Another Vegas Witness Shot To Death — Tweeted “2 men chasing me with guns” at mass shooting


las vegas shooting witness danny contreras was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds

© Press / Twitter – Las Vegas shooting witness Danny Contreras was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds


Another Vegas Witness Shot To Death — Tweeted “2 men chasing me with guns” at mass shooting

Las Vegas Shooting Witness Who Reported Being ‘Chased by 2 Gunmen’, Found Dead

Eyewitness found shot to death in empty house after reporting multiple shooters

By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle

Another eyewitness in the Las Vegas shooting massacre, who reported being “chased two gunmen,” has been found dead in an empty house with multiple gunshot wounds.

The Clark County coroner has identified the victim as 35-year-old Danny Contreras from Las Vegas.

His body was found in a vacant home in the northeastern valley after a woman heard a man groaning from inside the building and raised the alarm.

Police say Contreras was dead when they arrived to investigate at the 5800 block of East Carey Avenue, near North Nellis Boulevard.

The woman who called emergency services to the scene says she didn’t hear any gunshots, but the coroner confirmed he died of “multiple gunshot wounds”and ruled his death a homicide.

Danny Contreras is the latest in a long line of witnesses from the Las Vegas massacre earlier this month to have been killed or gone missing.Mr. Contreras tweeted the day after the attacks saying he was “lucky to be alive”after he was “chased by two gunmen”.His social media post from his Twitter account, that was shared several times said:

“Feeling lcky to be alive. cant beleive i got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky.”

LVRJ reports: Based on Contreras’ tattoos, Metropolitan Police Department homicide Lt. Dan McGrath said it is possible he had gang ties.

But McGrath said the initial investigation showed that the killing likely was related to narcotics rather than gang activity.

Residents on the street described the northeast Las Vegas home as a “problem place with possible drug activity in and out of the home,” McGrath said.

There were no witnesses to the shooting.

Neighbors said they did not hear any gunshots, but told detectives that they had heard arguing and a dog barking.

The death was the 207th homicide in the county this year, and the 184th investigated by Metro.

Those numbers include the 58 shooting deaths during the Oct. 1 attack on the Strip.

danny contreras twitter post was shared several times before he was killed© Twitter
Danny Contreras Twitter post was shared several times before he was killed

Mainstream Media Cover-up of Las Vegas Witnesses

Danny Contreras is the latest eyewitness from the Las Vegas attacks to have either died in suspicious circumstances or mysteriously gone missing.

Last week, a key witness in the massacre, who mysteriously vanished shortly after giving a statement that conflicted with the “official” narrative, has been shot dead outside a central Las Vegas Valley church.

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Chad Nishimura was a valet worker from the Mandalay Bay hotel, who parked the suspected Las Vegas shooting gunman’s car, and gave an interview saying Stephen Paddock was a “normal guy” who “didn’t have many bags.”

After being missing for over two weeks, with friends saying he was “totally unreachable,” he was shot dead when he reappeared at his church.

Members of the Iglesia La Luz del Mundo church say they heard a gunshot and ran outside to find Chad Nishimura laying on the ground next to a car and immediately called 9/11.

Mr. Nishimura’s Bible, police said, was found on the floor about 10 feet from where he had been left for dead.

Nishimura died shortly after news broke about 28-year-old Kymberley Suchomel, who managed to escape the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas uninjured.

She later made a public statement describing the attacks and how they were carried out by multiple gunmen that were firing weapons into the crowd.

Her post on Facebook quickly went viral as it confirmed what many had already suspected: The mainstream media “official” narrative that Stephen Paddock was a “lone wolf” gunman was false.

Kymberley gave a detailed account of her horrific experience a few days after the event as she said she had struggled to think of the words to describe the “nightmare” she had been through.

She said multiple gunmen were not only firing weapons in the crowd but chasing people and gunning them down.

Kymberley was found dead in her home a few days after giving her detailed account.

Kymberley Suchomel’s original Facebook post has been mysteriously deleted since her passing, but an archived version of the original post can be viewed here.

It was later revealed that Kymberley was assembling a group of witnesses from the attacks to disprove the MSM story.

The striking similarities between Kymberley Suchomel and Danny Contreras’s death are apparent:

1) They both reported multiple gunmen

2) They both reported gunmen chasing people in the crowd

3) Their version of events contradicted the “lone wolf” gunman narrative that Stephen Paddock carried out the attacks all by himself

Whether this disturbing series of deaths and disappearances is purely coincidental, or whether there is something deeply sinister afoot, has yet to be determined.

In cases like this, however, there’s rarely such a thing as “coincidence.”