Justin Trudeau: Just Another Soros Puppet


George Soros Open Society Foundation is working with the Trudeau government on refugee sponsorship


Justin Trudeau: Just Another Soros Puppet

George Soros and legalised murder in Canada

Nov.04, 2016

George Soros is the reason Canada has legalised murder. Who is George Soros? That is becoming less and less of a secret. He is an 85-year-old multi billionaire who among other things is an atheist, but he [really] thinks he’s god. He spends his money creating political and social unrest to create  a One World Order run by unelected zombies who do as they’re told by people like Soros.

Soros buys politicians, and Junior Trudeau was one of his better and easier items. Trudeau Senior (Prime Minister  Pierre Trudeau)  was a One Worlder who called himself a “Citizen of the World”.  In World War II Pierre , rather than fighting for God and Country in the muddy trenches of Europe, was riding about Quebec City on a motorcycle wearing a Nazi war helmet.  Pierre was a member of the elite Club of Rome, which is committed to globalism.

Communist Lester B. Pearson who got elected not by the Communist banner, but by the Liberal Banner, chose Pierre as his Minister of Justice although he did not have a seat in Parliament. Trudeau quickly shredded incriminating evidence against himself and went on to be the Prime Minister who brought in as No.1 an Omnibus Bill that legalised abortion, homosexuality, contraception….

When the Soros elite wanted someone to bring in euthanasia and assisted suicide they could find no better minion than son of Trudeau.  Not only that, Junior was and is a pot head. George Soros funds anything and anyone who advocates the legalisation of marijuana.

Our present Prime Minister is not answerable to the people of Canada but rather to the person or persons who paid for him.  Soros wants legalisation of murder.  After a few hours of debate, bullying and physical abuse, Trudeau gives his owners Canada as a country that has the worst anti-life law in the world.

George Soros is a Hungarian Jew who hates Jews.  He spent WWII delivering deportation orders to send Jews to the concentration camps.  Soros funds any group who will attack Israel. Trudeau does not want to fight ISIS because ISIS is against Israel and; well you know how his political masters feel about that.

George Soros is against borders, countries, patriotism, democracy, elections; unless he can rig them.  Trudeau has shown us his contempt for his country and for democracy in the Legalised Murder Non-Debate.

We pray Soros will be defeated along with the female Clinton  he owns next Monday. It will be that much easier to clean out the globalists and anti-lifers in Ottawa, as well as in our hospitals.  Gay