Blaseygate Blown Wide Open


Prime Blaseygate co-conspirator Christine Blasey Ford


Blaseygate Blown Wide Open

Demonic Democrats Do Diabolical Misdeeds and Dig Up Deceitful Dirt to Derail Kavanaugh Nomination

Submitted by the Armchair Political Analyst

“The whole thing is a deliberate ruse!”

At this point it’s become crystal clear that the Democrats only had one intention by lodging the unproven accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Their explicit goal was to postpone the nomination vote until after the midterms.

Now that Christine Blasey Ford’s George Soros aligned attorney — Debra Katz — has demanded another FBI investigation and postponement of the vote their scheme has been exposed.

In other words, the Democrats had to concoct an event shocking and scandalous enough that it would push any confirmation vote after the elections when the political calculus might be radically changed.

Does Christine Blasey Ford even exist?

You really have to ask this question in view of the Democrat MO defined by deceitfulness.

Hopefully the Republicans have realized that you cannot trust a single word the Democrats write or speak.

Which begs the question: Does Christine Blasey Ford even exist?

Given that her father has now been linked to the C.I.A. as a bagman and that her work at Stanford lies in the realm of the CIA’s MKUltra mind-control programming, anything goes.

*Stanford University has long been known as a premier recruiting ground for the C.I.A., especially in the realm of mind control programming and experimentation.

“This Stanford professor has “Property of CIA” stamped all over her. Christine Blasey Ford studied under Professor Frederick Melges at Stanford, who was one of the leading practitioners of CIA’s MKUltra mind-control, and her father was a CIA ‘money  launderer’ who owned a bank just blocks from the White House.”
(Source: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Funded By George Soros)

Why the accuser has flipped on testifying must also be looked at very closely.

One day Professor Ford dramatically submits allegations of a drunken attempted rape when she was 15 without a shred of evidence, the next day she looking for a safe space at Stanford to retreat to until the midterms are over. What a sham!


What a complete and total charade the Democratic Party has resorted to in order to prevent a pro-life judge from being appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court!

It’s entirely true: “The whole thing is a deliberate ruse!”

And the quicker the GOP leadership understands this, the sooner they can get down to the business of approving Kavanaugh before the midterms.

The clock is ticking and every day counts between now and November 6.

The Congress ought to expect other outrageous shenanigans between now and Election Day.

After all, who doesn’t know that the liberal legions of Soros will do anything to prevent the  SCOTUS from overturning Roe v. Wade?

The final analysis

There can only be one conclusion drawn from this exceedingly sordid political affair contrived by the Democrats.

The subtitle of this post makes it quite clear: the Democratic Party can never be allowed to hold leadership positions again at federal level; they’re simply too dangerous … as in demonic and diabolical.

After those 8 years of Obama lawlessness and anarchy, the country is still reeling from that administration’s utter corruption and criminality.

These latest wrongdoings only underscore the necessity of prosecuting all the Democrat Deep State crimes before they do something really stupid.

The necessity of winning the midterm elections to shift the balance of power everywhere only makes the Democrats more desperate and willing to carry out more crazy conspiratorial plots.

The shiny silver lining in this dark Democrat cloud hovering over America is that they have exposed themselves like never before.

The attempt to torpedo Kavanaugh is only the latest in a long series of despicable acts to further wreck and ruin the American Republic.

Perhaps it’s time for the POTUS to really rain on their election-stealing parade before an electoral superstorm further paralyzes his administration and prevents him from taking back America from the globalists who have stolen it.

Editor’s Note

Whereas the Democratic side of America’s has reared its ugly head never to be hidden again, the Republican side can be just as treacherous.  While the DEMs love destroying the USA, the REPs revel in devastating the rest of the planet to accommodate the Military-Industrial Complex.  That’s why Deep State’s shadow Secretary of State John McCain and inveterate warmonger Lindsey Graham are/were both affiliated with the GOP.