SOTN explains why Alt Media is abandoning Trump as the Fifth Estate closely examines his Zionist foreign policy



SOTN explains why Alt Media is abandoning Trump as the Fifth Estate closely examines his Zionist foreign policy

Introduction to a Special Report
on Donald Trump, Zionism,
and World War III

State of the Nation

Throughout the 2016 election cycle, SOTN worked as hard as any other Alt Media platform to ensure that Hillary R. Clinton was not elected POTUS.

Everyone in our news network knew in their bones that Candidate Clinton was every bit as dangerous to the nation as she appeared to be…if not much worse.  The SOTN editors were grimly aware that she was fastidiously groomed to be the communist face of a stone-cold Bolshevik movement formed to destroy the American Republic, with finality, after 8 years of irreparable devastation inflicted by the Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama.

This was the prevailing political context and sentiment during the 2016 campaign season—one of utter desperation.  Which is why this alternative news platform supported Donald Trump for president.

Trump the Wrecking Ball

“Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

— Joseph de Maistre

The United States of America was in desperate need of a wrecking ball after the  Obamanation was established.  There was only one wrecking ball that could sufficiently do the job, and much more—The Donald.

However, as with any demolition project of this size and scope, there would be an inescapable and extremely serious downside risk.  That risk is now manifesting in real-time.

First, it’s of paramount importance to understand that Trump could NEVER have been elected were it not for the full support of the Israeli government.  Likewise, the HUGE campaign contributions that he received from numerous wealthy Christian and Jewish Zionists (e.g. casino magnate Sheldon Adelson) provided the necessary war chest to ensure his otherwise improbable victory.  Without these two massive pillars of support, Trump simply would not have won.

There’s an old political adage that’s paraphrased as follows:

Israel will promote anyone or any cause or any enterprise —
no matter 
what the purpose or principles — on the condition
that Zionism is 
zealously supported.

Herein lies the root of the problem that the American people are now facing.  This extremely dire problem is making itself known more and more by the day via President Trump’s catastrophic foreign policy.

The only way to correctly comprehend the current predicament of the United States of America, especially as it relates to the world community of nations, is to carefully consider the Trump administration’s handling of foreign affairs, particularly anywhere in the Middle East.  Only by thoroughly and objectively assessing the current state of international affairs in 2018, will the truth of this urgent matter be easily known.

A Special Report

In the interest of telling the true back story of the Trump saga, revealing the rapidly unfolding WW3 plot, and exposing the multi-century Zionist conspiracy driving the whole scheme, SOTN has undertaken the research and writing of a 4-part series.  Each of these extended essays will present key elements of an irrefutable case that proves the Trump administration has been completely taken over by the Neocon Zionist cabal.  And, that this was the plan all along.

These 4 exposés will also disclose integral parts of a much larger multi-millennial agenda that is now being implemented with great speed and determination.  For only by uncovering this highly secret aspect of the New World Order agenda can it be thwarted and terminated altogether.

The upcoming “Special Report on Donald Trump, Zionism, and World War III” will be
published under the following four titles:

 ZIONISM: The Khazarian Mafia, Black Nobility and Babylonian Brotherhood

CULTISM: America’s Political Dynasties, Royal Families and Manchurian Candidates

TRUMPISM: The Making of a POTUS from Cradle to Grave

FASCISM vs. COMMUNISM: World War III is the Final Conflict

When considered in the aggregate, these 4 essays will paint a picture that graphically portrays the current political, economic and social landscape–worldwide.

Above all, each portrait will convey the true status of the global geopolitical chessboard of 2018, as well as the major upcoming moves and maneuvers by both sides.

This series will also explain why the Alt Media is quickly abandoning Trump in droves.  And, why the Fifth Estate was destined to derail the Trump train once it left the homeland and started tearing up the planet.

KEY POINT: Truly, it has never been so apparent that “God writes straight with crooked lines” where it concerns both the candidacy and presidency of Donald J. Trump.  On the one hand, he was utilized in the outing of Deep State, the Shadow Government and the Global Control Matrix.   On the other, he is being used to further advance the Greater Israel project…but to what end, really?  While these two undertakings appear to be mutually exclusive endeavors, only one actor could have played the pivotal role of POTUS during these exceedingly dramatic End Times——–The Donald.


Not only does “Every nation gets the government it deserves”, people everywhere always get the leaders who will deliver the fruits of their karma, both good and bad.

Some of those leaders will attempt to act on the strongly desired wishes of the electorate.  The Patriot Movement, for example, clearly wanted Trump to take back the country from the globalists.  Terminating the covert implementation of the New World Order agenda in the USA and stopping globalization worldwide became their rallying cry.  In the American firmament of potential leaders, Trump was their only hope.  In point of fact, he was the only change agent in sight willing to dismantle Obama’s god-forsaken legacy and go after the Clinton crime family (but is he?).

As it concerns the real achievements of President Trump, he has already liberated the American people from the clutches of Deep State simply by talking about it.  By exposing fakes new, he revealed the MSM (aka the Mockingbird Media) to be a CIA-controlled organ of propaganda and disinformation.  Through his daily salvo of tweets, he has unmasked the FBI as an American Stasi and treasonous entity.  Trump has also laid bare the stark reality regarding the U.S. Intelligence Community: that the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, etc. don’t work for the U.S. citizenry; rather, they all take their orders from the Shadow Government.

Standing alone, each of these accomplishments was once considered inconceivable!  And they only represent a fraction of the radioactive revelations that have occurred since Trump declared his candidacy on June 16th of 2015.

However — and it’s a HUGE “However!” — President Trump has divulged through his own undeniable actions that he is also part of the “The Swamp”.  And, more poignantly, that TRUMP IS THE SWAMP (Video).

Unavoidably for many readers, this series is going to be a very long and arduous read indeed.  How could it not be, it requires a radical retelling of much of recent and distant human history.  Every effort will be made to distill this data down to the most relevant and meaningful, profound and impactful information… so that the truth shall set US free.

State of the Nation
May 15, 2018

SOTN Editor’s Note: In the interest of expeditiously completing the aforementioned 4-part series, SOTN has not been posting daily content as we did in the past.  Our limited time, energy and resources will be directed toward this important writing project. The highly consequential outcomes associated with any ZOG are so great that they must be averted by any means.  Moreover, it’s absolutely imperative that the world understands there is now a very real WW3 Alert in effect and what we are witnessing is the FINAL WAR between….