“REF– USE FASCISM” Mobilizes to Overthrow Trump Administration Starting Nov. 4



“REF– USE FASCISM” Mobilizes to Overthrow Trump Administration Starting Nov. 4

How is RefuseFascism.org permitted to post nakedly seditious content as shown below in the screenshot from their website?

State of the Nation

The propaganda that spews from RefuseFascism.org, as well as their Facebook site, calls for an insurrection against what they call “The Trump/Pence Regime”.

The following “call to revolt” bulletin taken from RefuseFascism.org is not only replete with transparent falsehoods, it’s being aggressively circulated throughout the Left.  Cities across America are being bombarded with similar flyers, posters and banners.  And the organizers of this rebellion duplicate all of their subversive material in Spanish so as to galvanize the illegal aliens toward embracing their Purple Revolution.

November 4 It Begins: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

History is instructive

It’s obvious to everyone not alloyed to the Left that these purple revolutionaries are really crazy, as in clinically and criminally insane.  Their wildly illicit conduct is reminiscent of Lenin’s batty Bolsheviks who initiated the Russian Revolution of 1917.  Those who have written about those violent and chaotic days throughout the Russian Motherland have described the very same type of societal madness that prevailed.

What many have failed to realize was that this “mass insanity by purposeful design” was paid for, just as it is currently.  The leaders of that historic revolution were all mercenaries working for London and New York City banskters.  First, the behind-the-scenes perpetrators stirred the pot for years as their rabble-rousers incited long-festering hatreds and animosities.  Then the Western bankers paid off anyone they could who would promote the Bolshevik Revolution.  The very same treasonous tactics are being used by George Soros & Company today.

What’s really going on?

The Left will never accept Donald Trump as their president.  They are being whipped into a frenzy by the Obamas and the Clintons, the Podestas and Pelosis, the Schumers and Schiffs, and Waters and Wilsons.

However, it is Deep State that is working feverishly to remove Trump from power.   The forces arrayed against him are as diverse as the Democratic and Republican Parties, the U.S. Intelligence Community and Military-Industrial Complex, the Mainstream Media and Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Academia, among many other institutional and state actors.

What’s the right response?

President Trump must shut this revolutionary movement down before it gets out of control.  Every day that goes by allows the traitors to significantly add to their numbers and strength.

The sooner Trump declares AntiFa, Black Lives Matter and similar violent terrorist groups illegal, the better off this nation will be.  Prosecutions ought to begin immediately to redress the violent crimes these domestic terrorists have already committed.  This will send the necessary message of ZERO tolerance of these maniacal Bolsheviks and their NWO globalist-directed Purple Revolution.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America

State of the Nation
October 31, 2017