So this is how they have waged the cold phase of WW3 against Germany


So this is how they have waged the cold phase of WW3 against Germany

The Ideological Drive behind Globalism = Neo-Conservatism and its Babylon

by Old Fritz

The godfather of Neo-Conservatism (Neo-Con) was Historian and Journalist Irving Kristol (Jew), who was in 1940 part of small but vocal Trotskyist anti-Soviet group. The Neo-Con- Chief thinker, Prof. Dr. Leo Strauss (Jew) influenced Weekly Standard editor, Dr. William Kristol (Jew), the son of Irving Kristol.

Leo Strauss was a political Zionist and a follower of Vladimir Jabotinsky, even though he later found it problematic for obvious reasons. He stated: “Political Zionism is problematic for obvious reasons. But I can never forget what it achieved as a moral force in an era of complete dissolution. It helped stem the tide of “progressive” leveling of venerable ancestral differences; it fulfilled a conservative function.”

These Neo-Cons are free traders like the Neo-Liberal Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich von Hayek and differ only in the point that they are more relaxed about budget deficits and tend to reject the Hayekian notion that the growth of government influence on society and public welfare is “the road to serfdom.” Indeed, to safeguard democracy, government intervention and budget deficits may sometimes be necessary , Kristol argues.

Friedrich von Hayek (Austrian-Hungarian who served the Zionist agenda) was an organizer of the Mont Perelin Society and the Institute of Economic Affairs, which inspired Thatcherism. Friedrich von Hayek’s 1944 – Free Trade – supporting book “The Road to Serfdom” also influenced Old Conservative Winston Churchill:

Von Hayek was a follower of the Free Trade Imperialist economics of Adam Smith and the City of London. The political economy of von Hayek and the Old Conservatives, (backed by Wall Street and the City of London Zionists), was the main-greed behind the Western Allies during World War II against Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and the after WW II period until now, with the Neo-Cons. Their system only could survive, because the Communists of the USSR under Stalin backed them during WW II, only to lose against them on December, 26, 1991. The Zionist used the collaboration with the Nazis only to finally sabotage them and turn the whole world against them. To this the Zionists even took site with Stalin and the Soviet Union. The Vietnamese Ho-Chi-Minh and the Chinese Chiang-Kai Shek fought for them during WW II only to be betrayed later. Conclude, that a war for them is always a war for bullshit and the people fighting for them are just their pawn in the game:

Winston Churchill as a puppet of the City of London said a lot in his life by contradicting himself later and he also betrayed Australia at the Arcadio Conference:

Churchill belonged to the men, Sir Oswald Mosley addressed with following words: “These were the men to whom was entrusted the Empire of Great Britain, and whose idleness, ignorance and cowardice left it a Spain.”

The Globalists are able to adapt any color in their plan to conquer the whole world and are also prepared to have back up plans, should the people wake up and do that what is in their own interest and not in the interest of the Globalists.

Dr. Alfred Herrhausen (a Bilderberger) was the chief of the Deutsche Bank and he had a financial key-weapon to finish the parasitic, nation-plundering International-Bankster-System of the Globalists. This weapon was centered around “Dept-Relief for poor countries”. It was a threat to the International-Bankster-System of the Globalists. For this reason, Dr. Herrhausen was assassinated possible also by the CIA, Mossad and MI5 on 30th November, 1989:

Dr. Alfred Herrhausen was a graduate of the German  III. Reichs Napola School and Herrhausen never rejected the universal values he learnt there and these values were standing against the parasitic, nation-plundering Bankster-Bloodsucker-System of the Globalists, as it was in the past, the presence and the future.

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What is interesting is the reaction of Ex-Deutsche-Bank boss Josef Ackermann (Jew and one of Herrhausen’s successors). When asked if he could not just reintroduce the topic “debt-relief for poor countries”, he said: ”I believe, I would end like Herr Herrhausen”.

After WW 2 Germany did not get another Versailles Treaty, but the Globalist Allied did not need this anymore because they had Germany by the short and curlies and with certain methods Germany could be kept in subjugation, as the case of former Deutsche Bank Chief Dr. Alfred Herrhausen shows. The Germans became economically to great again for this Globalists and after Herrhausen, the Globalists developed a plan to destroy the German “Deutsche Mark” with the Euro and the International Bankster-Zionist direction of the European Union, which itself is an Anglo-Zionist Globalist project, through the European Center Bank which is controlled by Bankster Goldmann Sachs. As NATO is just there to keep the Germans down, so there is also the financial system of the International Banksters  of the Globalists and Zionists. They do anything to save their world-financial domination by keeping the US-Dollar as world-leading currency. Remember Saddam Hussein wanted to deal in the Euro instead of the US-Dollar and got done. Gaddafi established a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar and got done. Yes, they were – and are also willing to go to war to keep their world-financial domination. To this see more on following web-site:

Their present war-criminal activities were exposed at the special Sydney-Forum on 17th December, 2016, as you can see on following web-site:

To find out more about the Anglo-Zionist Globalist project of the European Union, see the last section of the article “The Judaeo-Masonic Roots of Ulster British Loyalism” on following web-site:

FED-former-Chief, Alan Greenspan (Jew) predicted that the Euro will come, but it will not survive. All in the interest of the Globalists.

After the death of Dr. Herrhausen, the Globalists moved quickly and made sure that their key-men Mr. Kopper, Mr. Breuer and Mr. Ackermann (Jew) were in charge of the Deutsche Bank. These gentlemen internationalized  the Deutsche Bank. For that reason,  the Deutsche Bank bought bankrupt banks like the bankrupt US-Investment “Bankers Trust”. The Deutsche Bank had to buy “Bankers Trust” at a three times inflated price, so the bloodsuckers of the Wall-Street Zionists could be kept happy. Furthermore they moved the Deutsche Bank into buying in the Derivative Marked and the pillar of German Banking lost its way into the downfall:

Only in German:

To this read also the Banking-Swindle and is Babylon falling on:

However the destruction of the “Deutsche Bank” , the Goldman-Sachs controlled European Center-Bank, the European Union, NATO and the “nothing more than the organized form of modality of foreign domination, namely the FRG = Fraudsters Run Germany”, would be the revival of the “German Reich” which does still exist according the International Peoples’ Law:

This month or so will be very important to the Joo power structure and in particular for the Guardian of the Treasury of the Vatican:

The JooSA is a vassal of the City of London, at least since 1913. However since 15 – 5 – 1213, England has been a fief of the Vatican’s feudal sovereignty:

They are all up against the wall if Trump gets sworn in. And, in the next week we might expect them to attempt some thing  big to preclude Trump being the 45th President:

And here some Risks and Opportunities for 2017: