Who is killing all the Russian diplomats?


Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov

HIGH-ranking Russian diplomat Petr Polshikov

Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin

Athens embassy where Russian consul Andrey Malanin was found dead – photo unavailable of A. Malanin


Who is killing all the Russian diplomats?

Five Russian Ambassadors and Diplomats are Murdered in the Span of Just 3 Months

The Millennium Report

As the following articles indicate, there is no job in the world more dangerous than being a Russian diplomat or ambassador.  If they are stationed in a real geopolitical hotspot, it’s all the more precarious a position.

Was Vitaly Churkin Assassinated in New York?

Did Western intelligence services just assassinate another top Russian diplomat?

Yes, The Russian Ambassador To Turkey Died After Being Shot. No, It Was Not A Hoax.

Another Russian Ambassador Dies Mysteriously In India

DIPLOMAT DEATH Who was Petr Polshikov? Russian diplomat ‘shot dead in Moscow’ – here’s what we know

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA) has made it their primary mission to goad Putin’s Russia into a hot phase of World War III.  The cold phase, marked by relentless financial terrorism and economic sabotage, diplomatic warfare and proxy wars, media propaganda and corporate espionage, has failed so far to draw Russia into a full-blown armed conflict.

Of course, the biggest offense that Putin’s Russia is ‘guilty’ of is short-circuiting the ZAAA-coordinated genocide and forced exodus occurring in Syria.   Not only did Putin expose their carefully coordinated conspiracy which created, supported and armed ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State, respectively, he also terminated their Greater Israel project.

Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’

Let’s face it, Putin really stirred up a hornet’s nest as he sent the Russian military into the Northern Levant snake pit.  The ZAAA leadership never expected such an offensive move (defensive for Syria) nobly made on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad.  And the Neocon globalists will never — EVER — get over it.

Why do they really want to start World War III?

Now the $64,000 question is: Just how many Russian diplomats will the Western powers kill? And, what will the Kremlin finally do about it?  Especially knowing that Putin has already taken great pains to avert a World War III scenario!

That is the real reason why the NWO Neocon cabal is killing all the Russian diplomats.  They are desperately trying to provoke Russia into war.  In this way they can say that it was Putin’s Russia that started World War III, not the ever-warmongering Zio-Anglo-American Axis.

As for why the globalists want to plunge the entire planetary civilization into war: this is the single most effective way to foist a One World Government on the world community of nations.  Just as the League of Nations was formed in the aftermath of World War I, and the United Nations was established in the wake of World War II, the same NWO cabal intends to impose centralized global governance via an institutionalized One World Government.

The very same bloodline of Neocon warmongers and wealthy elites engineered the Great Recession occurring since 2008 as a prelude to their anticipated World War III.  This strategy was modeled after the purposefully manufactured Great Depression, which set up a quite conducive environment for the hostilities leading directly to WW2.  The same types of “financial terrorism and economic sabotage” are being used today against Russia.  A very similar set of tactics was employed just prior to World War I and used against Germany.

There are actually several reasons for triggering a multi-front war with Russia.  Perhaps the most practical for the Zionist Neocons is that they wanted to steal — AGAIN — the Russian Motherland (the Bolshevik Revolution led to their first theft known as the Soviet Union). A highly secret backroom deal that was made during the Mikhail Gorbachev years permitted the U.S.S.R. to be liberated from Soviet communism in exchange for the Western predatory capitalists to plunder and pillage Russian wealth and natural resources.  However, President Boris Yeltsin broke that secret contract and installed Vladimir Putin as his hand-picked successor.

Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR

So began a clandestine war between the ZAAA and the BRICS which has seen President Putin claw back every inch of the Motherland that was stolen by the NWO ruling cabal since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  This epic and ongoing conflict has greatly unsettled the ZAAA leadership to the point where they will do anything possible to get back at the fiercely patriotic Putin.  Hence, they quite deliberately select his closest confidantes and most trusted diplomatic advisers, who are also his lifelong friends, for stealthy assassination.

The Millennium Report
February 21, 2017

Editor’s Note

It should also be noted that Mikhail Lesin, a media mogul who was a close friend of President Vladimir Putin, was found dead in a Washington, DC hotel in November of 2015.  The circumstances surrounding his death are so mysterious that premeditated murder is still suspected.  It’s well known throughout intelligence circles that hotels and airplanes are the preferred locations for C.I.A. assassination teams to carry out their hits.  Not only is the victim completely out of their element, food and beverages (and bathing water) can be strictly controlled by the ‘house’.

Did a Top Russian Media Mogul Just Get Assassinated in Washington, DC?

There is also the recent case of Putin’s favorite chauffeur who was killed in a ‘freak’ car accident.

Did the Neocon criminal cabal just send a message to President Vladimir Putin?


FLASHBACK: Top Russian Diplomat Was Shot Dead In Moscow Just Hours Before Assassination In Turkey

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