“Immigration Agenda: New World Order Tyranny”



“Immigration Agenda: New World Order Tyranny”

by Patrick J. McShay

“While immigration in small numbers may be sensible for specific reasons, bringing countless third- world people to the US with no strategic plan or goal proves foolish and dangerous. Sufficient reasons exist for first world nations to enforce their immigration laws to protect jobs and citizens”. — Frosty Wooldridge, Author

“The United Nations has one mission above all others – To break down the borders of independent nations and mix cultures all over the planet, in order to bring all of humanity under a New World Order. A single bureaucratic tyranny”. — Teaparty.org

“Whatever Trump’s critics say, he has it and then some. He fully exposes how corrupt, venal, and petty the established order is. The genie can’t be put back in the bottle. Mass media has been exposed for what it is: A spinning machine for the militaristic oppressive order, a purveyor of fake news”. – Vladimir Golstein- Sott.net

Donald Trump has been accused of putting his foot in it again by referring to several African countries as “Shitholes”.
Trump rightly questioned why we continue to bring in these low skilled workers with little education in our country when there are currently over 93 million American working-age men and women, not in the workforce. Never Trumpers on both sides of the aisle are chastising the President for his indelicate description of a number of countries whose immigrants we are forced to take in by the tens of thousands every year.

What no one is talking about is the interview Barack Obama gave to the Atlantic just a couple of years back where he called Libya a “Shit Show”. I haven’t found a single instance of outrage from the media or a single politician from either party. No tears or gnashing of teeth from the likes of Adam Schiff, Dick Durbin, Paul Ryan or Chuck Schumer. This brings up an important question. If Barack Obama says racist, hurtful and insensitive things about a country and the mainstream media doesn’t make a big deal out of it, did it really happen?

RINO Paul Ryan whined that Trump’s comments were “very unfortunate” and “unhelpful”. He then, of course, gave us the global shill, obligatory, “we are all immigrants,” nonsense, saying his own relatives came over from Ireland. Mine did as well Congressman, but that has nothing to do with this crisis we are faced with today. Many of our Irish relatives came to America because of the “Potato Famine,” 1845- 1849. At that time this was a young country with a population of around 23 million people. By 1880 the population had grown to 50 million.

Today the population is 330 million. Diversity is great if American citizens don’t suffer because of this agenda to push multiculturalism down our throats. As a Congressman, you took an oath to uphold our Constitution and our laws. The majority of Americans expect our politicians to respect our immigration laws. If you don’t agree then resign. I doubt anyone would miss you. If you really want to do some good, please advise President Trump to get out of Syria, stop arming terrorists and stop with the sanctions and talk of war with Iran. Tell the President that Israel can no longer drive our US foreign policy.

These politicians like Dick Durbin from the bankrupt state of Illinois want to burden the taxpayers of his state with more welfare recipients, while Illinois can’t even pay their state’s lottery winners, giving them an IOU instead of a check. Illinois is ranked number 3 in the states with the most DACA recipients and has tens of thousands of citizens out of work. Why is Durbin so hell-bent on making things worse for the people of his state? Poor, sensitive Dick said, He can’t believe anyone has ever spoken words so vile in the White House. He said he is sickened and heartbroken. Really Dick? Have you never heard about LBJ? Crude, rude, vile, vomitous, racist and just downright mean. He would have had a crybaby like you pissing your pants. So yes Dick, we have seen and heard worse.

You would think after seeing dopey Dick’s whine fest on cable news that he had caught Trump drowning puppies or making out with Elizabeth Warren. The truth is, Dick Durbin has been in the Congress and Senate for 35 years. He is a vile career politician, and like a lot of Congressmen and Senators has been in office way too long. Durbin and RINO royalty like “Prissy” Lindsey Graham or John “Traitor” McCain no longer serve the public but are the puppets of special interests and a dark global agenda. A major part of that agenda is to flood the United States and the European Union with immigrants. Anchor babies, chain migration, H1B and H4 visas are all part of the plan. The Catholic Church is being paid tens of millions of dollars a year to facilitate the settlement of these illegals all over the US. Is it racist to question why our government spends over $120 billion a year on illegal immigrants when so many Americans need that assistance?

