Electromagnetic Geoengineering Producing Climate Chaos



Electromagnetic Geoengineering Producing Climate Chaos


The reality of our fast changing climate is highly controversial these days. Some suggest carbon and man-made factors are causing ‘Global Warming’. Others say that climate data is fabricated to accommodate a global agenda. But, the fact that climate extremes are becoming more common is undeniable. While we argue the merits of anthropogenic climate impact as it relates to our carbon footprint, the ‘Elephant in the Room’ is Geoengineering and its use of microwave radiation to facilitate weather modification.

Others have made correlations between man’s use of microwave radiation and climate change. The Broadcast Theory suggests that radio frequency transmissions since the dawn of the A.M. radio has had some effect on Earth’s climate and electromagnetic radiation budget. This theory also suggests an interaction with the Sun causing Coronal Mass Ejections.

“Everything in nature has a frequency, and 1.45MHz is the natural frequency of the ionosphere. This frequency is known as the cyclotron or gyro frequency due to the gyro motion of the electrons as they spiral forward instead of looping along magnetic fields lines. Because the ionosphere is close to the gyro frequency it is sensitive to stimulation from AM broadcast (520KHz – 1,610KHz).  So when we transmit radio waves in the gyro frequency range, it transfers this electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere stimulating the gyro motion of electrons and causing the propagation of plasma waves along earths magnetic field lines in electron density ducts leading to the north pole. The broadcast/plasma wave energy (–) flows along this wave guide and amplifies as it nears the polar cusp region causing runaway particle out flows of ions (+) and electrons(–) that rain down increasing the formation of NO2. Broadcast  television uses a frequency that has been shown to suppress the ion acoustic turbulence disrupting the path of the gyro energy. This buffers the gyro energy and partially calms the electron precipitation and the ozone depletion process. All this gyro energy depletes our ozone…our most important defense against the sun.”

“When AM broadcast first began in 1909, the effects of broadcast and electron precipitation may have had little effect before the broadcast boom in 1920. When AM really took off, the energy sent through the ionosphere caused electron precipitation and the production of NO2 to deplete the ozone layer in the northern polar region causing the temperature to rise through the greenhouse effect. This took place up until the mid 40’s when television came on which clamped the energy flow and allowed the electron precipitation to calm. As the ozone layer repaired it’ self in the north the temperature dropped back down for five years until the early 50’s when the interaction between ozone depletion and creation found equilibrium. Yet along with electron outflows came ions that flow up the ‘closed’ magnetic field lines connecting the magnetosphere to the conjugate hemisphere and up the ‘open’ magnetic lines where it takes 11-12 years or so for the O+ ion particles to reach the sun where it injects as O+ ion gas into the convective region where electrons are eager to equalize any imbalance in polarity. This in turn forms sunspots and throws more solar particles back at earth causing a SPE (Solar Proton Event) which also depletes ozone. The rise and fall of the sunspot cycle can be seen to follow the same rise and fall in temperature ending in the late 50’s just 11 years earlier, because the cause is one and the same. This gyro energy is observed heating particles in the solar wind and boiling the photosphere of the sun. If AM broadcast had no effect on the sun, you would have been likely to see a flat line from the early 50’s to the mid 70’s when FM radio came over the airwaves.”

Scientists recognize the significance of passive electromagnetic radiation as it relates to Global Climate. Dr. Ravindra Tiwari discusses these ‘inadvertent’ effects.

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While these researchers have made a correlation between ‘inadvertent’ effects of electromagnetic radiation on our global environment, technology related to intentional use of EM frequency manipulation to cause weather extremes remains ‘classified’ to a large degree. On a localized level, EM perturbation of air masses to increase ionization occurs via dipole radar improvements, NEXRAD and Doppler systems. Inducing charge potential into air masses provides the mechanism to create movement. This mechanism has been largely presumed to occur due to thermal properties. Of course, EM radiation is the primary cause of thermal radiation. Which leads to the understanding that electricity drives these atmospheric phenomena.

The properties of our atmosphere are ever changing. One of those changes being studied is its conductivity. Clifford Carnicom details this change in atmospheric conductivity, which he attributes to geoengineering practices of aerosol spraying (Chemtrailing).

“A method to estimate the conductivity of the lower atmosphere has been established. This method relies upon the use of a Van de Graaf generator of a rated voltage capacity, along with the measurement of the maximum spark length gap that can be achieved. Results from this method indicate an increase in the conductivity of the lower atmosphere by a factor of approximately 3 to 20. This model, if accepted, supports the claim that the fundamental electrical nature of the atmosphere has been altered as a result of the aerosol operations that continue to be conducted without informed consent.”

Through the increased ionization of air masses, radar facilities can guide storm systems and atmospheric rivers of water vapor.

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When discussing climate variation, the Sun must be considered. Variations is solar and cosmic ray influx into our system are also an important consideration. The sun goes through cycles of activity which affects the Earth’s climate and other catastrophic events. Those variations have long been considered a natural cycle. But, in light of advances in modern technology, that misconception may soon fall.

The Earth and Sun are locked in a balance of energy exchange and sympathetic resonance. That balance is critical to solar activity. Through artificial perturbation of Earth’s Ionosphere in the ELF, ULF, and VLF harmonics, it is possible to create instantaneous reactions on the Sun via this sympathetic resonance connection. Although the correlations are not made by Dr. Kongpop U-yen in this presentation of the mechanism for man’s interaction, he describes this interface precisely.

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The Ionosphere has been the focus of much research. Perturbations of the Earth’s Ionosphere have lead to the discovery of the Alfven wave resonator. This layer of the Ionosphere, through modulation, can produce the same effect as solar radiation entering these radiation belts. Alfven wave generation via artificial perturbation is part of the ground, air, and satellite based manipulation of Earth’s sympathetic resonance connected to the Sun. Oscillations in the ELF, ULF, and VLF range are key to this connection.

“Modulated high frequency radio frequency heating of the ionospheric F-region produces a local modulation of the electron temperature, and the resulting pressure gradient gives rise to a diamagnetic current. The oscillations of the diamagnetic current excite hydromagnetic waves in the ELF range that propagate away from the heated region. The generation of the waves in the 2 – 10 Hz range by a modulated heating in the midlatitude ionosphere is studied using numerical simulations of a collisional Hall-magnetohydrodynamic model. To model the plasma processes in the midlatitude ionosphere the Earth’s dipole magnetic field and typical ionospheric plasma parameters are used. As the hydromagnetic waves propagate away from the heated region in the F-region, the varying plasma conditions lead to changes in their characteristics. Magnetosonic waves generated in the heating region and propagating down to the E-region, where the Hall conductivity is dominant, excite oscillating Hall currents that produce shear Alfvén waves propagating along the field lines into the magnetosphere, where they propagate as the electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) and whistler waves. The EMIC waves propagate to the ion cyclotron resonance layer in the magnetosphere, where they are absorbed. ”

These mechanisms of control are all designed for a purpose. The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the future. Understanding those mechanisms of control are the mission of modern science. Experiments have been conducted for over half a century on the nature of our Electric Universe.