FIREGEDDON: Southern California Burns Again, Wildfires Mysteriously Spring Up Everywhere (Photos)



FIREGEDDON: Southern California Burns Again, ‘Wildfires’ Mysteriously Spring Up Everywhere (Photos)

The Millennium Report

What better way to distract the American people than to start fires near one of the poshest residential areas in Southern California.  Everyone is talking about it … YES ! ? ! ?  Just as it was planned.

“Wildfires have never occurred like this in

Exactly why are these diversionary FIREWORKS being set off?  And who was it that started the wildfires? To distract US from what?

Click here to find out why: California Wildfire: A Geoengineered Firestorm to DISTRACT from Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

But first view the photos below to see just how apocalyptic FIREGEDDON has proven to be.

The Millennium Report
December 7, 2017