The Rothschild’s Central Banking System of Interest Slavery Explained



The Rothschild’s Central Banking System of Interest Slavery Explained

by Dick Eastman

Lording over all organized crime is the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system of interest slavery under which each nation borrows its entire money supply at compound interest. A super mafia of Jewish merchant bankers dictate national money supply quantities and lending volume. No business, entrepreneur or home buyer can do anything until a money lender gains an “interest” in the undertaking, that is unless someone signs a contract obligating the payment of interest and return of principal for each amount of loan deposit created. No nation can simply create its own permanent money and distribute it among its citizens for their use. The lending of an entire nation’s money supply at interest is the exaction of tribute. It is national slavery.

And money is only provided for the economy as long as someone is credited as having assets or money-earning opportunities from which interest tribute may be drawn. There is no escape from this interest servitude because there can never be enough money for all existing debt to be paid off so that each month there are additional defaults, foreclosures, bankruptcies and seizure of assets pledged as collateral. National economies always tend to deflationary depression and debt tends to increase. It does not happen all at once because the interest payments are made over periods of a year or several years, but it is always happening.

Every yen, pound, rupee, dollar, dinar, peso etc. is co-created with an obligation for the borrower to pay that much plus interest and the lender has claim regardless of whether the borrower defaults on the loan or not. The laws are entirely loaded in favor of the lender and against the borrower, even though both signed the loan contract and the borrower provided the opportunity of the return.

There is no need for any nation to borrow its money supply. A people can declare their independence from organized crime in money and lending and in government. They can form new governments which will provide the money supply without charge, from “thin air,” simply by naming a new monetary unit and declaring it legal tender for all debts and contracts and for the paying of taxes and then distributing this money to the people by way of a “new money dividend” so that the people themselves can spend it into circulation. The power of money creation can be taken out of the hands of bank. The nation’s banks can be reorganized into mere lending clubs, where people who have saved money from consumption can pool it with the money of other savers and lend it out at interest without regulation. The borrower and the lender will share the risks 50-50. In the event of default, the lender will assume half of the responsibility for the default. If a bank lends on risky ventures that fail, the “lending club” will lose with the borrower.

In such a populist economy there will be a lot more economic expansion from business people from their own earned profits. The prices of goods will be perhaps 40 percent lower because of less interest-burden component going into the price. And government will be able to finance all of its activities with tax financing. The national debt of government can be repudiated on the principle that fraud vitiates all contracts and the international lending system is a fraudulent criminal racket.

The only problem with this is not in the details of the solution, but in the fact that no one hearing about it thinks its worth the fight that is required to loose the hands of organized crime from our throats. Nevertheless, I ask you to support this idea by teaching others about our situation and this remedy. Out of 7 billion people in the world there must be some who would like to see humanity set free. I’m one of them. Are you?

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington