IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE: Hillary Outright Cheated at the Third Debate




IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE: Hillary Outright Cheated at the Third Debate

Candidate Clinton Has Proven to be the Biggest Cheater in U.S Presidential Election History

Is there anyone even close to her?
Has any other candidate ever got caught in the act so many times?

State of the Nation

If for nothing else, the 2016 election cycle will go down in history as the time when a presidential candidate was caught red-handed cheating right during the debates–on several occasions.

UNDENIABLE PROOF: Hillary Cheated at the Third Debate

That a debater would even risk cheating  — DURING PRIME TIME — in front of the largest global audience in election history, is quite bold and reckless.  However, at the core of this debate ‘crime’, is a sheer desperation not only to win this election, but also to not come away looking like a complete and total loser.  Nevertheless, sometimes the only way possible of winning an election is to outright steal it .

Clinton Can Only ‘Win’ By Stealing The Election

Let’s face it, Hillary’s performances at all 3 debates turned out to be much better (although she got slammed at all three) than expected.  In light of her known medical diagnoses — Parkinson’s disease, Subcortical vascular dementia and Post concussion syndrome — she made it through all three debates in remarkable fashion … particularly given the widespread expectation that she might fall to the floor mid-debate.

The Great Debates Expose a Cheat

Not only did Hillary receive life support prior to and during each debate by her team of physicians and nurses and other medical personnel, who are ever-present at all of her public functions, she also received extraordinary assistance during the live debates, both visual and audio, which got her through the events ALMOST without a hitch.

In today’s wired world of the Internet, it is virtually impossible to get away with a crime in a public space, especially a highly populated and public debate forum.  With so many who possess mobile, high-end video and audio technologies, catching individuals at the scene of the crime — while committing the crime in real time — had become commonplace.

This rapidly evolving state of affairs does not in any way favor a presidential candidate who must cheat to win like Hillary R. Clinton.  It especially does not work to the advantage of the Democratic Party—a serial cheating organization if ever there was one.  The DNC (Democratic National Committee) cheats when it gets out bed in the morning, as it does when it goes to bed at night.  Clearly, the current leadership of the DNC is addicted to cheating — even in broad daylight — as their pathologically cheating nominee has demonstrated time and again.

How did she do it?

From any evaluation of the 3 debates, it is clear that Hillary Clinton cheated in every way possible.  Those responsible for setting up the various technologies to assist her in the cheating spared no expense or technological advancement in their endeavor to have her wired like an NASA astronaut.  Again, the following two videos provide indisputable evidence that show how Hillary was wired during the entire third debate.

UNDENIABLE PROOF: Hillary Cheated at the Third Debate

That the proof of  cheating via technology is so overwhelming only shows that the current incarnation of the DNC truly feels that it can act with utter impunity.  It’s clear that Clinton herself is not a techie.  It’s also clear that she will take advantage of any technology available in order to gain unfair advantage for any political purpose.  Hence, her complete cooperation in the conduct of debate cheating was obviously present at all 3 events.

The most important answer to the question “How did she do it?” then is: “Why did the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) let her get away with it?”  Whenever a presidential debate venue has been identified in advance, it is essentially locked down for security purposes once the preparations begin for the actual debate.  Hence, the CPD was well aware of every way in which DNC rigged the debates before they even began.

So the best answer to the question is that the CPD was in on the fix.  The CPD managed the environment in such a way so as to provide Hillary Clinton a significant advantage during the debates.  This kind of collusion illustrates just how deep the collaboration was, and is, between the DNC and the CPD, as well as with the mainstream media (MSM).  The MSM systematically does the cover-up with extraordinary efficiency and thoroughness.

Andrea Mitchell Falsely Claims Donna Brazile Leak Story Has Been ‘Completely Knocked Down’ [VIDEO] 

The MSM has done everything possible to cover up the various and sundry DNC debate crimes, but they were unable to control everything all the time.  Who by now is not well aware of the ongoing conspiracy between the MSM and DNC to rig this election against Donald Trump?  According to Wikileaks revelations they have both been exposed for unprecedented criminal collusion to rig a U.S. presidential election.

In fact, the depth and breadth of this criminal conspiracy, to nakedly undermine democracy and subvert the American Republic, are unparalleled in U.S. history.  So this is how they really did it to The Donald.  The criminal co-conspirators simply always chose to turn a blind eye toward all the transparent cheating and clandestine scheming.  Working very closely together, the DNC, CPD, MSM, and Clinton Campaign coordinated an extremely deliberate effort to cheat Trump every step of the way of this campaign season.

The Good News

Because of the many ways that this covert plot has been revealed, the American people are now privy to the ways and working of the cheaters.  The many cheaters apparently did not care a whit about getting caught, so indifferent are they to their exposure.  They know they have the MSM firmly on their side and can get away with bloody murder if they so choose. All they have to do is cover up their crime spree via full cooperation from the MSM executives.

The Mainstream Media Has Become A Criminal Accomplice To Naked Campaign Fraud And Election Theft

However, the Fourth Estate is now a rapidly dying dinosaur.  The younger generations have already unplugged from the MSM organs of propaganda and have segued over to the Fifth Estate.  For it is the alternative media that has become a vast repository of accurate information and good data, much of which has been posted and published by citizen journalists and armchair analysts, amateur video producers and upstart radio interviewers.

This is where the final battle for the soul of America will be won or lost.

For her part, Hillary Clinton has done an outstanding job of revealing the wretched System for its utter corruption and pervasive criminality.  Wikileaks has likewise shown the Democratic Party for the den of thieves that they truly are.  This year’s debates have laid bare the complicity that exists among all the vested interests and entrenched politicos who are determined to manipulate the election outcome by every means necessary.

Again, this is really all VERY good news in that We the People can now see and hear what truly ails the American Republic.  For only in this way can it be eradicated from the body politic and these United States of America, once and for all.

State of the Nation
October 23, 2016