Vaccination Rethink



Vaccination Rethink

Documentary Report Calls For “Immunonutrition” To Replace Vaccines

By Bill Sardi

What the vaccine industry is hiding is a horror story beyond any one’s imagination. 

In 1993 the deaths of 93,000 elderly Americans vaccinated with a “hot lot” flu vaccine that caused the life expectancy of Americans to drop for the first time in eight decades was covered up by health authorities and the news media.  If you can hide 93,000 vaccine-related deaths, what else is the vaccine industry hiding?

Furthermore, millions of infants and older old adults at mortal risk for infectious disease are needlessly being subjected to problematic vaccines.  An authoritative report investigated and written by this author shows most unvaccinated healthy and well-nourished individuals infected by potentially pathogenic bacteria or viruses develop antibodies naturally, do not experience symptoms and therefore do not need to be vaccinated.  This is mistakenly called herd immunity by immunologists.

While it is true vaccines prevent morbidity (fever, diarrhea, etc.), hospitalizations and deaths from infectious disease, this is in the context of malnourished human populations that are commonly deficient in one key trace mineral required for the development of long-term immunity.

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Immunity against infectious disease is wearing off with the introduction of newer synthetic vaccines and outbreaks of infectious diseases are being mistakenly blamed on the unvaccinated rather than these less effective vaccines. 

The fact that many have called for a scientific review of the way America controls infectious disease has prompted this reporter to conduct a top-to-bottom analysis of the science that underpins mass vaccination of Americans from birth to late life.

What I discovered resulted in an 82-page documentary report that makes the following conclusions and recommendations.

  • There is massive overvaccination.  To prevent one case of polio 200-1000 children must be vaccinated.  Most well-nourished unvaccinated children and adults will develop antibodies on their own when infected with transmissible diseases such as measles, mumps, polio, whooping cough and chicken pox, without developing noticeable symptoms. 
  • Newer synthetic vaccines do not provide the life-long immunity older vaccines produced because they provide incomplete immunity.  Reports of outbreaks of infectious disease are mistakenly being blamed on the unvaccinated when it is the newer synthetic vaccines that are the culprit.  When an outbreak of an infectious disease occurs public health authorities may order zone revaccination in schools or communities, but some revaccinated individuals will be silent carriers of the infectious disease and spread it to other family members or contacts.
  • To overcome the failure of new acellular vaccines to provide life-long immunity, public health authorities recommend more booster shots and increased delivery of heavy metal adjuvants (alum/aluminum and thimerosal/mercury), which is a problematic approach.
  • The vaccination scheme has reached a point of diminishing returns.  Newer vaccines are a step backwards.   There are over 271 vaccines under development.  It is absurd to think that humans would ever be subjected to such an extensive vaccination regimen.  It is impossible to vaccinate against every known pathogen.  For example, there are 71 different enteroviruses.  There is a vaccine for only one enterovirus, poliovirus.  It is unconscionable to think humans will one day be vaccinated against each and every enterovirus. 
  • The two groups that do not respond well to vaccines (don’t make sufficient antibodies), the very young (newborns infants and older adults) are deficient in the trace mineral zinc.
  • The provision of zinc restores volume to a shrunken thymus gland and activates naïve T-cells that have not produced antibodies for any infectious agent yet.  A pool of naïve T-cells must be maintained to make antibodies against any newly introduced pathogenic bacteria or viruses and produce “memory” immunity.
  • The six-month point in the life of an infant is a time when the thymus gland shrinks dramatically.  A breast-fed baby will be supplied ~2 milligrams of zinc per day.  By the sixth month of life, infants need ~3 milligrams of zinc but only receive 2 milligrams.  This is precisely when the thymus gland shrinks, the immune system is marginalized and the first round of vaccines are administered.  This is a dangerous point in an infant’s life.
  • Zinc deficient infants may not produce sufficient amounts of a zinc-binding protein (metallothionein, pronounced me-talloh-thigh-o-nee-n).  Metallothionein also binds to other heavy metals, such as aluminum and mercury, adjuvants commonly included in vaccines.  Without sufficient metallothionein, these heavy metal adjuvants remain unbound and may penetrate through the vulnerable blood-brain barrier and disrupt normal brain development. 
  • A recommendation is that all people of any age planning to undergo inoculation precede their vaccination regimen with zinc therapy to optimize the immune response.
  • The vaccine industry and public health authorities appear to be covering for an unknown food producer that is circulating food in the population that is contaminated with enterovirus-68 that has produced numerous cases of polio-like paralysis in young children. 
  • In 1993 the Clinton administration approved free flu shots for nursing home residents under Medicare, a vaccine program that ended up causing 93,000 excess deaths that year, enough to cause the life expectancy to decline in the US for the first time since the Spanish flu in 1918.  This event was covered up by health authorities and the news media. 
  • Published studies that validate vaccines may often involve overly large groups involving thousands of subjects and may hide subgroups adversely affected by vaccination.   That actually happened when a whistle-blower in the Centers for Disease Control reported a subgroup of African-American boys developed autistic symptoms associated with vaccination.
  • Immunonutrition needs to be prioritized over vaccination.  There is no way to improve the effectiveness of vaccines among vulnerable groups (the young and the old) without zinc therapy. 
  • Modern medicine, in particular pediatrics, is so steeped in an anti-nutrition culture that it is unlikely any meaningful change will occur within the practice of medicine.  Immunonutrition will likely have to be promoted and practiced by a grass roots movement.  To that end, a website has been created for the distribution of the documentary report entitled BEYOND VACCINES: THE END OF THE VACCINE ERA. It is an authoritative report that includes over 190 links to scientific references. 
  • An online brochure that explains zinc therapy and vaccination is available for printout.  Visitors to the BEYOND VACCINES website are encouraged to print out the brochure and distribute it to parents of young children and older adults and their caregivers. 
  • Because of anticipated ridicule and denials by health authorities over the contents of this report, pre-approval of this report was not sought from major health organizations.  However, competent reviewers have scrutinized the report prior to publication.

Think this is all incredulous?  The 82-page report backs it all up with links to published references for your own fact checking.  The documentary report is available at Beyondvaccines.comThe report is made available as a public service and no educational materials or other products are being advertised at the Knowledge of Health website. 

The Internet provides an opportunity for the public to read unfiltered reports such as this one and come to their own conclusions.