Here’s why Facebook’s stock just had the biggest one-day crash of all time. (Video)



Here’s why Facebook’s stock just had the biggest one-day crash of all time. (Video)

Zuckerberg Allows Users To Question Holocaust On Facebook

DISCLAIMER: We are no fan of Mark Zuckerberg

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace

There’s nothing more sacred to Jewish Zionism than the Holocaust Industry.

Also known as the Holohoax, this highly organized global crime syndicate has promoted the utterly ridiculous Jewish Holocaust narrative as though it was holy gospel.

It is gospel to the Pharisaic Zionists who have used it as a club to beat every nation on Earth into submission since World War II.

However, the tide is finally turning.  The notorious American liberals, and Democrats in general, are no longer buying the totally bogus history that was fabricated by countless agents of Zionism since The Final Solution was concocted by European Ashkenazi Jewry prior to WWII.

KEY POINT: Yes, there was indeed The Final Solution, but it had absolutely nothing to do with exterminating Jews, and everything to do with sufficiently scaring European Jewry to migrate to the Modern State of Israel, which it did.

Quite remarkably, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has come to the defense of Holocaust deniers everywhere.  He recently defended his extraordinary decision to permit Facebook users to post material that refutes the fake details about the Holocaust that were deliberately conjured up by the Zionists.  Here is Zuck’s very public proclamation on this extremely RADIOACTIVE matter: Zuckerberg Defends Holocaust Deniers’ Right to Post on Facebook

In retaliation for his apostasy to the Zionist creed, Facebook’s stock took a HUGE tumble; in fact, the largest stock crash on a single day in world history.

Facebook’s Stock Crash: “the biggest stock collapse in history”

A stock collapse of this magnitude simply does not happen unless it’s engineered by purposeful design.

Those who really control the global gambling casino, also known as the stock market, revealed themselves as never before.  They will simply not tolerate anyone exposing the Holohoax–perhaps the single greatest deception in modern history.

Author’s Note: The Revisionist Historians for World Peace do not in any way deny that something quite terrible happened in Europe during WW2.  And that many innocent people were murdered, just as many died of contagious diseases, starvation, acute illness, suicide, etc. Those who perished in concentration camps represented every race, nationality, religious stripe, political persuasion and sexual orientation.  Yes, many Jews also died in the concentration camps, especially at the end of the war, but so did many others folks. The infamous concentration camps were set up to use the prisoners as slave labor, not to exterminate them.  This official policy was established by Nazi Germany for two primary reasons: (i) to frighten the Jews out of Europe so they would move to Palestine and (ii) to use them to perform much needed hard labor to keep the German war machine going.  In other words, the Holocaust as told in the history books never happened. The crematoria were used to dispose of diseased dead bodies of all camp prisoners, not just Jews, so as to contain the spread of fatal infectious disease.  Similarly, the Jews who died were not used to make soap and lampshades; those stories have been proven to be total fiction made up by the Zionist co-conspirators who could then label any truth seeker an anti-Semite.  And do you know this “Con of the Century” really worked… … …until now!

Now here’s the hard evidence as to why Facebook stock actually went into a downward death spiral.

*Our thanks to Frank.