HARVEYGEDDON: 2nd Hurricane Harvey Of 2017 Hits Hollywood Horribly Hard



HARVEYGEDDON: 2nd Hurricane Harvey Of 2017 Hits Hollywood Horrifyingly Hard

Harvey Weinstein Stars In Hollywood’s Scariest Horror Flick Ever!

“New York City and Los Angeles become the set for modern-day version of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

State of the Nation

You really have to wonder what’s behind the “epic takedown” of Hollywood powerhouse Harvey Weinstein.  As follows:

This is why they took down Harvey Weinstein

For those of us who have watched Hollywood’s downward spiral into sheer decadence and utter depravity, you really gotta love it!

Now we have Hollywood producing its worst horror flick ever — that was literally decades in the making — and it turns out to be a global blockbuster without ever even making it to the theaters.

Not only that, but it took someone with the stature and success of MIRAMAX mega-producer — Harvey Weinstein — to pull it off.

We’re talking about the most horrifying reality show of all time, experienced by perhaps hundreds of actresses and other female movie wannabes throughout Hollywood.

How, pray tell, can you possibly beat a reality horror flick whose trailer begins with:

A Real Live Sex Monster
Defiles Damsels in Distress!

Devastates Hollywood!
Destroys Motion Picture
Distribution Companies!

Despoils Motion Picture Industry!
Devours Other Producers,
as well as Directors and Actors,
and even Whole Studios!

Does Harvey Weinstein’s free-fall collapse foreshadow Hollywood’s inevitable implosion?

Here’s the word on the street … …. … as well as the writing on the wall.

Hollywood is in BIG trouble.  American audiences have been dwindling for years (all the attendance numbers are routinely fudged to present the appearance of success).  The social reality is that H O L L Y W E I R D is a HUGE mess.  The entire industry has operated in a cesspool of corporate corruption, moral degeneracy and financial criminality for decades.

C.I.A. Controls Hollywood

What very few movie fans realize is that the Motion Picture and TV industries have been owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency practically forever.  No content ever makes it to the silver screen unless it has been approved by the CIA.  All content of this nature is considered “intelligence” of some type, and is therefore tightly regulated by The Company (as the C.I.A. is known in intelligence circles).

Does anyone really believe that the thought police will not censor anything that is not fit for American consumption (based on specific social engineering guidelines)?  Movies and TV programming constitute a major pillar of the mainstream media.  What they disseminate throughout the public domain is of great consequence as far as the power elite is concerned.  They will not tolerate any material that is so radioactive, or so truthful, or so revelatory that it would jeopardize their Global Control Matrix.

There are many big players in Hollywood who are well aware of the CIA’s pervasive control mechanism.  They know that the bigger they get, the more beholden they are to their masters in The Company.  However, every once in a great while someone forgets who gave them their power and decides to leave the reservation.  Welcome to H A R V E Y G E D D O N ! ! !

Harvey Weinstein stars in his own flick

The America people thought they heard it all when Bill Cosby decided to star in his own similarly sordid reality show.  However, HARVEYGEDDON will prove to be much more lasting in its effect on the whole God-forsaken industry.  Just today a new headline read: Weinstein Scandal Causes More Collateral Damage

Already there have been serious incriminations and recriminations reverberating throughout Tinseltown that are way beyond the multi-decade Weinstein affair.  Even George Clooney has gotten mixed up in it, which just goes to show you this is only the beginning of Hollywood’s comeuppance. George Clooney denies silencing actress’ harassment claims

Then there is up and comer Ben Affleck who has run afoul with the “sexually inappropriate” police.  The same people who are condemning Weinstein quickly find themselves in the very same stew pot. Weinstein Scandal: Ben Affleck is now on the firing line  This Hollywood BEAST not only has legs, it’s running so fast through the celebrity society that it will soon be difficult to find anyone who has not been thrown in the salacious stew pot (some would say “karmic soup”).

Of course, you could not cast a better production without the director, producer and star of the show—Harvey Weinstein.  The guy is a real sketch, and absolutely perfect for the main part.  We’re talking about the proverbial piece of work.  You just can’t make this stuff up… which is the best (really the worst) kind of acting there is.  Harvey didn’t even need to practice his lines he had used them so many times before IN REAL LIFE!

