Donald Trump’s Kosher Controllers And The Coming War For Oil & Israel



Donald Trump’s Kosher Controllers And The Coming War For Oil & Israel

“Trump’s reckless, unwarranted, utterly irrational action will pull Washington ever deeper into an incendiary Middle Eastern vortex of political and religious conflict that has absolutely nothing to do with the safety and security of the American people”.

— David Stockman, Former Congressman and Ronald Reagan’s Budget Director on Trump pulling out of the Iran nuke deal

“Sheldon Adelson, for his part, has advocated launching a nuclear attack against Iran as a negotiating tactic and threatening to nuke Tehran, a city with a population of 8.8 million people if Iran does not completely abandon their nuclear program”.

— Eli Clifton, Writer

by Patrick J. McShay

The American people are being handled by the Deep State and the complicit liars in the mainstream media and the public are none the wiser. We are continuously being dragged into conflicts caused by the “Chosen People” in Israel and we just go along as though their problems are our problems.

Remember back in 2001 when George Bush “the Dumber” surrounded himself with Neo-Con traitors sold out to Israel, who presented Bush with a plan to take out Israel’s enemies in the middle east. One of those Neo-Con traitors was Vice President Dick Cheney.

Bogus intelligence from the Israelis convinced the shocked, trusting, and the mostly distracted American public to buy the ridiculous conclusions from the government about 911.

They lied and said it was imperative that we invade Iraq sooner than later. You know, because of Sadam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Oh, and he was killing his own people. What nonsense!

Trump has surrounded himself with Neo-Cons, liars and fools and the media, especially “No Bomb” Sean Hannity is right there cheerleading the next war for Israel and spewing the same old lies about Syria and Iran. Folks, the middle east is blowing up because of the bad US and Israeli policy going back decades, not because Iran has come to the aid of a longtime ally in Syria.

The US and Israel have been planning regime change in Syria and Iran for over 30 years. This is about oil, natural gas, pipelines, and most of all full spectrum dominance of the region.

Turn off Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and the rest of the mainstream media liars. The dopey teleprompter readers on Fox are as clueless as the audience they deceive on a daily basis.

*In this information age of the internet, Americans clearly choose their enslavement through their belief in the “Chosen People”, and the lies that they continue to be fed from the tribe’s wealthy supporters and their puppets in the media.

Trump, like Bush, is surrounded by By NeoCons who work harder for Israel than they do the American people. Trump and Netanyahu presented an extremely lame case for America’s exit from the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) nuclear pact with Iran and Fox News is deceiving their audience today just like they did before the Iraq war.

The US and Iran were not the only countries involved in this agreement and the fact that Iran was in compliance with the provisions set forth in the agreement certainly has our allies baffled and irritated.

Will Trump now expect our allies to go along with further sanctions against Iran? You can bet he will. These sanctions usually end up hurting the EU countries as much as the country the US is punishing. What will Trump do if they balk at further sanctions?

*Bibi Netanyahu has been lying about Syria’s nuclear program for over 2 decades. I’m baffled Why would anyone believe him now?

Had the Iran treaty been allowed to continue, Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon would have been set back 10 to 15 years, so why is Trump so eager to tell the international community and nearly 60% of the American people recently polled who said they don’t want Trump to renege on the deal, that he has to tear up this deal?

Why is Bibi’s hair on fire? Israel has already provoked an escalation by attacking Syria just an hour after Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. Israel and Fox News lied and reported the attacks in Syria were retaliation for missiles supposedly fired by the Iranian military into the desert in Israel.

Trump’s exit from this deal was long planned by the Jewish billionaires that financially put him over the top in the 2016 election.

Trump says he is fulfilling a campaign promise by exiting the Iran deal, but a promise to who? In a recent article on, Eli Clifton makes the case that Trump’s promises weren’t made to the American people but to a trio of Jewish billionaires, Sheldon Adelson, Marcus Bernard, and Paul Singer.

