Zionist Approved News Is Killing America



Zionist Approved News Is Killing America

by Patrick J.McShay

“I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”

— Ariel Sharon, Former Israeli Prime Minister
October 3, 2001- Just 22 days after 911

“It’s a trick, we always use it. In Europe when someone criticizes Israel we bring up the Holocaust. In America when someone criticizes Israel we call them anti-Semitic.”

— Shulamit Aloni, Former Israeli Minister on manipulating critics of Israel

The entire World must see our politicians and media as laughingstocks, with good reason. While accusations of Trump-Russian collusion and Russian hacking have sucked the air out of newsrooms across the country, they aren’t bothering to report that the Trump Pentagon is building new bases in Syria and Iraq and continue moving hundreds of vehicles and military equipment into Syria. More evidence that the US is not in Syria to fight ISIS as most Americans believe, but to take down the Assad regime for Israel. Israel has already stolen the Golan Heights from Syria and the Plan for a Greater Israel calls for Syria to be folded into Israel along with other big chunks of the Middle East. Did you know that America has been at war 93% of the time Since 1776? That is 222 out of 239 years. Our Congress who rarely agree on anything always agrees to spend way more than we need or can afford for our military. They are poised to approve a new $695 billion defense budget this week. We will not, however, have any guarantees that we will be any safer. Why has no one in the media ever questioned why the US illegally helped Israel build a nuclear weapons program? Why do Jewish billionaires control our elections?

Corri Zoli, the Director of the Institute for National Security and Counter-terrorism at Syracuse University said that the Pentagon expansion would allow US Military assets to strike remaining ISIS strongholds in the region. She went on to say, “It looks to me like what they’re trying to do is get a little maneuverability to create some infrastructure to deepen the fight beyond Raqqa and Syria”. Deepen the fight with who ? Turns out, not surprisingly, that INSC works in collaboration with the International Institute for National Security in Israel. It certainly explains her giddy cheer leading. We haven’t had a US Military for a while. What we have is a military that destroys Countries who defy the Central Banking system that has enslaved us for over a hundred years. Our Pentagon gets their marching orders from Tel Aviv, not the Congress. The Congress and Senate are working for foreign Bankers and Israel.

Our corrupt Congress, who can’t seem to get anything done, did just vote to keep Obama’s support for Trans-gendered soldiers in place. This, of course, includes the $130,000 surgery, medication for life, and of course, any subsequent surgeries they might need will be paid for by us taxpayers. John McCain apparently took ill with a blood clot this week. Personally, I think he’s hiding out. Not a good week for traitor McCain. He was outraged earlier this week when Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian Jewish Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya came to light. The tabloid reporter who set up the meeting, Rob Goldstone, is Jewish as well. Another character at the meeting, Russian spy turned lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin. has written in Jewish newspapers accusing Russian officials of being anti Semites. McCain wasn’t concerned about how it would affect Trump Jr or his father, but how dopey he would look yet again.

Turns out this Russian Attorney had done business with Glenn Simpson the CEO of Fusion GPS with whom McCain dealt on the phony Russian-Trump dossier. Mr. Simpson was scheduled to testify in front of a Senate Committee and has since canceled his testimony. Simpson has also done work for Jewish billionaire and mega donor, Paul Singer who was Marco Rubio’s sugar daddy in the last election. Did McCain warn him off? Now it’s come out that this same Russian Attorney took a picture inside McCain’s Senate office in 2015 and posted it on Facebook. What’s up with that traitor John? This sounds more like a Mossad operation, rather than a Russian operation. I wonder if the gals on Fox News “Outnumbered” will discuss that this week? It’s always fun watching them dance around Traitor McCain’s embarrassing miscues with dopey daughter Meghan on the panel. McCain has been the Zionist point man in the anti-American “Never Trump” movement. History will not remember this despicable traitor well.

The Clinton Death list continues to grow at an alarming rate but not enough to get the attention of the Zionist national press apparently. Former Bernie Sanders supporter and DNC employee Seth Rich, who had recently gone to work for Hillary Clinton shortly before was shot and subsequently died in a DC Hospital on July 10th 2016. He had been suspected by the Clinton camp of leaking information to WikiLeaks. Victor Thorn, best-selling author of a trilogy of books on Clinton’s Crimes was shot in the head on his 53rd birthday August, 10th 2016. It was officially ruled a suicide. John Ashe, a former UN official and described as a loving devoted family man, was scheduled to testify against Hillary Clinton on June 24th, 2016. On June 23rd he was found dead in his home in a weightlifting accident. No, I’m not kidding.

More recently Peter W Smith, a longtime GOP operative who was trying to get to the bottom of the Russian hacking fraud was found shot in the head. Good friend Charles Ortel, who audited the Clinton Foundation and concluded it was rife with corruption, said he doesn’t believe his friend killed himself. Police are unsurprisingly calling it a suicide. They call it “Arkancide” in Arkansas. They know the Clinton/s well. Unbelievably Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian Government official who was supposed to testify next week against Hillary Clinton and her corrupt foundation, was found shot to death in Miami just 3 days ago. The Miami-Dade Coroner has pronounced it was a suicide. Mr. Eberwein had called the Clinton’s and their foundation criminals, liars, and thieves. According to Eberwein only .06% of International donations received at the Clinton Foundation actually made it to Haitian organizations. He had told friends that he feared for his life and none of them believe he committed suicide. The national media doesn’t want us to know about these stories. Turn off these liars. Don’t let Fox News act like they are different. They like to talk about how they aren’t part of the lamestream media but they are just as bad and take their marching orders from Tel Aviv just like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and our sniveling, lying Politicians.

