SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS (Updated)



SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS (Updated)

“Bolton appointment proves that
Trump is being blackmailed!”

— Q²

SOTN Editor’s Note:
Many who follow this Alt Media platform know that SOTN has been receiving authentic intel from authoritative and high-integrity sources since 2010.  What follows is another excellent example of patriots in high places who are both in the know and who have great courage.  It simply doesn’t get more radioactive than this.

The following deep insider’s “intelligence briefing” was forwarded by a heretofore unknown entity who calls him or herself . ( is not “Q” or “Q Anon”.  They are an entirely different intel entity.)  No doubt they chose SOTN because of a previous screed that we posted about John Bolton.  And, because of the following series of articles that have been posted at SOTN since Trump announced his appointment of the inveterate Neocon warmonger to National Security Advisor.  As follows:

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Now here’s the real back story from .  Edits to ’s original submission have been made where necessary and/or appropriate.

Trump is being blackmailed—BIG time!
First, know that he only won the election with the help of Israel.
Israel needed a Christian Zionist in the White House.
Many reasons for this. Examples:
• Israel can only contain Iran with US military.
• Turkey can no longer be counted on to play the NATO game.
•  Greater Israel project was hugely thwarted by Putin.
• Pipeline through Syria stopped.
• Netanyahu under serious threat of removal.
• Russian presence looms large in Northern Levant.
• Israel wants Russia’s naval base at Tartus, Syria gone.
• Mideast geopolitical chessboard is a total mess.
• Only an Israel firster can fix it for Tel Aviv (even though it can’t be fixed).
Enter Zionist John Bolton.
And Neocon hardliner Mike Pompeo.
And CIA torture queen Gina Haspel.
And many other COERCED [and disastrous] appointments made by Trump.
Wicked Witch of the West Nikki Haley is the worst of them.
Guess who really picked her to be U.S. Ambassador to the UN?
Exactly—I S R A E L !
~ End of 1st message ~

Secondly, know that Trump has a seedy underbelly.
How could he not?
Anyone who spent his career as a NYC builder,
And a gambling casino owner and operator,
And a beauty pageant promoter–Miss USA, Miss Universe & Miss Teen USA,
And a global golf course developer, etc. would be vulnerable.
VERY vulnerable!
Just look at casino magnate Steve Wynn in Vegas.  One week and he’s gone—for good.
In each of his enterprises, Trump had “tremendous” (his fav word) exposure.
Especially to real bimbos. Who Trump liked.
But especially — ESPECIALLY — to MOSSAD honeytraps.
No one does it like the Israeli secret services.
That’s how they got Clinton hooked up with Lewinsky.
Monica was a classic MOSSAD honeypot.
Netanyahu wanted Clinton to free Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.
He wouldn’t, so they trapped him off with a scandalous White House affair…
And then a torturous impeachment process.
~ End of 2nd message ~

Since day 1 Trump knew that the MOSSAD knows every dirty little secret.
There are many!  Some are quite dangerous to his presidency.
The most dangerous are held over his head like the “sword of Damocles”.
Some lurid material was released to the public during the campaign as a warning.
There was even a British tabloid article — pre-election — about an alleged ‘rape’!
That particular story may be a total fabrication, but it’s still out there on the net….
Ready to be blown up at any time by the MOSSAD blackmailers.
Now the X-rated content is being released to compel his compliance.
It comes in drips and drabs.
Every money-grubbing bimbo comes forward at a specific time.
Each female sayanim operative or MOSSAD agent ratchets up the pressure to achieve a result.
In the beginning, the main message was to remind Trump who he really works for.
However, now the real game is on.
With each passing month since inauguration the POTUS must carry out his mission…for Israel.
That mission can only be accomplished by a Christian Zionist, real or perceived.
Trump was given a VERY long leash to strut his stuff.  He really is a nationalist.
They  “Let Trump be Trump” to enhance his credibility and his appeal to the Right.
In this way his handlers knew he would corral the patriots…which he did.
Now they want him to form an administration of hardcore warhawks.  Which he’s doing.
All of this is to push the nation into a war posture.
~ End of 3rd message ~

