The Symbolism of Astana




The Symbolism of Astana

Astana Symbolism: The New World Order Has A New Capitol

Kraig E. Kelly
Kalos Klarity

The New World Order needs a crisis to solve. That is how all pyramidic power and control schemes work and so those at the top, either create a crisis or allow the less knowledgeable or unaware at the bottom to create one or several. Then, the more knowledgeable at the top offer the solution or enforce one that was manufactured from somewhere.

Either way, the powerful stay powerful and their status is reinforced but never shared.

They need clueless or ignorant masses that are kept in the dark while the few at the top appear more knowledgeable and offer the ‘reasonable’ solutions for those at the bottom, which actually turns out to be compliance-obedience-enslavement to the few at the top of the pyramid.

‘Reason’ is not always needed or wanted. Loyalty is better.

For those who begin to advance towards the top, more knowledge and organizational awareness is allowed.

You can find this sort of organizational structure in nearly every social environment in the West or America.

It is how the US government organizes. It’s how the US government bureaucracy, the US miltary organize. It’s how the United Nations organizes. It’s how corporations organize.

It is how small businesses organize. Schools, clubs and sports organize this way.  Hospitals do this too. It’s how most churches and many religious groups organize. They are rarely about experiencing truth!

It is important to note here, truth and knowledge are not necessarily the same things. They sometimes intersect but they are distinct.

Those at the top are the highest stake holders. They stand to gain the most and lose the most if the organization implodes or ceases to exist.

It’s certainly how the occult, Freemasonry and Illumaniti organizations are structured.


The pyramidic hierarchies are the preferred organizing structure for power and the advancement of agenda.

Though those on top positions of power may tell those at the bottom that there are benefits, there can be great losses like freedom or truth for those who succumb or are enticed.

The Occult, Freemasonry and Illumaniti have so thoroughly built and influenced American culture it would be difficult to escape completely this style of human organization in this context.

So when Americans organize for some sort of cause, they tend to organize this way. It feels safe and familiar. It initially feels ‘right.’ It’s what most have grown to expect when people come together for prolonged action and momentum.

I like how former Satanic Priest, Mark Passio, provides the above picture that defines for us ‘occult’ and ‘occultism.’

‘To keep hidden or secret.’ In the pyramid, the few at the top hold knowledge about the reality of the pyramidic order and the laws of nature or natural law. The ignorant masses at the bottom hold less knowledge and experience less of the natural law – it’s kept hidden from them.

Recruits into this sort of structured organization always have to decide what degree of cost-benefit payoff is in store to join and participate.

But, to be sure, there will never be more payoff than those at the top receive and you may lose everything at your own expense and you’ll never find freedom in it.

You can’t, because finding freedom requires truth discovery and then constantly feeding on truth to really live and be free. The pyramidic organizational structure controls the environment to restrict the masses from access to truth.

Knowledge is manipulated not to point people to truth, but to keep people focused on knowledge acquisition and busy for the organizational agenda to add power to the few at the top. It can be exhausting and draining for everyone underneath the top.

Those in power only want knowledge discovery to be accessed in so far as it advances themselves and feeds their own power status.

It makes them feel like God! And they love seeing loyalists offering themselves as a sacrifice.

Passio, as a former Satanic Priest, says Satanism is not really about worshipping the biblical Satan or Devil but about man trying to be God.

He has said all the worshipping of the devil stuff within Satanism is very low pyramidic activity. This sort of activity plays a role in fueling the few at the top.

This information on the occult, then, provides us a lense to assess and discern human organizing – even at the geopolitical level.

Powerful governments follow this organizing model because it keeps them in power and control.

This week, several nations of the Eurasian corridor of economic trade are meeting at the new world capitol city of the 21st Century, Astana, Kazakhstan. The main reason being billed is Syria: The International Peace Talks on Syrian Settlement.

The manufactured problem? A 6 year war between the Syrian government and Sunni Islamic tribes that the Americans cannot solve. The Americans only add to the problem.

