Coming unglued




Coming unglued

Dark secrets remain unrevealed
as society’s fabric disintegrates

Why is every major politician surrounded by Jewish ‘advisers’?

By John Kaminski

Too many things don’t make sense.

What makes us act against our own best interests?

Why are we Americans encircling Russia with tanks and missiles? Why do we create our own terrorists and bomb our own allies? Why do we blow up our own buildings and claim that the crime was done by terrorists who simply cannot be found? What do the misanthropes who operate the gears of power want by causing constant conflict?

Sometimes Washington reminds me of the Old Testament, ruled by a wrathful God who orders us to kill those whose property we wish to steal. Why would we hire the most odious criminals in the world to butcher the inhabitants of Middle Eastern countries? I mean, whose work are we doing by these actions, covertly funding Israel-friendly Arab radicals to demolish nations who refuse to do our bidding?

There can be only one answer. America is no longer run by Americans. Because the same people who commit the crimes own the newspapers and TV networks, most Americans don’t realize their country has long ago been taken away by the very international bankers Henry Ford warned us about, who Adolf Hitler warned us about.

Now Ford and Hitler are the most widely reviled personalities from the 20th century. Not a day goes by when you don’t hear something nasty about them. They tried to stop the Jewish takeover of reality. The tidal wave of Jew-owned white noise media overwhelmed them.

What most people still don’t realize is that none of these neocon wars would have happened had Hitler won World War II. He never wanted to conquer anyone. He only wanted the return of Germany’s ancestral lands, which had been stolen by the Jewish allies (US, Britain, USSR) after World War I.

All the horror stories about Hitler are projected Jewish fantasies that have dominated the Western airwaves for a half century. They are meant to obscure Hitler’s economic miracle and the path to a financial future free of the vampire Jews.

Hitler floated seven peace proposals prior to World War II. But because he had challenged the Jewish monopoly of control of the world’s financial affairs, the Jews would let him have no peace. The secret Jew Roosevelt pushed the levers of war. Winston Churchill started bombing the first day he took office.

Think of all the wars that have been spawned by the Jewish murder machine since that time, the 1940s. It’s impossible to say that none of them would have happened, but had Hitler won, the Jews would not now be strutting around the world using U.S. military might as its brutal enforcer to rob all nations of the their most valuable possessions, and even more chilling, to stamp out all traces of opposition to their psycho-pathological hijacking of everyone’s reality.

You can’t live a normal life because of the Jews, harvesting and neutering everything they encounter, like some robot parasite destined to suck the life out of the world, as Hitler and Ford both warned us about, turning your food into poison and your daughters into tramps.

There is no one to turn to for help. Turn to the wrong person and you can get killed.

Call the cops and your pet’s as good as dead.

Anywhere in the white United States, if you saw a woman being raped by 20 men on the street, everyone’s first impulse would be to stop the crime, or at least report it to the cops.

Not so in the ugly deserts of the Middle East, where insane Arab terrorists hired by Jews and Americans commit the most barbaric crimes in order to blame these false flag atrocities on people it means to exterminate, a task for which any excuse will do for these world famous killers.

This is the real American personality, the goons who hired those AL-Qaeda mercenaries to rape and kill Qaddafi in the streets, people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Stone cold killers. And they laugh about it.

If you were in your right mind, you wouldn’t ever trust people like this.

America gassed those hundreds of children in Syria and tried to blame it on Assad. People finally began to realize that nothing the U.S. government ever says is true. The terrorists who supposedly slit people’s throats are so over-the-top because they are all a Hollywood act<>.

Americans have begun to realize that they are the killers they thought they had been fighting. It turns out the fight has just begun.

Unglued. Society is becoming unglued. The fabric of society is disintegrating. What horrific chaos is sure to follow can only be envisioned by our most harrowing nightmares.

There are no explanations that adequately describe what exactly is happening to the world at the present time except to note that things that once seemed to work now no longer do.

It seems like freedom has been devalued and shackled, and governments make too many decisions the people never wanted, like the World Wars, the Great Depression and the War on Drugs.

To be an American today is like living in a grand old steamship that is not so slowly sinking into a jellified ocean, petrified minds in a viscous sea of misinformation, afraid to challenge orders they know are lies, sliding into oblivion without a clue that they are doing so.