The Stormy Daniels affair is being kept in the media spotlight for various reasons.
The public is being exposed to Trump, the philandering husband.
Now there’s “Playmate of the Year” Karen McDougal.
If the directors of this Israeli psyop wanted to, they could parade many more.
This is how they do it.
They maintain a steady stream of bad press so that the victim is on edge.
They never know when the other shoe will drop.
However, in Trump’s case, they have all the goods.
The most incriminating evidence, both real and fabricated, would end his presidency.
And he knows it.
This is how they keep politicos the world over dangling from a string.
Trump has had much interaction with younger women over his entire life.
He has been in countless compromising positions–literally and figuratively.
The MOSSAD owns his entire file.
Got it?!
~ End of 4th message ~

Remember, Trump would not have beat Hillary were it not for Israel.
Israel controls so much more than they are given credit and blame for.
The statewide voting systems are a cinch for those cyber-crackerjacks.
That’s not to say that Trump did not win the electoral vote—he did.
It’s just that Israel made sure he was declared the official winner.
Once they put Trump in the White House, what else could be expected.
War … and more war…particularly for Israel.
The warmongering Likud Party will not rest until Iran is taken out.
And only the U.S. military machine can do that.
What you are now seeing is a steady drumbeat for war across the USA.
The warhawks are being brought back in by Trump to lead the charge.
These are the same chickenhawks under W. Bush.
They never saw an American war they didn’t like.
Of course, none of them ever fought in a war either.
Trump has signed every defense appropriation because of this push to war.
He has mentioned the need to strengthen America’s military every week.
He has stacked his key appointments since day one with flag officers.
Some of these are even on active duty.
Many of them you don’t even know.
Nor do you know where they work in the West Wing.
The whole Executive Branch is being hardened for war.
If not a regional war in the Middle East, then the hot phase of WW3.
All of these war plans are being coordinated with NATO.
The UK is taking the lead as always.
Selected countries in the EU are also being prepped.
Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy…all the usual militaries.
~ End of 5th message ~

How does Trump get out of this one?
They really do have him by the short hairs.
Trump is a peacemaker at heart.
His inaugural address speaks volumes about his truest intentions.
However, he underestimated the power of Deep State.
Trump also did not realize that he would have to sign a contract.
As the CEO of the U.S. Government, Inc., he was forced to sign the contract that every POTUS signs before they are sworn in.
Not only does the presidential candidate promise not to prosecute any former POTUS, VPOTUS, etc., they agree to many other unsavory things.
Any violation of said contract occurs on pain of death…or worse. [See Endnotes]
That’s why Trump changed so much once he entered the Oval Office.
No person on Earth could resist the dictates of the Shadow Government.
This isn’t City Hall, this is the U.S. Federal Government.
Now what can he do?
~ End of 6th message ~

Trump knows that he will lose his base if he starts a war.
Any war, and Trump is toast.
His constituents voted for a peacemaker, not a war-maker.
If he proceeds down the current path, his term will be ended.
Trump cannot fight both the Left and the Right at the same time.
If he betrays his base, he will never be re-elected.
If he fires one more missile in the wrong direction, he’s history.
Trump knows this.
His team of patriots knows this.  So do the white hats.
His handlers know this, but they don’t care….
Trump is expendable since they put Pence right next to him.
Pence will prosecute any war he’s handed.
Trump knows this.
This is why he’s between a rock and a hard place.
~ End of  7th message ~

Just because Israel put Trump into office doesn’t mean that it was not a modern-day miracle.
After all, “God writes straight with crooked lines.”
Yes, it’s Israel that’s very crooked.
Trump could only have gotten so far without the assistance of certain power-brokers and bankers.
How could he have won otherwise?
Nothing occurs in the White House without Israel knowing.
Actually, the Neocon Zionists know well in advance of any presidential initiative(s).
This is the way it’s been since Kennedy.
And that’s why every POTUS must sign the contract.
They don’t want another JFK, and that includes Trump.
Which means that Trump will soon be forced to make decisions that violate his promises.
With the warmongers assembling quickly, they are on a serious mission.
~ End of 8th message ~