I wonder if this American ‘problem child’ was intended all along.

The solution? The new Iran, Turkey, Russia coordination of the peace talks between Syria and Islamic jihadists to broker a deal.

There is no better time or place than this for the deep occultic New World Order to symbolically send a message to the world: “This is the order we value and we need everyone to believe it is the best way forward for the world in light of the times.”

It is my opinion the stage is being rapidly set to address the ‘American problem’ again one day soon from this New World Order.

What is the problem? America’s ‘dominance.’ America has become so clumsy or ‘belligerent’ in the global order that it seems nearly suicidal.

Suicides are planned deaths. The Illuminati, Freemasonry New World Order is planning something big and they have been hinting at it loudly for a couple of years.

The American masses are ignorant. That has been planned too.

Domestically, the news is largely casting Russia as the large dissenting voice in the global order. Globally, America’s position or dominance is casted as ‘unipolar’ and ‘old world order.’

Many of the images of enticement of Astana reflect beauty, design, wealth, peace, entrepreneurship, corporate, tradition, technology, brilliant, futurist, smart, luxurious, peace, progress and power.

Let me briefly direct your focus to the picture on top of various buildings of Astana.

If you take notice, the design reflects a super modernized Western capitalistic one even though the architecture seen here is much more ancient and Eastern in its roots: Egypt.

Astana does actually have Islamic and modern Islamic architecture too, but the images here would likely be more familiar to American readers, and as I alluded earlier, much of American core society was built and constructed by Freemasonry.

The Astana Palace building, which could look like a modernized Washington Capitol Building or St. Peter’s Bascilica of the Vatican City, looks to be set in between two towers from certain angles.

The ornate Astana style ‘Tree of Life’ tower (see below) with the phoenix bird egg on top signifies new birth.

The dimly red-lit room, which is located inside the pyramid shaped building, The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, appears like the North Pole of the Planet Saturn.


In case you are not aware, Saturn, factors heavily into the occult. In fact, what is often referred to as the ‘Jewish star,’ ‘the Star of David,’ or the ‘Rothschild seal,’ are all actually the geometric shape of a cube which can be found at the top of Saturn.

Star imagery and symbolism often seen in many different religions are actually referring to or symbolizing Saturn. Sol Invictus, for example, is the inconcurable sun, Saturn.

Saturn worship, historically, wherever it surfaces, has signs and symbols of stars, crosses of various forms, and cubes (often black), boxes or sqaures and pyramids along with human blood sacrifice.

‘Holocaust’ comes to mind because armies or religions that historically have Saturn worship or rampant imagery reflecting the Saturn star somehow incorporate mass killing or sacrifice of humans.

Nazi Germany used the Saturn symbols on their miltary badges and medals. The Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Empire – Sol Invictus. The US miltary and intelligence agencies, many police and sheriff departments, Islam and various ancient Egyptian religions.

‘Holocaust’ literally means ‘whole burnt offering.’ How the illuminati has helped to keep this true meaning from the masses.

‘Offering’ means to give or present a gift and in a religious sense that means to a deity.

What religion or deity would find mass human ‘holocaust’ a joyful gift or honor to receive? What sort of humans would?

What if nuclear holocaust is perfectly acceptable? How does mass annihilation become memorably honorable?

Saturn star imagery, along with a host of Freemasonry symbolism, is being bombarded at us, the masses, lately and for the last several years.

You can find it on commercials, movie scenes, miltary medals and banners, religious relics and more. It is all over news reports and the television broadcasts of Olympic games.

It seems like more and more, corporate media is presenting this sun image, which is really Saturn in front of the masses.

Symbols are not thought about as often as words. They do not meet as much scrutiny but they are used with intentional purpose by those who hold the knowledge.

Knowledge is not for the masses in schemes like these and it’s hard to experience truth.

Keep an eye out for Saturn imagery and symbolism. Keep your eye on Astana. It has a plan.