Ten radical ways the lawless left is planning to put Hillary Clinton back into the White House on January 20


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Ten radical ways the lawless left is planning to put Hillary Clinton back into the White House on January 20


by Mike Adams
Natural News

(NaturalNews) Instead of stepping back for some self introspection after being handed a stunning defeat in the elections, the political left has declared that the whole world is wrong. These communist-leaning radicals now believe it’s their job to correct the “errors” of the election by putting Hillary Clinton in the White House by any means possible. (Democracy be damned!)

Despite all their “democratic” rhetoric, at their core, leftists despise democracy. They hate leaving anything up to the voters, and even when the voters speak with determined clarity by rejecting the failed policies and criminality of the radical left, the same liberals reject everything the voters told them and continue down the path of self delusion.

That’s why right now, the radical left is working to overthrow the Trump election victory and install Hillary in the White House by any means necessary. This includes, of course, newspapers like the Washington Post completely fabricating utterly false stories to try to destroy or censor the independent media. Only when the true free press in America is silenced can the radical left succeed in its mission to overthrow the country. (As long as Drudge, Infowars, Natural News and Zero Hedge exist, in other words, they cannot get away with their communist takeover.)

Here are ten ways the radical left is either pursuing or strongly considering to steal this election before January 20. For the record, in this case I am not PREDICTING any particular scenarios will occur… and I hope none of them do. But I am warning Natural News readers about the possibilities that are still in the cards, even if some of them do seem rather remote. (Some of these scenarios are highly likely, and others are not likely at all. But you should consider them all…)

Scenario #1) Steal the Electoral votes

Rumors are already swirling that the Electoral voters may be bribed to alter their votes in defiance of the popular voters in their states. I’ve heard that some Electoral voters have been offered $150,000 each to switch their Trump votes to Clinton votes, and other voters are being death threated to change their votes. (Yes, this is how the radical left treats democracy: If you don’t vote for their candidate, they threaten to kill you!)

The reason this tactic will not succeed by itself is because Donald Trump has won by 78 electoral votes. Bribing enough voters in states that even allow personal discretion to alter such votes is a near impossibility. The chance of this happening is almost zero. The fact that so many delusional leftists still believe they can win by threatening the Electoral voters is just one more example of their sheer delusion.

Scenario #2) Plunge America into chaos and declare Martial Law

The chance of this tactic, however, is higher. In fact, the plot to overthrow the Republic by riling up clueless, hypnotized leftist instigators is already ramping up.

As Doug Hagmann writes in HagmannReport.com:

Again we see the lies of the “leftist” media and their card-carrying Socialist comrades deceptively claiming that these protests are both spontaneous and organic. They are neither, and are as spontaneous as the attack in Benghazi was in 2012. They are well planned, organized and funded by the same people who refuse to cede power. The media is even reluctant to call them for what they are: organized riots, complete with injuries and property destruction. Left unexposed, these riots will not only continue, but spread.

Watch for organized riots on Christmas, New Year’s Day and Inauguration Day. The radical left believes that they can seize power if sufficient chaos is unleashed in the streets.

Scenario #3) Crash the markets back to the Dark Ages and destroy continuity of government

This scenario is highly likely to be attempted, in my assessment, but not until after Donald Trump is sworn in as President. Once it’s all official, the central banks may collude to crash the global debt system so that Trump can be blamed for the catastrophe while the obedient, leftist media lies to all their followers (as usual) to say Obama’s doubling of the national debt had nothing to do with it. (Yes, when financial markets go bad under Obama, it’s Bush’s fault. But when financial markets go bad under Trump, it’s Trump’s fault!)

The likelihood of markets crashing before Inauguration Day is also worth considering, but if they do crash before Obama leaves office, I believe that will be an accidental crash, not a deliberate one.

The most strategic way for globalists to use a market crash is to time it to occur once Trump takes office. That’s why myself, James Wesley Rawles and Michael Snyder are all predicting a market implosion in 2017:

Scenario #4) Launch an EMP nuclear assault on America and blame the Russians

This the “EMP false flag” scenario I originally mentioned to Dave Hodges in a recent interview. Notably, the narrative for this false flag is already being put into place by fakestream media publishers like the Washington Post, which has declared Natural News to be controlled by the Russians. (Seriously. They did.)

With that narrative fully in place, the Obama regime can launch a nuclear weapon and detonate it at altitude above North America, creating a false flag EMP attack that’s then blamed on the Russians.

Obama could then declare Martial Law and issue arrest warrants for all the independent media websites named by the Washington Post as “working for the Russians.”

I know, it’s all utterly insane, but this is how the lawless, radical left thinks. They have decided to win at any cost, even if it means nuking their own country. That’s how delusional and dangerous these people are. Read books by Ann Coulter to learn more about the tactics of the desperate, radical left.

Scenario #5) Provoke nuclear war with Russia

There’s also the scenario where Obama deliberately initiates a nuclear war with Russia, almost certainly initiating it in Ukraine, along the Eastern front of NATO. He then uses the declaration of war to declare a new national emergency, claiming he must remain in the White House until the crisis passes. (It won’t fly, of course, but they might try…)

The entire fakestream media has not reported any of this, but Paul Craig Roberts has correctly described how Obama is positioning European nuclear assets into an aggressive, war-like posture to provoke a Russian response. Read some of Roberts’ outstanding analysis articles at this link.

It is no exaggeration to say that President Obama has been trying to provoke Russia into a nuclear conflict for years. Will he succeed? I doubt it. Putin will hold off until Trump takes office, and then he and Trump will likely avoid nuclear war altogether.

Scenario #6) Assassinate Trump, then threaten Pence until he complies

This scenario is being actively pursued by the radical left. They are literally attempting to assassinate Donald J. Trump so that Mike Pence becomes President. From there, they hope they can sufficiently threaten or control Pence to follow their bidding.

As all that is unfolding, they will also be maliciously attacking Pence, Trump and the independent media via the “fakestream media” which will fabricate utterly false stories on a daily basis, just as they do now.

Scenario #7) Open the floodgates for illegals and overrun the country with militant foreigners

Here’s a scenario that’s already been partially activated by Obama. The idea is to flood America with illegals — especially those with ties to La Raza — then proclaim portions of the American Southwest to be “property of the Mexican people.”

As far as I’m concerned, they can have the entire Southern half of California for free. It’s on the verge of economic and social collapse, and any nation that has to deal with that mess is going to regret being associated with it. If they do take half of California, let’s make sure they take all the electoral votes that go with it, too.

Scenario #8) Activate a massive false flag event in a large U.S. city, possibly targeting Trump Tower

It is notable that Ron Paul is now echoing my warnings of a massive false flag event to try to alter the outcome of this election.

We must crucially understand that the globalists had numerous false flags planned before the election, but they chose to avoid activating any of them because they mistakenly thought they had the election locked up.

Thus, by the narrowest of margins, We the People managed to both WIN the election for Trump and avoid large-scale false flag attacks on U.S. soil. I can’t even describe to you how narrowly we all threaded the needle on that one…

But those same false flag operations can still be invoked at any time, and they may yet be used to cause disruptions, chaos or to invoke Martial Law well before Inauguration Day.

From a tactical perspective in the minds of the radical left, the best kind of false flag to achieve their goal of staying in power would be one that targets Trump Tower. Although the FAA has restricted the air space around Trump Tower for security reasons, the tower could still be targeted by determined, suicidal leftist radicals carrying something like a combination of chemical explosives and dirty bomb material.

Google, an anti-American organization of traitors and communists, has already renamed Trump Tower to “Dump Tower” on Google Maps. This is possibly a directive to left-wing terrorists to “dump” explosives and radiological weapons on the target. In effect, Google may be actively working to overthrow the U.S. government, just as the Washington Post is, too.

Scenario #9) A popular uprising to “occupy” Washington D.C. on January 20, 2017

This scenario is almost a certainty, as Natural News is already aware of a radical leftist plot to seize and occupy the Capitol building on January 20.

This effort is being organized on a massive scale and marketed as a “protest.” If a sufficient number of willing radicals arrive on the scene — and you can bet they will be transported in by the thousands, courtesy of George Soros — the “peaceful protest” will be transformed into a “let’s take the Capitol!” effort.

There will be 1,000 U.S. Marines stationed in D.C. on Inauguration Day. I can’t wait to watch them take back the Capitol under the orders of President Trump. The radical left needs to be shown what real Americans are made of, and it doesn’t mean backing down just because a few thousand whiney transgendered snowflakes with stuffed unicorns and tie-dye rainbow T-shirts think they can steal the country by plopping down on the floor of the Capitol building.

Scenario #10) “Poison Pill” America the week before Inauguration

This isn’t actually a way for the left to take over the country. Rather, it’s a way to ruin the country before Trump takes over.

The idea is to cause a massive financial crisis in the days before Trump’s inauguration. This can be accomplished more easily than you might suspect: The Fed can announce substantially higher interest rates while the federal “Plunge Protection Team” flips into reverse, SELLING all the government-owned stocks and financial instruments they’ve been buying up for the last eight years to prevent a market crash.

Basically, it’s a fire sale scenario: Everything must go.

In the span of a few short days, President Obama could decimate the financial markets, vastly increase the cost of U.S. government borrowing, wipe out billions of dollars in private wealth among the citizens, and even have international borrowers flushing U.S. debt. The best part of all this, from the view of the left, is that lying media outlets like the Washington Post, NYT and CNN could all blame Donald Trump!

It’s sort of like agreeing to sell your used truck to your neighbor and then setting fire to your truck before handing it over. This is the way the radical left thinks. They would rather destroy America than lose control of it.

Conclusion: It ain’t over, folks… prepare for activation of the Second Amendment

The conclusion in all this should be obvious: It’s not over until Trump is sworn in as President. And even then, it’s still not over until we clean out the radical leftist liars and cockroach communists running the left-wing media.

Even then, it’s STILL not over until we shatter the NEA and stop allowing communists to set the academic agenda in our nation’s schools. To really save America, we must break the back of the communists who have infiltrated every institution in this nation, and we must then re-educate an entire generation of children and teens about why America is the greatest nation on the planet.

Can we succeed? There are tens of millions of dedicated leftists, communists and radical Islamic terrorists who hope we don’t. My advice is to “lock and load.” Prepare to defend your nation against the radicals. A civil war now seems almost inevitable, as the radical left refuses to accept the outcome of any democratic election they don’t win.

If they turn this thing to violence and the Second Amendment gets activated, the radical left is going to find itself decimated at the hands of real Americans.