Spring 2018 appears to be their chosen time frame to stage a major conflict.
The warmongers are now out in force.
Just like the Iraq War, the same chickenhawks are squawking loudly.
First they used the Left and the media to incite a war against Russia.
Before that they used the Right to promote war on Iran.
All the while, the Zionists waged an apocalyptic war against Syria.
North Korea was thrown into the mix of dangerous regimes.
The same Neocon Zionist warmongers even conjured up a new “Axis of Evil”.
Trump himself was used to trumpet “Iran, North Korea and Syria” as the greatest enemies of humanity.
Now he’s expected to perform on his false and empty proclamation.
What’s he going to do?
If he breaks the central campaign promises that got him elected, he’s history.
Unfortunately, the Bolton appointment proves that Trump is being blackmailed.
Trump may not even know he’s being blackmailed.
Many other recent appointments indicate the same.
These bad actors are taking center stage for a specific reason.
Each of them will be used to provide Trump cover.
They will tell us the decisions to go to war are not his.
They are the best advice of his top advisors and military brass.
This is how they will march President Donald Trump to war.
And how he will be used to march America to war.
Whether Trump marches to the beat of a different drummer remains to be seen.
~ End of 9th message ~

Trump’s signing of the Omnibus Bill is another example of blackmail in action.
The hasty approval by Congress shows how they’re all bribed and blackmailed, too.
Why did Trump sign a 2232 page spending bill with so much pork in it?
$1.3 trillion ! ! !
And no one even had time to read it before voting.
Congress broke the 72-hour Transparency Rule for the first time.
They didn’t even post the entire bill online.
Bribery and blackmail of the highest order!  And… … …
“The spending bill continues the more than $500 million in taxpayer dollars Planned Parenthood receives each year.” 
This 2018 Omnibus is yet another budgetary disaster for USA.
The $21 trillion plus national debt will balloon even more, and more quickly.
No money for the border wall, either.
Parts of it even accelerate Obama’s Amnesty!
Tellingly, POTUS received an additional $5.6 billion to fund the unlawful Syrian War.
Why does the Commander-in-chief still have his troops in Syria?
Precisely—I S R A E L !
Remember, this Omnibus financial fiasco took place just before the 60 Minutes “Stormy Daniels interview”.
C O I N C I D E N C E ?  Hardly.
Honeytraps are often laid years in advance…
Only to be used later when they can really do damage.
~ End of 10th message ~

Trump’s expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats cannot be spun.
A former British MP called it an “act of war”.
Expelling them with no proof of wrongdoing lowered the bar.
It’s now much easier to favor military aggression over diplomatic resolution.
Not good…very sad.
Trump accepted the UK’s obviously false accusations against Russia as truth.
As always, truth is the first casualty of war.
Not far from when Trump will be ‘forced’ to press the button.
The WAR button!
What will he do then?
Now that he has given in to so many demands, he’s backed into a corner.
If Deep State can’t get rid of him, Deep State will use him.
How long can he resist the push to war?
The real Axis of Evil (US, UK & Israel) is on a mission.
That mission is war…and they’re on a tight schedule.
Trump’s best response is to upset that schedule, not support it.
Many white hats have been removed from the West Wing.
And they’ve been replaced by Neocon Zionist warmongers.
Some well-known, some covert.
~ End of 11th message ~