The bottom line here is this now self-evident prediction:

As Harvey Weinstein crashes and burns,
so, too, will Hollyweird

Hollywood & Pedogate, Washington, D.C. & Pizzagate

There’s a MUCH bigger story here than just Harvey and his sex crime spree.  There’s a much bigger story than Harv and his hardened network of Hollywood sexual abusers and deviants.  There’s even a much more serious saga than the notorious history of Hollywood’s patriarchal casting couch that demanded sexual favors and lustful indulgences in return for big parts and frequent access.

That story, of course, is Pedogate.  PEDOGATE is actually “A Global Crime Syndicate Much Bigger Than Pizzagate“.  Where the American origins of Pedogate are found in the Hollywood celebrity culture, the U.S. political franchise is located in Washington, D.C. and is recently known as Pizzagate.  This is where things are about to get very, VERY dicey.

That’s because whenever you have characters like Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Bill Clinton in the very same room; there’s a play being made for you know what.  Which means that Pizzagate is about ready to go prime time—AGAIN!

Hillary and Harvey have always been joined at the hip.

Social Commentary

Truly, HARVEYGEDDON says much more about hellish Hollywood and the horrifying Motion Picture Industry than it does about sex monster Harvey Weinstein.  Harvey was just being Harvey, who appears to be a sex fiend with a lot of power and money working in an industry that has permitted rampant sexual exploitation for many decades.  Hence, it was the very nature of the real BEAST (aka known as Hollyeird) that provided the safe environment for such a sex monster to roam freely.  And for a very long time, mind you!

The real moral of the story of this Skakespearean tragedy is the system-wide moral bankruptcy that allowed it to occur.  You see, Hollywood is really just a little society not too unlike a small town.  You know the one where everyone knows everyone else’s business, especially their personal affairs.  In fact, the Hollywood rumor mill has been on steroids since the day one, so everyone really does know the scurrilous secrets that are almost never kept.

What’s the point?

Studio bosses, directors, producers, agents and actors have all been aware of Harvey Weinstein’s professional misconduct and sexual criminality for decades.  The Motion Picture Industry presidents and CEOs, chief counsels and COOs have likewise known.  Not only did they know about Harvey’s sexcapades, the closer they were to the scene of the crimes, the more that many of these folks either looked the other way or accommodated the perpetrator.  Some of them even abetted him, because it was practically their job to do so (e.g. phalanx of attorneys employed by MIRAMAX and then the Weinstein Company).

The upshot of this social commentary is even much greater than just a scathing indictment of the Hollywood celebrity culture.  It also represents a exceedingly grim reflection of American society as a whole.  That so many young and innocent girls are sent off to Hollywood by their mothers and fathers every year in the hopes of fame and fortune is quite tragic.  Everyone knows the real deal here, especially with the Internet operating at full tilt for over 20 years, so ignorance of this perennial and pervasive predicament is no excuse.  The Hollywood BEAST has been known to deflower both women and men, girls and boys since the very beginning.


Which brings us to the most serious issue of all—the well-known and rampant Hollywood P E D O P H I L I A  problem. See: One man’s lifelong battle with Hollywood pedophilia

Now, here we have so many actors and actresses coming out of the woodwork today telling their own Harvey stories, as well as their stories of other sexual abusers, but the child sexual abuse going on right now – right there in Hollywood — is somehow forgotten about.

Again, this whole sordid saga serves as a very sad testimony about the overly permissive American culture.  For decades young boys are marched into the jaws of Hollywood elites without so much of a peep from the many who know their fate.  Why?  Because they do not want to jeopardize their paychecks nor lose their Hollywood careers.

Then there is the shocking complicity of law enforcement.  Police reports have been filed with the Los Angeles Police Department for decades regarding every type of sex crime under the sun.  How many of these cases are ever prosecuted?   How many of the reports are mysteriously erased from the police blotters and never make it to the tabloid press, much less the Los Angeles Times?

Do you see just how big the rape culture has become, and how the rapists are often enabled—24-7?!  If not, here’s another similar saga that breaks it all down in graphic detail.

BILL COSBY Saga: A Shakespearean Tragedy of Epic Proportions


It going to get a LOT uglier out there before this closet is swept clean, once and for all.  So get ready for the worst scandal ever blown wide open in U.S. history.  That Weinstein is only the “tip of the iceberg”, as a famous Hollywood actress was recently quoted, ought to send shivers up everyone’s spine.  Weinstein Is ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’

And, yet, it’s doubtful that Emma Thompson was even referring to the biggest scandals of the all: the global Pedogate crime syndicate and it’s Washington, D.C. franchise known as Pizzagate.

Stay tuned — “Cuz you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

State of the Nation
October 16, 2017