefutable. You would never know it from her testimony:


Christine Blasey Ford’s Deep Ties To The CIA Uncovered