The top 5 states with the largest number of DACA recipients are:

1.) California – 197,000
2.) Texas – 113,000
3.) Illinois – 36,600
4.) New York – 27,000

No one in the American media is talking about the horrible effects that immigrants and refugees are having in Europe and England. Crime is soaring. The “Local” reported in November 2017 that crime in Sweden was up across the board and worse than any year in over a decade. The biggest increase was in rapes and sexual assaults. Sweden now ranks 2nd in the number of rapes reported, behind only South Africa. The French city of Marseilles is now estimated to be 35 to 40% Muslim and has been ranked as the most dangerous city in France. Tourism in Europe is suffering largely due to refugee violence.

The media in Europe and England has consistently downplayed, under-reported, and actually covered up crimes committed by refugees. This is already happening in America, especially in sanctuary cities. Every imaginable nightmare scenario associated with these refugees is playing out across Europe, The English and the American media have largely ignored it. Fox News did report in February 2017 that officials in the Swedish government have been accused of covering up migrant rape and refugee violence. The media will not help you figure it out. Sadly this is unfolding without an instruction manual. This is a good time to get acquainted with great writers like Jim Marrs, Henry Makow, Paul Craig Roberts and Jim Fetzer.

A recent study on the more than 50% rise in crime in Germany has been attributed to the refugees that have been forced on the German people by the UN and their puppet Angela Merkel, who is now the most hated person in Germany. No go zones, filthy 3rd world refugees, sleeping and defecating in the streets, Raping boys and girls, and attacking young and old alike. The EU is pushing more and more refugees on every country in the EU, threatening countries like Hungary that balk at their unreasonable edicts. The American media, no different than the media in the EU are complicit in our ignorance and enslavement.

England’s Prime Minister Theresa May’s foreign secretary Phillip Hammond recently echoed Mays view that portrayed African immigrants to England as “marauders and plunderers of society, who would soon hasten the collapse of European civilization.” Wow, where was the media for that bombshell? Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham would have no doubt cried their eyes out for humanity had they heard this racist and insensitive comment. What this tells us is that Trump matters and Theresa May doesn’t.

Who are these politicians who insist on accommodating millions of illegal immigrants to the detriment of US citizens? And don’t believe that 11 million number the media has been throwing around for the last decade, it’s much higher according to a whole bunch of people who don’t work for the government. Author and immigration expert Frosty Wooldridge put the number at over 20 million ten years ago. It’s like the current unemployment number of 4.1%. Everyone in Washington knows the number is nonsense. Candidate Trump mocked the phony numbers on the campaign trail, and now, as President, he brags about them.

The reality is folks, this country is already $20 trillion in debt and 3 workers are needed to pay 1 retiree on Social Security. Our thieving politicians have stolen trillions from Social Security over the decades and now tell us it is unsustainable. After an unemployed worker’s benefits run out they are no longer counted among the unemployed whether they are working or not. Sound crazy? It should give you something to think about when the government insists everything they say is true.

They’ve told us some whoppers over the years. We’ve been given no evidence that the Russians have had a thing to do with interfering with our election, no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump Administration, and no evidence the Russians hacked Hillary’s server. Despite all of that, the media has spent the first year of Trump’s presidency pounding a false narrative that has only damaged the country. Sadly, many still believe the false narratives of the Oklahoma City bombing, 911, the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook.

Our Controllers are worried that we will no longer buy these ridiculous narratives that they are pushing. They are counting on a dumbed down and distracted population to push these un-American agendas through. People have short memories. Trump fans love Sean Hannity right now because he is exposing the Obama and Clinton nest of criminals and reprobates. I get it. But I remember after 911 when the 911 truth community labeled Sean Hannity “No Bomb Sean” for his refusal to acknowledge that the Towers on 911 were demolished and he viciously attacked anyone who brought it up. Sean’s mantra was, “Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe me”. Be careful who you trust in the media. They’re all up to something. It’s time to wake from your slumber. These politicians and pundits pushing third world immigrants are dupes, pawns, traitors or fools and we should suffer none of them.

Patrick J. McShay is a writer and researcher whose articles have appeared on thetruthseeker.co.uk, rense.com, blacklistednews.com, sgtreport.com, stateofthenation2012.com, themillenniumreport.com, davidick.com, fourwinds10.com, whatreallyhappened.com, operationdisclosure.blogspot.com, mediavwerite.blogspot.com, jamesfetzer.blogspot.com and beforeitsnews.com among others.