*I’ve added the Kushner family and their billions that were as heavily invested in Trump winning the presidency as they are in the illegal settlements that dot the Golan Heights countryside.

Bernard, the CEO for Home Depot, funds numerous hawkish groups that have advocated war with Syria and Iran. The Nation reported that Bernard was the main source of funding for a small group of fanatical pro-Israel supporters pushing a hard line on Iran. Bernard gave $7 million to Trump Super Pac’s making him the second largest Trump campaign donor.

You may have heard during the campaign that Trump was self-financing his campaign and wasn’t beholden to anyone, right? Well, not so much. No one gets elected President in America without the financial backing of at least 2 or 3 Jewish billionaires and Donald Trump was no exception.

Trump mocked Marco Rubio during the campaign as Sheldon Adelson’s “Perfect little puppet.” Trump later changed his tune after Adelson gave up on little Marco, and shipped $35 million in outside spending to help elect Trump making Adelson his largest donor.

Paul Singer was a Never Trumper, a Ted Cruz backer and the guy Roger Stone said was the Republican originally behind the Trump dossier. Stone said John “Traitor” McCain was the go between for the FBI and Singer. He only supported Trump after it was obvious Trump was going to win.

Adelson and his kosher pals are behind Trump tearing up the Iran deal, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, the increasing violence against the Palestinians and the moves to force regime change in Syria and Iran. Just the other day dopey Rudy Giuliani let it slip that Trump is committed to regime change in Iran. I’m surprised he still has a job.

Politico’s Eliana Johnson reported that the most threatening part of Trumps October UN speech, saying he would cancel Washington’s participation in the JCPOA if Congress and US allies did not agree to renegotiate the pact. The line was added by “Neo-Con John” Bolton after meeting with Adelson in Las Vegas.

Zero Hedge is reporting that Bolton is already planning regime change and has been working on a plan with Security Studies Group(SSG), a national security studies group.

Politico also reported that Neo-Con puppet Nikki “Israeli Haley” “has been this administration’s most vocal proponent of decertification” calling her “Trump’s Iran whisperer”. She is a disgrace as UN Ambassador.

The whole plan for regime change was certainly about oil, natural gas and a competing Russian pipeline but it was also about the major oil reserves found in the Golan Heights by American/Israeli oil and gas company Genie Energy, with ties to Former Vice President Dick Cheney, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Fox News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch, former CIA Director James Woolsey, and the Rothchild family among other heavy hitters.

Shouldn’t this be breaking news on Fox? MSNBC? I know CNN could use a big story. They simply aren’t allowed to talk about Genie Energy. There’s your freedom of speech in America.

*Cognitive dissonance is bred in a world of indoctrination into religions, false flags, disinformation, and government sleight of hand that influences the public in a news cycle moving a hundred miles an hour. Each of us creates our own reality based on how much truth we are exposed to and how much truth we allow ourselves to accept.

There seem to be a few conflicts of interest in the Genie Energy group. No one should be surprised now when Fox News is caught lying about Syria and Iran.

Dick Cheney was interviewed on Fox News today and he was quite concerned about the middle east, but he didn’t mention Genie Energy at all. He never will.

Israel, while currently illegally occupying the Golan Heights, knows the rest of the world considers this Syrian land and will never recognize Israel as the legitimate owners no matter how many illegal settlements they build there.

The only way Israel can expect to hold onto the Golan Heights is by dragging the US into direct conflict with Syria, Iran, and Russia. Israel I’m sure is fine with that. China will side with Iran and Syria as well. So will Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon. While the US is busy bankrupting Iran and Russia it might be worth noting that the US is already bankrupt.

Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman believes Trump’s moves have “drastically lurched America forward on a path to a monumental financial catastrophe”. What would the brainwashed American public say if they knew the truth?

You must consider the power and influence of the men behind the agenda to destroy Syria and Iran. Throw out the ludicrous narratives that, “the US is promoting freedom and democracy” or that, “Assad is gassing his own people”.  Only then can you begin to accept that we are moving rapidly toward another war for Israel based on a mountain of lies.

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