President Trump is the Commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.
He’s responsible for every bomb that’s dropped…every bullet that’s spent by the USA.
And every missile that is fired like the 60 he launched into Syria.
Also, for the U.S. military involvement in Yemen and support of Saudi Arabia.
Trump is directly responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
Without the blessing of US Govt, the Saudis would not have devastated Yemen.
Syria continues to be a destroyed because of American occupation and Israeli interference.
The Ukraine is being equipped by Trump’s Administration with armaments for war with Russia.
US soldiers are stationed all over Eastern Europe now and Baltic nations.  Why?
The same countries have been receiving advanced weaponry and military aid.  Why?
The unending occupation and manipulation of Iraq has turned it into a perpetual powder keg. Why?
Trump also expanded the war in Afghanistan.  Why?  To protect the poppy fields?
Moving the American embassy to Jerusalem has only thrown fuel on the Middle East fire.
If Trump does not soon reverse his Mideast foreign policy, a regional conflagration will explode.
And World War III will likely follow.
The Palestinians have been treated worse by Trump than any other POTUS.
Instead of making peace between Israel and Palestine, Trump has pushed them further away from each other.
Trump’s international initiatives and military incursions have been a disaster for the world community of nations…
Contrary to his campaign promises for peace.
And each one of these foreign policy disasters leads straight back to—I S R A E L !
If he does not end his promotion of American exceptionalism for the benefit of Israel….
~ End of 12th message ~

Since JFK, every serious candidate for POTUS  must first be approved by Israel.
No  candidate ever wins a U.S.  presidential election unless  Israel permits it.
What makes Israel the supreme arbiter of American elections?
Very good question!
And one that requires an accurate answer.
Do you get it yet?
There’s a HUGE back story here that will soon be revealed.
Only then will the  Patriot Movement understand what’s really going on.
What’s at stake is the continuity of the American Republic.
What’s at stake is averting World War III.
What’s at stake is the future of humanity.
~ End of 12th message ~

The bottom line here is that the President Donald Trump is undoubtedly susceptible to blackmail and coercion.  This perilous vulnerability is clearly Trump’s Achilles heel.  It’s also why he was permitted his victory in 2016.

SOTN wrote about this stark reality back in January here:  ‘Stormy Daniels’ Psyop: Why now and who’s behind it?

This situation is much more serious than meets the eye.  The world is being set up for World War III as we write this.  Hence, every American is now obligated to act — with conviction and all deliberate speed — to prevent yet another Neocon Zionist war.

Everyone needs to very seriously consider that:

“Trump is being blackmailed!” — Q²

When this is surely the case, Trump needs the help of We the People more than ever.  He can’t do this alone.  The American Republic can only be saved by the American people.  Trump has already done more to liberate the U.S. citizenry than anyone else in history.

Only the American people can shut down the U.S. war machine like the peace movement did in the 1960s, and the antiwar protests did in the 1970s.  In fact, the Vietnam War was the first war in recorded history that was terminated by a popular movement.

Let’s get busy!

State of the Nation
March 24, 2018

Author’s Note

It should be pointed out in light of these critical revelations that Donald J. Trump is not only a great patriot, he’s as courageous as any American who ever lived.  How so?  He knew that his past would come back to haunt him.  That his political enemies, and especially Israel, would look under every rock for dirt.  Nevertheless, he still ran for president knowing that the traitors to the Republic would come after him with a vengeance.  And so they have.  He always said that he really never wanted to become POTUS, and only would if no one else presented a credible candidacy.  Now that’s
C O U R A G E !


Excerpt regarding the contract signed by every POTUS since President John F. Kennedy

“They will even go so far as to make Trump sign a confidential contract which they can, and will, enforce in any number of ways.  That contract includes a strict promise not to prosecute any former president for war crimes or any other high crimes and misdemeanors.   As a matter of fact, every single president since JFK has been forced to sign such a contract which is only broken on pain of death.
Furthermore, according to his contract, Donald Trump would essentially agree to following the dictates of the World Shadow Government so that the compromises as president would start to come fast and furiously … and fairly soon after his inauguration.  In other words, his biggest campaign promises will be broken and forgotten as though he never made them.(Source: Donald Trump Is In Serious Trouble…
…If He Really Is His Own Man