CYBERATTACK suspected in Trump Train crash



CYBERATTACK suspected in Trump Train crash


In 2016, Popular Science reported that train systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks

Kit Daniels |

Was the safety signals for the train carrying GOP leaders outside Charlottesville, Va., hacked to ensure the train would crash – or was the incident completely accidental?

Was the Deep State trying to send a message to globalist Republicans to get back in line – to jump off the Trump train – after the president’s unifying message during the State of the Union?

Of course, the train crash might have been a complete accident, but nevertheless here’s some of the weird circumstances surrounding it so far.

The timing and location: The train was carrying GOP leaders, including globalists such as Paul Ryan who had previously tried to block Trump’s agenda. 

Interestingly enough, before the crash, columnist Michael Goodwin said the GOP was now “Trump’s party” and that the president was teaching Republicans “how to fight and win.”

“The evidence is everywhere every day, and it was on vivid display [at the State of the Union],” he wrote. “The president remains in a fighting mood, determined to keep punching his way forward.”

And remember, Trump’s agenda is often called the “Trump Train,” and after the State of the Union it appears that more and more Republican lawmakers are jumping on board.

So was the stalled dump truck crash meant to send a warning to lawmakers to block Trump’s agenda?

The crash, of course, happened the morning after Trump’s address – and it happened outside Charlottesville, Virginia, the site of the notorious “Unite the Right” rally which the mainstream media tried to link to the president.

And here’s another interesting factoid, which likely means nothing but it’s interesting nonetheless: the train was a charter train, but it was operating on the Amtrak Cardinal route, which was the successor to the George Washington train that provided passenger service from 1932 to around 1971, when Amtrak took over.

Other circumstances: The train was apparently operating on the CSX’s North Mountain Subdivision track, which was slated in 2006for a “modern signal system that utilizes electronics, electric code, and radio technology.”

The media is also reporting that the dump truck “may have been stuck on the tracks.”

So how come the train wasn’t warned of the truck blocking the track, assuming the track had an electronic signal system?

And at the time of the crash the train was nearing a residential area.  Aren’t there more stringent controls in place for tracks near residential areas?

In 2016, Popular Science reported that train systems were “vulnerable to hacking” after highlighting a study by German cybersecurity researchers who warned that train warning signals could be compromised to cause collisions.

“The flaws were exposed by German whitehat security researchers SCADA Strangelove, who have previously looked at security flaws in green energy systems and smartgrids,” Popular Science reported. “One problem is that some switches require constant access to the internet, and if that signal is lost the trains stop automatically. More embarrassing, for one of the train systems they looked at there were still default passwords associated with admin accounts, leaving access to the system wide open.”

“…While trains can’t be commandeered and stolen like other vehicles, there is still plenty that can go wrong if a malicious attacker takes control, with delays at a minimum and train-on-train collision as the scarier risk.”

What do you think about the GOP train crash?  Was it intentional or simply an accident? Leave a comment below.