Megyn Kelly: Liberal Plant, Intelligence Asset, Shameless Presstitute or All Three?




Megyn Kelly: Liberal Plant, Intelligence Asset, Shameless Presstitute or All Three?

This Is What A Real Presstitute Looks Like

1155968404_5159325292001_5159299496001-vsThe photo of Megyn Kelly above says it all.  How do you spell P R E S S T I T U T E ?

Megyn Kelly Is Toast Because She Is a Liberal Plant on a Conservative Network Who Has Exposed Herself

SOTN Commentary

First, that she is the last person at FOX News who can call herself an advocate for women. Authentic advocates simply don’t dress in a way that profoundly denigrates womanhood, especially during prime time.

Just look at the way Kelly has been dressing lately; one can’t be sure if she is priming to walk the runways in the modeling industry.  Her prime time attire has been so inappropriate that she loses all credibility right there.  Take a look!









Surely the reader gets the picture.  And all of these pics were taken while she did her work during prime time on a major news network.  One wonders if she is really modeling as a high society call girl.  Honestly, does she have a part-time job after performing her newscasts?!

The way a news anchor comports themselves is always a dead giveaway.   In Kelly’s case, she is clearly the PRESSTITUTE that she portrays herself to be.  She is telling everyone by these photographs that she is a stone-cold media whore.  And that she will say anything on the air to push the agenda of her MSM masters.

*MSM = mainstream media

Secondly, and most important, Kelly has become a Clinton supporter.  She uses her high media platform at FOX to push the Democratic nominee’s candidacy in ways that are stealthy and sneaky at the same time.  Just look at her predominant facial expressions to see how she probably got away with such mischief as a young tom-boy.  A very good manipulator indeed.

Sean Hannity accuses Megyn Kelly of supporting Hillary Clinton

Ever since she blind-sided Trump in the very first debate with her first highly provocative and inappropriate question, Kelly totally gave herself away as she did her hidden agenda. This trained lawyer is a word merchant of the highest order.  Her aggressive and purposeful use of the English language shows at every turn that she is a legalistic manipulator who is more prosecutor than journalist.

Megyn Kelly is playing a serious game with the American people as she surreptitiously supports Hillary Clinton for president.  While not coming right out and declaring her support (only because she can’t) for Clinton, she quite deceptively uses her seat to promote the Democratic agenda while bashing Donald Trump at every opportunity.

Third, she has been propped up as a news anchor, and yet talks much more than she listens just like all mind-controlled intelligence assets do. Like all card-carrying CIA-directed news anchors, obvious pawns like Megyn Kelly are used as gatekeepers.  They strictly control the flow of all information into and out of the news network.  In her case she performs this gatekeeping function like a concentration guard—hardcore all the way.

In this capacity she has become quite an expert at shutting down anyone speaking the unvarnished truth particularly when it departs from her misguided agenda.  The vast majority of FOX viewers now look at her as the enemy, so skewed is her reporting and warped commentary.  This is precisely why she has taken to wearing the risqué clothing as a lure to the naive and vulnerable.

The best way to describe Megyn Kelly is to compare her to a RINO.  Just like flashy John Boehner was a dyed-in-the-wool RINO, so, too, is Kelly.  Image-conscious partisans who maintain such a high profile in public life are always put there to mislead the very audience they are deliberately propped up in front of.  In this regard, Kelly is the biggest phony and fraud, fake and fiction on TV today.

Special Note:
SOTN has singled out Megyn Kelly among all the MSM presstitutes who prostitute themselves with the MSM on behalf of their NWO globalist masters for a specific reason. She is a perfect example of the “eye candy” that is given to FOX viewers while they think they are listening to unbiased news reporting and/or balanced commentary.  Kelly delivers neither even when she really appears to.  And there’s a very good reason for this.  As follows: Megyn Kelly Seeks Salary North of $20 Million in Contract Talks With Fox News
This is precisely how they keep the anchors on a leash; they pay them very big money and then control them like a marionette.  Once they get used to the HUGE paycheck, they will do anything not to lose it—even knowingly passing along  falsehoods or highly biased commentary.  That’s not to say that the other network anchors are not just as compromised.  They — the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS anchors — are more transparent in their presstitution than FOX News.  As a matter of fact, they are so ridiculous in their storytelling that they are now a major laughingstock across the world.


For these and many other reasons, Megyn Kelly is toast.  She will crash and burn at a time not of her choosing.  Yes, her future in journalism is soon to be terminated and it is her betrayal of the truth and promotion of falsehood that will lead to her own ruin.

Fox News ‘Imploding’; Megyn Kelly ‘Out of Control,’ ‘Auditioning’ for a Bigger Forum

It looks like it’s happening already!

State of the Nation
October 28, 2016

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