Has anyone noticed that it isn’t just CNN that has been taken over by the Jewish/Zio pundits? I noticed that just about every single “never Trumper” on cable news during and after the election was Jewish. If they weren’t Jewish they were a committed Zionist devoted to sending more Americans to die for Israel. Why do so many Jews hate Trump? I watched Tucker Carlson take on two Israel stooges this week and it was fun to watch. The first was Col Ralph Peters who is totally sold out to Israel. The looney Peters has drawn up a new map of the Middle East with redesigned borders. The map of the “New Middle East” was a key part of the Colonel’s book “Blood Borders-How a better Middle East would look”The map was published in the Armed Forces Journal in 2006 and has even been in training at NATO’s Defense College for senior officers. Our officers and NATO’s officers are being brainwashed by Israel and it is apparently sanctioned by our government. This is a reality for the Neo Cons and they are dragging us along lying about everything on the way to World War III. Why is this not a big deal? It would be if we had a free American Press.

Col Peters became unhinged when Tucker suggested cooperation and diplomacy in Syria rather than risk starting World War III. The Colonel began with the obligatory unfounded accusations of Russia bombing hospitals and schools that have been debunked by a team UN investigators just back from Syria recently. They reported that everything the US media has reported about Assad killing his own people and Russian atrocities are lies. Facts and reason are no good against a brainwashed Zionist like the little Colonel. This man is a traitor to America who has been plotting with Israel to redraw the borders of the Middle East using American soldiers to do it. The American public knows nothing of these plans and are given nothing but lies to explain our continued presence in region and the expense and deaths of our military. Americans should hug their pillow and thank God every night that this maniac is retired, however, his books are widely read by government and military personnel and his influence is still being felt. Meanwhile Bibi Netanyahu is not happy about the recent cease-fire in Syria. Expect something to happen soon to break the peace that the Zionist media will blame on Russia or Syria.

The next up for Carlson was the deranged Jewish propagandist and member of the un-American Council on Foreign Relations, Max Boot. Tucker pointed out to both Col Peters and Mr. Boot that everything they have said about Iraq, Libya, and Syria has been wrong. That of course never stops an insane ideologue Mr. Boot didn’t take long before he attacked Trump as a Russian agent and Carlson a Russian appeaser. He said we have to deal with Russia because they have nuclear weapons and could destroy us. Tucker was puzzled by this and said,” Okay, I’m beginning to think that your judgment has been clouded by ideology, I don’t fully understand where it is coming from but I will let the viewers decide” Really Tucker? You really don’t know where this ideology is coming from? You just had Col Peters on and he has redrawn the map of the Middle East favoring Israel. Have you not heard of the “Project for a New American Century” plan for regime change in seven Middle Eastern countries? Maybe you should read Oded Yinon’s Israeli policy paper calling for full spectrum dominance of the Middle East. Sorry Tucker, but until we have serious reports about why we are still fighting Israel’s wars we will bankrupt this country further with never-ending wars. These wars were all planned before 911. Try not to forget that.

The American public has been asked to accept an awful lot without a shred of evidence. Remember when they said that Russia hacked Hillary’s computer to get her e mails before then forwarding them to WikiLeaks. They said they can’t tell us how they know because it’s classified. What nonsense. WikiLeaks has always maintained that it was a leak and not a hack. Former NSA whistleblower William Binney said if it was a hack it would be very easy to find out who did it. Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, and a good friend of Julian Assange, Craig Murray, has come forward and said that it was he who flew to Washington and met with the source of the leak in a wooded area near American University. Mr. Murray told a London paper that these were insider leaks and not hacks. Why won’t they report this? Because it doesn’t fit the Russian narrative they’d already made up their minds to run with. Remember when George Bush said he would provide proof that Osama bin Laden was behind 911? I’m still waiting.

A few days ago I saw a report on a CIA Agent who made a deathbed confession about his involvement in blowing up the 47 story Tower 7 on 911. Baxter Dmitry reported that 79-year-old Malcomb Howard, a 37 year CIA Operative with a background in engineering and explosives was tapped by his CIA superiors to lead a 4 man team in setting the charges for the destruction of Tower 7. Howard said for a month leading up to 911, Tower 7 was loaded with explosives and Nanothermite. Dubbed “Operation New Century”, it was just another mission for his team. Who knows what lies his team was told.He said he thought they were doing the right thing. Good people who are lied to are capable of monstrous acts. This war on terror, built on a mountain of lies, has seen examples of this from the horrible torture at Abu Ghraib to the White Phosphorous bombs over Fallujah to the Depleted Uranium that is spread across the country to cause mayhem for decades. The media serve as filters for the truth. If the Proles wake up what then? Fight the censorship being imposed mostly by Jewish owned YouTube, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Paypal, Myspace, Microsoft and Ebay. fight for Net Neutrality. Call your Congressman today! If we lose internet news we are lost. there is no truth from any one in the mainstream media. And that’s what the Zionists want

Why is every Zionist pundit and Politician pushing for open borders and gun control? Nearly every single gun control measure in the last 50 years was sponsored by a Jewish politician. Why are Jewish groups pushing for more refugees to be forced on America and the EU, when Israel has refused entry to any refugees? Why has the mountain of evidence proving Israel’s involvement in 911 been hidden from the public? The complete lack of a legitimate free press has let the enemies inside the gate.The time to wake up is now. Next stop Brave New World. Or worse, Soylent Green.