LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth



LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth

Why Patsy Stephen Paddock Was Set Up To Be A Mass Murderer

The capstone and Illuminati all-seeing eye lit up atop the Luxor Resort pyramid (located right next to the Mandalay Bay) during the Harvest concert mass shooting

Mandalay Bay Resort Was The Setting For Another ‘Fast & Furious’ Type Operation Gone Bad

But that’s not the worst of it!

State of the Nation

“Only now does the official narrative make sense.
The FEDs had no choice, as they saw it.  Either
Stephen Paddock was a card-carrying FBI agent
or he was a government contractor who had to be
sacrificed… along with a lot of innocent concert-

— Veteran Intelligence Analyst

There’s a very good reason why the Stephen Paddock story makes no sense whatsoever.  That’s because it makes no sense whatsoever … to anyone, anywhere.

Truly, the official story of what happened in Las Vegas is unraveling quicker than a cat playing with 3 balls of yarn*.

*Definition of “yarn” below from

Stephen Paddock the government agent

First understand that patsy Stephen Paddock has been employed as an IRS agent, a defense auditor and a U.S. Postal mail carrier.  Obviously he was drawn to government service.

Stephen Paddock had been an IRS agent and defense auditor

The mainstream media explanation for exactly how Paddock has preoccupied himself over the past many years as a gambler who traveled the high seas is a perfect alibi for what he really was—a serious agent of Deep State.   We already know that Deep State will eliminate its various agents or take them out of commission by giving them new identities whenever necessary.

The key point here is that Paddock was chosen to be the patsy for very good reason which will eventually reveal itself.

Special Note:
The primary signature of a false flag operation, whether the staged attack is a transparent hoax or not, is the immediate identification of a patsy also known as a lone gunman (or lone wolf).  Even a 7-year-old knows that it’s impossible for law enforcement to make such a quick determination as to who the actual perpetrator is.  To then declare that an individual acted completely alone when the crime scene hasn’t even been fully investigated is, at once, totally ridiculous, implausible and disingenuous.  Yes, they really do think we are that stupid.  But there’s also a crucial necessity for this “lone gunman” MO.  Fixing the blame squarely on only one culprit closes off the possibility that there was a greater conspiracy at work.  Because the true perps will do whatever is necessary not to be found out, they ALWAYS pick a patsy and run with him or her no matter how farfetched and flimsy the official narrative.  In this fashion they are self-empowered to mock and marginalize all the conspiracy theorists.  These conspiracy realists intuitively know that only a very deep and wide criminal conspiracy could have executed such a complex operation as the Las Vegas false flag.  More importantly, these truth seekers understand that the coverup conspiracy of silence ends up being bigger than the crime itself.  All of Deep State gets behind the government’s story, and God help the one who leaves the reservation of political correctness. 

Official narrative full of holes (Btw, where are all the bullet holes?)

The narrative that was created to set Paddock up as the worst mass murderer in U.S. history is so full of holes that there must be a very good explanation.  And so there is.

The FBI apparently had another Fast & Furious fiasco to deal with and they needed to put it to bed quickly.  What the exact details of that scheme were will likely never be known.  However, the following explanation probably comes very close to what may have happened to Paddock as far as the FBI was aware of.

Stephen Paddock outed as an undercover arms dealer involved in ‘gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious

Everything about this case has screamed of Paddock’s innocence.  There’s not a single shred of evidence that he would ever commit such a heinous crime.  His brother’s incredulity and robust defense of him was particularly compelling.

“Horrified” brother of Las Vegas suspect says he’s “dumbfounded”

What Paddock did have were LOTs of guns in his hotel room at the Mandalay Resort.  How did he relocate such an arsenal into his hotel room?  Clearly, such a purposeful ‘gun-running operation’ could only be conducted with the foreknowledge of both the hotel management and the FBI.  Insiders know that gambling casinos are often used in this manner.

Multiple players and co-conspirators

Applying some common sense and a little intuition while analyzing this crazy saga shows that this is simply a bad deal gone awry…at least on one level. And that Stephen Paddock found himself right in the middle of it just as Lee Harvey Oswald did in Dallas in November of 1963.

Paddock’s brother expresses what many people now know: that Stephen Paddock had absolutely nothing to do with this terrorist event.  As for who was really responsible, it appears that this was another one of those false flags within a false flag.  As most people know by now, the Central Intelligence Agency implements black operations on a strictly need-to-know basis and in a highly compartmentalized fashion.  This structure enables them to run simultaneously various false flags which appear to operate at cross purposes.  In this way the decision-makers at the very top are completely buffered by the multiple levels of intrigue, as well as the layers of machinations within them.  By purposeful design, running a false flag within a false flag, together with a hoax, becomes nearly impossible to make sense of.  At the end of the day, however, TPTB do want everyone to know that the official narrative is so incredible that it could not have happened.  But why would they do that? (See the upcoming Part II of this series)

KEY POINT: Whenever the power elite is really desperate, they simply ring up The Company at Langley (aka C.I.A. headquarters).  The spooks can pull off the shelf — pre-manufactured — a false flag operation that is literally ready to execute. This particular on-demand type of product/service is often not perfectly engineered for the intended context; hence, it has a lot of kinks and imperfections.  Remember the senseless and inscrutable San Bernardino killings that occurred right in the midst of Putin’s Russia exposing the Obama Administration for creating, funding and arming ISIS.  That black op was also pulled off the shelf in a moment of great need for the NWO cabal to change the global conversation. San Bernardino Solved: A False Flag Within a False Flag — Patriots Versus Globalists

Even Israel has signaled that they had a hand in this psyop.  Of course, the psyop aspect is so prominent that the U.S. Intelligence Community is also deeply involved. Not only were the FBI, CIA gun-runners and ISIS arms traffickers involved in this crazy affair, so, too, was the Las Vegas MPD and Clark County Sheriff’s Department.

Israel National News & Reshet Bet Radio Both Report American Muslim Samir al-Hajib As Las Vegas Shooter

Deep State has a lot of problems right now and distracting the American people was of paramount importance.  Staging a shocking and horrific massacre in the gambling capital of the world — neon-lit LAS VEGAS — certainly diverted everyone’s attention from several ongoing debacles. Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract

Then there are those agents of Deep State whose job it is to make sure that the selected social media are utilized to pass the word — LAS VEGAS — around to those who need to know well in advance.  Surreptitiously using the social networks to efficiently disseminate secret messages has been standard operating procedure for many years by the intel community.  YouTuber Perfectly PREDICTS Las Vegas 2 Weeks BEFORE the Incident!

What’s the back story?

The critical point here is that Paddock had no idea that he was being used as the main character in the largest mass casualty event in American history after the terror attacks of 9/11, that is.

Now just why did TPTB really stage this mass shooting?  Las Vegas Massacre: Here’s Who and Why They Did It

But why, pray tell, did they do it in Las Vegas right in front of the Luxor Resort pyramid and its all-seeing eyeIlluminati Esoterica Associated With The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Let’s not forget that this “human sacrifice” took place at the Harvest Country Music Festival during the Hebrew Fall Feasts, and on the day after Yom Kippur.  “Also known as Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for the Jews.”[1]

Unlike the other days of the year, the High Priest alone had to perform the daily offerings and sacrifices, in addition to the special sacrifices for the Day of Atonement.

As for the criminal masterminds who were behind this obvious false flag terror operation, they are the same cabal who did 9/11.


The Deeply Hidden Plot

The Las Vegas slaughter was staged-managed for very specific reasons relating to the preceding link.  Whenever the headlines read as follows, there are always precise aims behind them:  “Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History”: At Least 59 Killed, 530 Injured After Shooter Opens Fire At Las Vegas Concert

What might those hidden purposes be?

First, that 59 people died … and that 530 plus were injured, some of them gravely wounded.

What this allows for is that many ‘victims’, even though they didn’t die, could then be transported to a fastidiously controlled location such as a pre-selected hospital and killed, or sacrificed.  This happened during the shocking Paris terror attacks in 2015 just prior to the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement.  They apparently needed a group sacrifice for that historic event as well.

Comment submitted to SOTN:
“Many Alt Media journalists, private investigators and deep researchers have reported that not a single instance of blood, of a dead body, of a bleeding victim, or a bullet hole has been photographed or videoed.  Likewise, there has not been a single credible hospital interview with the bed-ridden wounded that are typically conducted in the wake of such mass casualty events.  Why has not a speck of hard evidence of gunshots been seen or presented by the media — mainstream or alternative — to date?”

Because, there was an extremely covert criminal conspiracy conducted to accomplish much more than just another American massacre by yet another white guy who allegedly snapped.   And it wasn’t just trying to smear the Trump administration with their very own “Fast & Furious” scandal.[3]

Warning to Trump

When has an outdoor concert in the USA ever seen such a horrific terror attack, especially at a country music festival.  This has never happened before and it was carried out with the explicit intent to send a message to the Trump movement.  By and large these C&W folks are real patriots who also happen to be conservatives and Christians, old-school Republicans and Tea Partiers, ex-military and militiamen, blue-collar workers and rural farmers, hunters and bikers.  This is the crowd that scares the dickens out of the globalists.  They all own guns, and those who don’t will soon be buying a small arsenal.

President Trump owns the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, a “64-story luxury hotel, condominium, and timeshare located on Fashion Show Drive near Las Vegas Boulevard, just off the Las Vegas Strip”.   Not only that but he was also prominently configured in the gambling industry for decades.  This reckless act of violence was symbolically aimed right at him, just like the hurricanes were directed right into his back yards in Florida and the Caribbean.

However, it’s the patriot movement that got hit the hardest in Vegas. The nationalists are the real enemy of the New World Order because national boundaries must be erased in order for the globalists to form their planned One World Government.  Such an audacious assault against innocent concert-goers has also had the effect of radicalizing more folks on the Right.  This plays right into the social engineering agenda of George Soros and his rapidly unfolding Purple Revolution.  All that those crazymakers desire is a civil war between the Left and the Right, as well as a race war between the whites and the blacks.

In the outworking of this “strategy of tension” Operation Gladio style, Trump is their main target until he is removed from the White House.  The cabal will continue to wreak havoc in every way necessary to push Trump out of the Oval Office.  Consequently, more domestic terror events similar to Las Vegas are quite likely until something major shifts.


The “Harvest” main event, the timing and the location all indicate a clandestine plot was afoot far from anything the Alt Media has yet to report on.  The numerology, astrology and quasi-religious overtones also reflect a profoundly occult intention.  Moreover, it is the end result of this “Hollywood production” which indicates that this event was quite deliberately carried out to further the destruction of the American Republic.

There were clearly Archonic forces of chaos at work in front of the Mandalay Bay on Sunday, October 1, 2017.  As always, the NWO cabal will attempt to impose their tyrannical order out of the manufactured chaos.  Therefore, it has never been so essential to watch their every move, especially the doings of the U.S. Congress for the rest of this year.

ARCHONS: Manipulators of the Global Control Matrix

By shedding the light of awareness on their misguided plans, the perpetrators can be exposed and their misguided schemes short-circuited.  And, the American people will then be one step closer to reclaiming their constitutional republic.

State of the Nation
October 3, 2017


[1] Yom Kippur / יום כפור

[2] Yom Kippur

[3] Screenshot of original article: