Pedophile Terrorism is Running Rampant in America




Pedophile Terrorism is Running Rampant in America

 By Preston James, Ph.D
Veterans Today

All Lives Matter ~ Similar to the Pennsylvania Appalachian Belt, the Minnesota Strip feeds kids into the national Sex-Trafficking Network to slake the World’s never-ending thirst for angelic-looking Sex Toys

by  Preston James



Sometimes Minnesota nice isn’t as nice as you might think. Right now there is a local and high level cover-up of major sex trafficking of minors in Minnesota.

Some of the young girls are being sold for as little as $200.00 USD. Many have been taken out of state for purposes of prostitution, obvious White Slavery crimes which are federal felonies, kept in bondage with induced drug addictions and serious threats.

About 90% of the sex trafficking that starts in Minnesota is associated with Black Pimps. Political Correctness and recent concern with the George Soros’ secretly-backed “Black Lives Matter” (which is actually led by Intel assets) tends to motivate local LE to want to avoid any energetic investigations.

White USG officials at moderately high to very high levels run the actual deployment of these compromise ops, while the black pimps do most of the procurement.

In past years, when Gary McGaughey was head of Vice at the Minneapolis Police Department, he and Detective Rothstein worked the case now known as the “Minnesota Connection“. Through their efforts, and some honest, standup FBI agents like themselves, they were able to arrest and gain convictions with long jail sentences for 11 of the 12 top human-trafficking pimps in America.

Detective Gary McGaughey had an impeccable record and, after he and Detective Rothstein assembled the case against Hubert Humphrey for taking illegal payments from the Milk Industry, the Secret Shadow Government deployed numerous means that destroyed Detective McGaughey and his family.

This incredible hero died a broken man, never to be honored for his amazing Law Enforcement achievements for the community, or for what a standup, honorable and honest police officer he was. His career was a gift to the whole community of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Do middle class Americans have feet of clay because they are victims of their own self-induced mind-kontrol prison of Political Correctness. Are unwilling to address sex trafficking and the actual causes of blatant urban crime which is always a secret systemic consequence of high level government, LE and Intel corruption?

Do middle class Americans have feet of clay because they are victims of their own self-induced mind-kontrol prison of Political Correctness? Are we unwilling to address Sex-Trafficking and the actual causes of blatant urban crime, which is always a secret systemic consequence of high-level government, LE and Intel corruption?

Detective McGaughey was known forfrequently making the following claim about how human compromise operations were accomplished:

“I know enough about vice to know that everybody has a chink in their armor”.

To effectively human compromise someone all Intel has to do is find it and exploit it by providing the proper custom designed temptation.

I am presenting this difficult truth herebecause, like many in LE, good black people are very frustrated that white America is like a giant with feet of clay that refuses to go after the real criminals at every level, including the black gangs, the black pimps, the white CIA drug traffickers and warmongers within the USG, Intel and the Pentagon.

The majority of middle aged blacks are pro law-and-order, and desire whites to get over their guilt and take on these criminal black pimps that prey on their young girls and boys, as well as they want them to prosecute all the black and white crooks in DC (and there are a lot that need to be prosecuted).

Most adult blacks are just like middle class whites, they want law and order in their communities. Most of the High level pedophile Honey traps are run by this Satanic pedophile network with the help of the Mossad, the CIA and all covered up by the FBI.

Minnesota sex trafficking

Some of the young sex-trafficked victims are used as Intel honey traps to set a snare from which numerous Members of Congressman and high Military and Corporate Officials can be blackmailed and controlled.

Some end up used exclusively in Satanic pedophile networks for Honey Traps used by Intel such as was described in the Book The Franklin Cover Up by Attorney John DeCamp, a personal friend of former CIA Director William Colby who was murdered after he retired.

These Intel related “Honey Trap” human compromise operations are the specialty of the CIA, MI-5&6 and the Mossad.

Naturally the FBI’s top managers at the Washington Field Office (WFO) are charged with keeping all these operations covered up FOREVER by using any means necessary, and this is of course authorized under so-called “national security”.

Any good FBI agent who starts investigating these crimes, finds the investigation is immediately taken over by the WFO, and he is pulled out of it.

Local Law Enforcement who get too inquisitive or try to do their jobs get stepped on in various ways to the degree necessary and are told that the investigation is now being handled by the Feds and they are no longer needed.

Like with so many other USG and Intel linked RICO crime, the FBI refuses to fully investigate Intel-linked sex-trafficking and Honey Trap human compromise operations at any level.

A member of the privileged elite with then underage Virginia Roberts photographed with Prince Andrew in early 2001 (file photo)

A member of the privileged elite with then underage Virginia Roberts photographed in early 2001 (file photo)

Make no mistake about it, this sex trafficking in Minnesota (as well as most other sex trafficking in America) is linked to a very large worldwide, satanic-linked, organized crime pedophile network, which hides in the shadows and in secret societies.

This satanic pedophile network uses Intel agencies, specifically the FBI, to keep it covered up under so-called “national security”, which is invoked to prevent exposure and public outrage.

When you get right down to it, whenever national security is invoked these days, it is not referring to protecting the security of the USA, but is actually all about protecting the security, power and standing of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and their appointed Doofuses and Cutouts in high positions of Authority.

This story of sex trafficking is the “tip of the iceberg” and involves law enforcement at all levels, failing to act for fear of retaliation and because of high level interference.

It also involves Minnesota State Legislators who are refusing to take action despite numerous individuals, including one retired Law Enforcement expert, contacting them with evidence of these major crimes against children and adolescent minors.


US Congressman Erik Paulsen–Doing the best he can with limited knowledge of “human compromise operations” by the various Intel agencies which are used to control politicians and USG and Corporate officials.

Erik Paulsen a good man and a very well-meaning Minnesota Member of the US Congress. He has done his best, and has made an effort to fight sex-trafficking legislatively. Actually, Congressman Paulsen is one of the few good guys in Congress, who has been trying to stop this horrendous crime of sex trafficking.

It is like trying to swim up a waterfall because the “fix is in” at the highest levels of government, the Pentagon and Intel with those Select few that sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy (EH). Sadly despite his consultations with an honest Minneapolis Vice Detective who nears retirement, he appears to not understand the way this problem must be approached to be effective in greatly reducing it and even stopping it.

I sent Congressman Paulsen a request that he meet with America’s top expert of sex trafficking, prostitution and pedophilia, retired LE Detective James Rothstein (NYCPD Gold Shield Retired), and offered to facilitate the meeting.

I knew such a consultation would be necessary for him to be adequately briefed on the extent of this problem of sex trafficking in Minnesota and nationwide; and without help, his actions would be doomed. And that seems to have been the case. Representative Paulson never contacted or met with Detective Rothstein. Maybe his staff screened out my request and he never got it, who knows what happened?

Congressman Paulsen went on to propose legislation in the US House of Representatives entitled, “Stop Exploitation through Sex Trafficking (HR 159). This was passed in the House and sent to the Senate as (S166) where it was sent to the Judicial Committee, where it sits inactive now.

Sadly, I must report that, even if passed in the US Senate as S166, HR159 is a lightweight effort with no chance of success in stopping the now rampant sex trafficking, which is a very big deal in Minnesota, as well as many other states too. Detective Rothstein has authored a draft resolution that, if adopted as law in the states, would deal a direct blow to sex trafficking by attacking the root cause of the cover up.

According to a Congressional rating services, this Bill HR159/S166 has a probability of becoming passed and signed into law of about 26%, not very promising. And if passed it could never be effective anyway.


Proposed Solution

Detective Rothstein has an excellent solution to this problem of human sex trafficking, which should be enacted into all State Laws.

As Mayor his city passed a Resolution that is designed to serve as model legislation for every State of the Union. This would have real teeth if passed and implemented as State law.

He has been fighting to expose all this for many years, and especially since he retired from the NYCPD, where he was a Gold Shield Detective assigned to “15 man special projects team” that also worked for the NY State Crime Commission on very sensitive matters, such as this subject.

After retirement from the NYCPD as a Gold Shield Detective, Detective Rothstein eventually moved back to his home town in Minnesota and became mayor. In an effort to set a new standard for fighting Sex Trafficking, his city passed the first adequate solution to human sex trafficking — a resolution that needs to become law in every state.

RESOLUTION 2014 08 ResolutionOnHumanTrafficking by yanira on Scribd


Detective Rothstein’s background

Retired Detective James Rothstein

Det. James Rothstein, NYCPD Gold Shield, Police Intel, NY Crime Commission Special Squad (now retired). America’s No. 1 expert in sex trafficking, organized pedophile human compromise ops and illegal narcotics trafficking. Responsible for the prosecution and conviction of more high level human compromise criminals than any other LE person in America. Det. Rothstein is a totally stand up man who can be trusted and has a distinguished record that is unmatched.

Detective Rothstein’s background in LE involved operating at a very high level with involvement in numerous highly sensitive national security related and covered up crimes, including the international satanic and Intel linked sex Trafficking and pedophile network.

During this time, the detective made numerous trips to Minnesota investigating the Minnesota Pipeline to NYC for sex trafficking and prostitution with Gary McGaughey and other ethical, stand up detectives in the Minneapolis Police Department.

After retirement, Detective Rothstein moved back to his Minnesota home town to become the Mayor. He exposed the pedophile priests at St. John’s Abbey, and has continued his fight to expose the whole human sex trafficking pedophile network.

Detective James Rothstein is a totally standup man, has served the NYCPD, the State of New York and all of America with great distinction. His accomplishments in LE and Police Intel would fill a book.

In fact, Rothstein has a book that is pretty much complete and will be published in the not too distant future. I have read the first drafts, and I can tell you it is spellbinding to say the least.

It is not an exaggeration to state that Detective Rothstein is by far the top expert on sex trafficking, organized pedophilia and drug trafficking in America.

Detective Rothstein’s favorite phrase based on witnessing many years of cover ups and unwillingness for the authorities to deal with all the crimes of human compromise of politicians, and USG and corporate officials:

“In our politically correct, feel-good society, there is no place for truth or for honesty.”

Rothstein, a German Catholic served the NY State Crime Commission under Governor Hugh Carey as part of a special anti-corruption squad that traveled all over America investigating and arresting pedophiles. At one time, as many as 100 NYCPD Detectives were assigned to this squad.

What Detective Rothstein found out was that many of these children sex trafficked from Minnesota and other locations ended up under the control of a powerful satanic linked pedophile network linked to Intel, the Establishment Hierarchy (EH), and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

It turns out many of these sex traffickers were actually pedophiles who were either working with the CIA or serving as their “protected informants”.

And most of these offenders are protected because they played an important part in setting up “honey traps” to human-compromise corporate leaders, and elected or appointed USG and high state officials.

Most of their work was intended to compromise weak, perverted DC politicians, and this should be no surprise to many who know how DC really works.

Detective Rothstein’s career at the NYCPD was illustrious, with many national security related situations, some of which became publicized, such as the time he saved Marita Lorenz’s life and arrested Frank Sturgiss, aka Frank Fiorini, the notorious Watergate Burglar and JFK Assassination Op40 trigger-man at Dealey Plaza that terrible day 11-22-63.

Detective Rothstein has continued investigating corruption since his retirement from the NYCPD and has done everything he can to expose the pedophile Priest crimes of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota.

St. John’s University is a separate institution and should in no way be blamed for these incredibly serious crimes of St. John’s Abbey. St. John’s Abbey should be sued into bankruptcy, with all its proceeds given to past victims and their surviving families. So far they have been protected by the local police, the FBI and the CIA.


The term surviving families is appropriate here because there have been un-prosecuted murders associated with St. John’s Abbey due to police inaction.

There are many secret victims of this St. John’s Abbey Pedophilia who have never come forward, and numerous suicides of victims who tried to tell, but no one would believe them.

Most parents who have been told years later by their child about being abused by a St. Johns Abbey Priest have had great difficulty fathoming that their own Priest could be so two-faced and evil inside, when trusted to be alone with parish children, but then to harm them and betray their trust so seriously.

Personally I would like to see St. John’s Abbey bankrupted for what they have done, completely remodeled or even torn down, and transformed into a wellness and healing center for the victims and surviving families of these Pedophile Priests of St. Johns Abbey.

Even though some have died of old age and were never exposed, there are still those who have skated for their crimes against young children, and some of these still at St. John’s Abbey un-confronted, un-prosecuted and not publicly identified.