The separation of the population into chosen and neglected applies to all religions, guaranteeing perpetual sectarian strife. Those who are chosen believe it is their right to rob and kill whomever they choose, that they are simply following the laws of nature and the personalized deity they choose to hallucinate.

Governments have adopted this policy. Peace is achieved when robbers agree to divide the spoils. The rest of the people are left to scramble for scraps. It has always been this way, I think.

The government overreach to extend help to needy immigrants is really part of a ploy to dilute the American electorate into under-educated slaves who will support the government through any atrocity because it is the government that is keeping them alive.

This is how the Democrats guarantee themselves a majority of citizens too grateful for the financial help to ever quarrel with the government’s expansionist objectives and its continuing restrictions on individual rights.

There are simply too many subjects to be addressed, to be worried about.

They swathe all the final cuts of vegetables, right before it goes to market, with Glyphosate, to make sure everyone gets poisoned.

Step in brackish Louisiana water with a cut on your foot and your body will completely disintegrate in a few weeks.

The fallacy of the cloister regiments us into soldier slaves, causing us to murder those who disagree with what we say.

The more technology increases the faster human abilities dissipate.

The flaw of democracy is that the people with the money can convince the people with the guns to start shooting at any time.

The government has blackmailed states into implementing a Communist agenda that reduces the intelligence of citizens.

So many lies told over so many years.

As long as we try to see things through the toxic filter of Jewish media, what we see will be a mirage that aims to mislead, exploit or destroy us.

Coming unglued.

The world is coming unglued.

Like the Atlantic Gulf-stream, the circadian rhythm of the planet has been disrupted.

Ever since it was discovered that men will kill each other over practically anything, there have been those who will cultivate disagreements for profit, such as weapons makers who seek to widen their markets by endlessly promoting conflict, or newspaper owners who fan the flames of discord and scandal and watch their profits skyrocket.

It’s like we’re all spectators at the old Roman Coliseum only instead of some hapless prisoner getting chewed up by lions, the stakes in this entertainment are if the beast wins much of the known world will be turned to rubble and most of us will be suddenly dead. This is no exaggeration. Just ask the people in Syria or any of a dozen other countries that Israel, using U.S. muscle, has destroyed.

It’s like the shadow of Judaism casts its evil pall over every area of human endeavor, pollutes everything, cheapens our lives, makes everything artificial. Why do Jews seek to murder the natural?

Why do they strive toward wanting to be everyone’s jailer and demanding immunity for their obnoxious crimes against humanity, whom they call beasts while their heckling Heebs twitch and moan to the insanity of their so-called holy book.

They suck the blood of their babies’ penises. How insane do you have to be?

Failure to identify this threat and solve this mystery has now placed human society in absolute peril, as the majority of human beings sinks into a second class consciousness, while those with the keys to kosher success join the ranks of ruthless guards keeping watch on a world of pathetic prisoners.

Too many things don’t make sense.

Is our fear of death so strong that we have to destroy ourselves to prove we are immune to it? Better yet would be acknowledgment of its inevitability that would create a clearer view of who we are and what we’re doing.

Because what we’re doing now, and how we are proceeding further into this toxic reality we have created for ourselves, offers us no future except and increasing decay and corruption that the Jews seem to love so much. Like bloodthirsty vultures they look for stricken carcasses on the road that they can devour in their insatiable drive to consume the whole world and everything in it.

The Jews intend to kill everything natural and replace it with a Jewish product that can be controlled from afar. They will fail in this attempt and likely destroy humanity in the process.

In any case, we are well on our way to being completely regimented with independent consciousness no longer an option.

We have no fix on the future. Neither presidential candidate offers us a way out of our trouble because neither will admit the overwhelming control inflicted by the Jews on the whole world is leading to a mindless police state in which our only thought will be to serve the state no matter how cruel and depraved that assignment might be.

To disagree with the aims of the Jewish monster state is to court your own death, or at least to be slandered and ostracized by people you thought were your friends.

Too many things don’t make sense. What unexplored dark corner of our brains would make us create our own enemy in order to keep our fellows enslaved and exploited?